Getting Things Fixed

Getting things fixed in the Philippines is another item to add to my list of things that are cheap in the Philippines. Recently we were driving the new Suzuki in Bogo when we had to stop due to a tricycle puling into our path. There was a motorcycle following us who was not paying attention to where he was going and apparently did not see that we had stopped and plowed right into the rear end of the car. The impact put a nice dent in the bumper and buckled the metal in the wheel well. Last week we took the car in to Suzuki to get it fixed. They replaced the bumper and the wheel well area and painted the new bumper the same color of our car. The total cost for the repairs was P 6,400 or around $150.00, try that in the US. We didn’t even involve the insurance company in the repairs just paid it out of our pocket.  If you need things fixed just call in a plumber, electrician, or welder and for a few pesos get the job done the cost for a plumber doing minor work like a broken faucet or toilet will run you around P300 or $8.00. The welder might run you P1000 or $23.00 or so. We rented a large bulldozer all day with a driver for P 8000 or around $200.00. Once we brought some old us cell phones with us one trip, then we took them to a cell phone shop and for next to nothing had them converted to work in the Philippines. Then we gave them to relatives that did not have a cell phone or could not afford one. The Filipinos will repair most anything here, even things we don’t normally fix. A good example is, often they can fix a computer monitor  while in the US we just throw it out and buy a new one. Our 6 year old Samsung air conditioner’s fan gave out so we called in a repair guy from one street over and for P1000 or around $25 he repaired the bearing that had failed.  They are good at fixing shoes also can replace the soles of the shoes for very cheap. Even hiring a driver is pretty cheap, the most I ever spent for a driver for all day was around P4,000 or around $100.00 and that was with his air conditioned van. So if you need work done just hire local skill and don’t worry about doing the work yourself and remember it is very cheap here to hire laborers or repair techs for just about anything. Need a body guard you can get one for around P1500 or or less $25.00 to $30.00 a month as are maids and gardners, actually they are cheaper hire one for the day for P500 to cut your grass or dig holes. Need your radiator fixed bet there’s a shop near you to take care of you. Have a motor that needs to be rewound they do it all here. Need your car fixed hire a mechanic to come to your house and repair your car, no need to take it to a shop the shop will come to you. Need a knife sharpenned a bicycle riding all in one sharpening service at your disposal and for only P100.00 or $2.50, and he comes to you.

Motorcycle Repair Shop 88DB.Com Repair Portal

This rig is mounted on a bicycle and is peddele driven to spin the grinding wheel.
You won't see this in the USA, This is the bicycle sharpener entire setup on peddle power. I saw one of these in Bogo once. Have to look for that photo.

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