Girl with Agent O RANGE & world’s cutest kid. Saigon night.

My camera is currently out of action but this is a video I filmed earlier.
Thanks to all the donors!

Sometimes the bright attitudes of the people suffering under crippling ailments makes you forget for a second how messed up their bodies are and how much of a struggle it must be for them to get through each day.

Also I notice a difference between pro beggars and those parents who actually seem to care for their kids on the streets.

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    1. @TeddyJak Eddy I believe you need to check your medication, it seems to be off today. Reread the comments. Why did Reagan, shut down the mental institutes, is beyond me. Stupidity seems to be the norm these days to the grief of many people.

    2. @Keith Shippey I am not worried about other countries, only the one I live in that calls itself great, and kills it’s citizens and other innocent men, women and children.people. Deflection is not needed here. No other country used this on a massive scale. Again, No Deflection, is needed here. I have no need to accuse someone, another country in this matter.

    1. @Gym S the Vietnam War is. USA lied to go to war. Used agent orange & planted millions of mine when they retreated. Effects of which is still felt today.

  1. Troy, looks like you were tongue-tied and smitten by both their stunning looks. Next time, learn to not let the butterflies make you slur your words in front of the ladies. Confidence, my brother! Good work, lol.

  2. agent orange is an appalling part of America’s appalling history of war for profits. interesting to see the average hard working American has no job security or healthcare. lives from pay cheque to pay cheque. this young girl is most likely happier than the average American. Ive been to the orphanages for agent orange. so sad. ever American should have to see it for them selfs.

  3. Well done Troy , it is true that you can’t help everyone in this world but just to help those you can is the best you can do, if we all did the same as you we make a better world for all .
    Thank you for what you are doing . 🤗

    1. Yooneunhye sarang, I agree with you 100%. Troy’s initial contacts with strangers is probably the hardest hurdle for him. They don’t know he wants to help them and are scared. I don’t know how he can make the 1st contact any easier other than putting his palms together and say please don’t be afraid of me.

    2. How would you react to some guy on a bike trying to talk to you on the street? If you would not be cautious, you will have a short life.

    3. Yoone, No, NO, NO, The ladies were in disbelief some guy trying to hit on them especially the disabled having butterflies in her stomach, she was all smiles from the beginning.

  4. I have a few questions. Whats 1 million of whatever that is in dollars? and also how is all poor people selling lottery tickets, like who would buy them? has anyone every won anything from tickets sold by street people? like why dont they just make fake ones and sell those? who would notice

    1. Almir, if this is your first visit to this channel I do not blame you, yes lottery ticket seller has won with the tickets troy given away to her, a bunch of them. My second point is your ADVICE of making fake lottery tickets !!! Can you say that again without your robbery mask on ???

    2. I’ll take it on in good faith. 1 mill VND is about USD 43.00. Lottery tickets are official government policy to try and control outright begging. They have real prizes and people buy them for hope, to support unfortunates, or both. If you imagine that a resourceful people like the viets haven’t tried counterfeit, then… obviously they have. But you might as well wonder why they don’t forge actual cash.

    1. ……….it could be a HUGE channel…people eat this stuff up and the sky is the limit. It’s just too bad about the “humor”….it’s holding the whole thing back and he knows it.

    2. Couldn’t agree more and i shamefully just started watching randomly .but just started commenting on …Furiously 🤦‍♂️

  5. My mother had the same palsy as that girl. She lived to be 86, raised 6 kids, walked 2kms ever day, and had an amazing vegetable garden right to the end. This girl totally made me think of her. Thanks Troy.

  6. Good work Troy. Thankfully the sisters had each other and the daughter had her tireless mum, but I sometimes wonder who is looking after Troy? Looks like the Lone Ranger out there on the streets sometimes.

  7. Troy your very simple person your attitude is like filipino people i adore you very much im your supporter here in the philippines i always told my classmate and friend to SUBSCRIBE on your channel

    1. “”Help for those affected in Vietnam
      To assist those who have been affected by Agent Orange/dioxin, the Vietnamese have established “peace villages”, which each host between 50 and 100 victims, giving them medical and psychological help. As of 2006, there were 11 such villages, thus granting some social protection to fewer than a thousand victims. U.S. veterans of the war in Vietnam and individuals who are aware and sympathetic to the impacts of Agent Orange have supported these programs in Vietnam. An international group of veterans from the U.S. and its allies during the Vietnam War working with their former enemy—veterans from the Vietnam Veterans Association—established the Vietnam Friendship Village outside of Hanoi.[112]

      The center provides medical care, rehabilitation and vocational training for children and veterans from Vietnam who have been affected by Agent Orange. In 1998, The Vietnam Red Cross established the Vietnam Agent Orange Victims Fund to provide direct assistance to families throughout Vietnam that have been affected. In 2003, the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (VAVA) was formed. In addition to filing the lawsuit against the chemical companies, VAVA provides medical care, rehabilitation services and financial assistance to those injured by Agent Orange.[113]

      The Vietnamese government provides small monthly stipends to more than 200,000 Vietnamese believed affected by the herbicides; this totaled $40.8 million in 2008. The Vietnam Red Cross has raised more than $22 million to assist the ill or disabled, and several U.S. foundations, United Nations agencies, European governments and nongovernmental organizations have given a total of about $23 million for site cleanup, reforestation, health care and other services to those in need.[114]

