Going To Use A Fattening Pen For A Kennel

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  1. You have good intentions but you really need to reconsider. Get rid of pigs that can make money and replace with dogs that take money. And that cage is not big enough for maybe 5 at the most and it will be a mess if you dont clean it every day. Just dont think it’s kind to the dogs

  2. A day and the life of a futile farmer trying to farm in the Philippines… BTW, any content is money from youtube…keep it coming… Whats next? I hope a snake farm and some monkeys for sale…

  3. Out of control is a good word for it,I said it is a dog herd .😊,Maybe you all’s videos will be easier to understand and pleasant to watch! Would not having fewer dogs be a solution as well not to mention cheaper.

  4. Hi Brian great video always here watching read comments on videos as always just to let you know that I have given that person a good talking for disrespect taya Williams and gin and me as well on Jay and jhen live stream the other morning and disrespect me again today he message me I’m not trying to start anything here or putting anyone down but we all who the person is I was talking to gin this morning about things as well to let her know this person has a lot to apologize to me and others as well anyway have good day Brian God bless you always and stay safe always ok I’ll always stick up for you and marcel and taya Williams and gin you all are great friends and family I just want you to know that Brian

  5. Basically you will have to fence off the top of it. As is proven on Tatay’s shop, it won’t be possible to make the sides high enough to keep them in or the males out.

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