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  2. They made masks? The masks probably cant prevent covid 19 particles coming into the nose or mouth, because its not N95, so it would be useless for people to use masks that arent N95 and will just give a sense of false security

  3. What a blessing it must be for those refugee women to have someone like Tamara who is kind, sweet and generous. In fact, Tamara is already making a difference through her vision to help other women have their own voice and self-confidence.
    Thank you Asian Boss for sharing this inspiring video with us.

  4. People seem to forget that Indonesia is not an Islamic country! There are millions of Hindus, Christians, Buddhist and Chinese and other minorities who doesn’t welcome refugees fleeing from Islamic country! If you want to host Islamist refugees do it outside east Asia. You can’t threaten our secular society just to breed foreign Muslims in indonesia!

  5. why do I know such amazing people, from online media (youtube) instead of from local media portals. Unfortunately, our media prefers to blow up non-inspiring viral stories.

  6. This is a publicity stunt, nothing more! There are already millions of indiginious Indonesians who are poor and can’t afford education, healthcare even two meals a day especially among the minorites Christians and Buddhist! If she is indeed an angel which the media wants to portray then why don’t she help Indonesian people first. She is an attention seeker who wants to be famous and she is supporting middle east extremist religious people at the expense of Indonesian people

  7. It’s nice to see someone like Tamara; someone that is beautiful inside and out. It’s nice to see that she’s empowering refugees and giving them a more positive outlook on life. Regardless of culture, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc. we’re all humans in the end.

  8. the way she put the workers first before the business is just so,, admirable,,
    its just show how her intentions is really to help them
    Thank you,,

  9. Outer and inner beauty.
    God bless her and all the people she is helping. I wish I was rich so I could really support her. Prayers and much love to all refugees from Taiwan πŸ™β€οΈ

  10. I’m deeply touched with this. While some Indonesian are very much against the idea of accepting refugees, there are some people who welcome refugees from their heart. I hope they have better future here ❀️

  11. Bravo …. Ms. Tamara WU , such a young age – yet a Global open mind …. Good luck Liberty Society !!
    Fight for NKRI , don’t let the Radicalistas force their agenda and replace Pres. Jokowi …. God bless you .

  12. as one of the biggest muslim country in the world, this should be government/muslim organization concern, hopefully this house of freedom catch their attentions,

    you’re very beautiful Tamara, you’re really inspiring and helping people that really need your help.
    Thank you Asian Boss, this video really inspiring and empowering.

  13. The way that Tamara also addresses their employees’ mental health is such on point like every company should make her an example of a boss treating their employees’ mental state.

  14. She’s purely the definition of the beauty inside out. She’s smart and gorgeous, a miss, she’s wealthy enough, she has even studied abroad, meet a lot of kinda people’s ethnicity, religion, culture more and more insightful view, she’s really possible to continue his career abroad and getting a great job, but she came back to Indonesia chose to be a caretaker of the refugees rights who even she didn’t know who they are. Choosing simple life. What’s an angel! πŸ˜‡
    This happened when your humanity bigger than all your advantages.

  15. You can do something like this ONLY when you yourself are already “safe” financially. Clearly she is from a wealthy family, having the fund, support, and all that. She has the means to move forward in life towards self-actualization, not merely survival and struggling to pay bills and whatnot. Nevertheless, I am glad she’s using her privilege to help others.

  16. I think the craziest thing about refuge problem is that there are a lot of people that think we shouldn’t help them. At several other video regarding foreign workers before, there are several comments like, “In Indonesia there’s still a lot of poor people, why can’t you just help them?” or “Foreign people are just here to steal our jobs”, especially in regards to certain ethnicity.

  17. Make video about Asian nations’ opinion on vaccination please. Do Asian nations such as Indonesians, Pinoys, Thais, Chineses, Koreans, Japaneses, Indians, Pakistanis, etc accept it or reject it?

  18. such an angel. what an amazing young woman. that’s what being a “Miss” is about: being able to positively impact life, and be the voice of those who are not heard.

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