      Vuong Mo of the Vietnam News Agency described one of the centers:[52]

      May is 13, but she knows nothing, is unable to talk fluently, nor walk with ease due to for her bandy legs. Her father is dead and she has four elder brothers, all mentally retarded … The students are all disabled, retarded and of different ages. Teaching them is a hard job. They are of the 3rd grade but many of them find it hard to do the reading. Only a few of them can. Their pronunciation is distorted due to their twisted lips and their memory is quite short. They easily forget what they’ve learned … In the Village, it is quite hard to tell the kids’ exact ages. Some in their twenties have a physical statures as small as the 7- or 8-years-old. They find it difficult to feed themselves, much less have mental ability or physical capacity for work. No one can hold back the tears when seeing the heads turning round unconsciously, the bandy arms managing to push the spoon of food into the mouths with awful difficulty … Yet they still keep smiling, singing in their great innocence, at the presence of some visitors, craving for something beautiful.

      On June 16, 2010, members of the U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin unveiled a comprehensive 10-year Declaration and Plan of Action to address the toxic legacy of Agent Orange and other herbicides in Vietnam. The Plan of Action was released as an Aspen Institute publication and calls upon the U.S. and Vietnamese governments to join with other governments, foundations, businesses, and nonprofits in a partnership to clean up dioxin “hot spots” in Vietnam and to expand humanitarian services for people with disabilities there.[115][116][117] On September 16, 2010, Senator Patrick Leahy acknowledged the work of the Dialogue Group by releasing a statement on the floor of the United States Senate. The statement urges the U.S. government to take the Plan of Action’s recommendations into account in developing a multi-year plan of activities to address the Agent Orange/dioxin legacy.[118]”” All from Wiki.

    2. Dim dam. A group of vietnamese did sue the u.s gov in u.s court. and the ruling was. the judge said nop u.s. not guilty. it just a war.

  8. Thanks Troy. As always good to see your videos. A little worried that your camera is flaky. Do you have a plan to sort it? Shout if it’s not under control mate. I think people would miss your channel if you had to go dark…

  9. Omg when you called the 2 women i was laughing so hard, because it seemed like you were trying to hit on them, that’s why they kept walking away from you and laughed😂

    1. That is exactly what I wanted to say, the disabled lady was having some butterflies.
      Troy, having watched few of your videos made me have some goosebumps, any means of contact to you ?

  10. That was so kind of you to give the sister’s money so they could have it a bit easier and you also were kind in what you said. You really made their day (night )

    1. MycoolC123, if anyone responds back to you with the answer please loop me in, I also dig the music. Thank you in advance and stay cool

  11. A big thanks to Troy. Thanks for doing all you do. Thanks for your time, taking vids, editing, sharing, etc!!! In life we reap what we sow. You will have great blessing coming your way! One love…

  12. I don’t want to pick on man who is doing good in the world, BUT, dude I hope your pickup lines at the bars are a little smoother. You my man are doing good things, you deserve to hold your head a higher and be proud of you are and be proud of those who raised you. But hey it was a good video as always. Peace Brother. Stay Safe.

  13. Damn. I feel bad for Troy. This is when we see Troy having a hard time communicating with the two ladies initially to get them to stop walking. It’s okay, Troy.

  14. I’ve seen true poverty as I did used to travel to places like this, but it’s been a long time. These videos remind me of what the world is really like. It’s not a wonderland of limitless resources like in the west. The “poor” people in my area all tend to be fat, have phones, drive cars, etc. I may have to visit Vit Bloody Nam one day and spread some money around.

  15. Hi, Troy, your videos make me feel happy that you’re helping the less fortunate sad that these have to live like this. I have been watching your videos for a long time now. And was just wondering if you know what happened to ling (think it was her name) was in a lot of you videos about 2 or 3 years ago. She was walking around in HCH selling fans and other stuff. Would be great to see if she and others are doing well.. Thanks Mark from Australia👍

  16. Bro you need to approach people better, it always sounds like you’re either asking them deep shit off the bat, or you’re tryna hit on them lmao.

  17. My mom used to skip meals too she would say she’s not hungry 😋
    I used to think that when you get old you don’t feel hungry 😋
    Now that we’re grown up we make sure that she never misses a meal even if she wants to

  18. ………Your humor……..I just don’t get it…. it’s definitely holding you back. Can you see YouTube fame ….on the path just ahead of you?…..I can….but your backpack is full of rocks. Ask yourself….is your “humor” drawing in more viewers than it is irritating? If you MUST assault us with it….find a new way to deliver it. You irritate me right out of the starting gate on every video….”vit bloody nam”… that funny? Take a poll….not funny. Now….as always…regarding the life changing donations…..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TROY….and to the folks donating BLESS YOU ALL.

    1. ​@Troy Vietnam …..I saw the video where you presented similar comments (I’m a fan…subbed)…so it’s a shared opinion. I mean, some of them were actually upset. I can tolerate it…it’s just the missed opportunity that bugs me. MORE subs…MORE money….MORE help.

    2. Thanks for taking the time out to leave some constructive criticism & a different point of view. Very much appreciated. I’ll definitely take this into account.

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