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About me: My name is Teacher Gio to my students and Gio to my friends. I left the USA over 4 years ago to travel SE Asia and live a better life. Follow my journey as I travel around The Philippines reviewing different islands and cities.
My channel: Reviewing different islands and cities in The Philippines as places to visit or live, condo and apartment reviews, dating advice, how to travel and live cheaply in The Philippines.


  1. Agree…. I don’t believe that saying “i love you” after chatting on internet, be careful you guys trying to have a filipina girl friend soon to be wife. Scam is everywhere, just a reminder.

  2. MANILA, Philippines — Some 4,500 foreign tourists were “kicked out” of hotels and ended up sleeping in the open since the government declared a Luzon-wide lockdown last week and restricted all travels due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This according to today’s

  3. Lucky guy “locked down” with Ging❤️ She’s well spoken naturally beautiful and camera ready. It’s great to see you both so happy
    4’9” is fun size🥰 your English is improving daily and like your sense of humor.

  4. Hi, I would discourage going to PH until Philippines, Airlines gets its refund policy in place. FYI. I had a flight PR-113 my flights been canceled. I have not been able to get a hold of anyone at the airlines. I also went LAX to talk to the counter person. They took my name and my booking confirmation a week ago. I have not heard a thing from them. So best option is to wait.

  5. Ging you should elaborate your statement well, difference between city girl and the province girl like you, avoid foul words. lets say city girl is a degree holder working on bank a lawyer ofw etc. a lil more classy and elegant, educated enough they dont need to climb coconut to proved something, they not easy to fool they not easy to believe by sweets words of foreign guy… yet they know how to take care there loveones still can do household laundry there’s a lot of city girl filipina married with a foreign man and become fulltime wife and mother… they’re not depending the money of a foreigner able to spend for travel and food from there own pocket.. not like a province girl they make a foreigner as an excuse for proverty and empty stomach and leads of prostitution here… fyi.
    just saying.

    1. nice to meet you here teacher meaggy….. im Chinese/Turkish language student hopefully become a chinese interpreter and I’m proud city girl lolz.

    2. we all as known that filipina is good tending loving care, either you are city girl or not, we grow up to clean our simple room doing household because it’s our practice and culture. and there’s a lot of city girl which still practice the old tradition of courtship…. they want closure and secured means church wedding….

    3. that’s my point because they are accusing or pointing city girl in every topics, in my own basis and resources the report and statistics of DSWD AND HEALTH CENTERS who’s registered as prosti are all province girl and they claimed as a city girl…
      bcoz of problem, poverty, n so on, they are all coming to city for work… and they are hiding identity…

    4. I am married to a foreign guy and I am also very independent. I can buy my own cosmetics and clothes because I have work and also a full time housewife.

  6. Okay. You have no problem wiring money to yourself. Other people claim Remity cancels account when finding out you don’t live in U.S.A. What is up?

    1. I use a USA VPN when I send my self money and 1 time I had to call to confirm I was just on vacation in the Philippines, once I did that I never had a problem again.

  7. I was married in the Philippines in the 1980’s and the priest asked me to confess my sins and I said that I have basically done what I needed to do and that there was nothing to confess. He then asked me about masturbation of which I couldn’t deny which resulted in my doing 5 or 6 Our Fathers and 3 or 4 Hail Mary’s.

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