Getting Tattooed by a 102 Year Old… WHANG OD (Philippines Travel Vlog)

This is not your average Philippines travel vlog. This is the epic adventure of going up to the Kalinga village of Buscalan in search of Whang Od, the 102 year old tattoo artist. Whang Od is often referred to as the last and oldest mambabatok and this is our story of trying to get a tattoo from her in 2019.

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  1. I’m not gonna lie. I feel so good sharing this video and the past few. Really proud of these videos and hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I’m enjoying making them.
    In case you missed my epic Bolivia travel vlog:

    So much more to come! ps. thanks x 1000 to Cam for his help and being the perfect tattoo buddy. Show him so love (@thewanderfullyfe)
    Let’s get lost again in the next one!

    1. just go to sarawak, malaysia. and search for iban race and u will find the head hunter and plus if u go to betong sarawak on 30 may and 1 jun u will have a great experience becuz of gawai dayak festival on the village

  2. That is super awesome you got a tattoo from Whang but all that way for 3 dots!!!!???? I have seen some of her work, she does more than just 3 dots…5-7 on the pain scale LOL try 1-2….

  3. i envy people like you who got a piece of history from the philippines while most filipinos didn’t have… after whang od has gone, she will be remembered not just in the philippines… and you guys are part of her legacy…

  4. thats ridiculous. if you pay 50 bucks for 3 dots in the states, you should pay her that much. if you dont tell her how much it costs in your country, you’re being dishonest. as “positive” and “good intentioned” people you think you are.

  5. Whang Od one of the famous and oldest tattoo artists. Celebrities went there to get a tattoo. Great job on getting one yourself.

  6. I went there too. Got a tattoo for the first time around April 2019. Getting a tattoo from Whang-Ud, the legendary mambabatok is once in a life time opportunity. 😊 I promise my self not getting a tattoo if it’s not from made by her.

  7. That’s a great privilege to meet and witness her talent. I mean, not all Filipinos, including myself had an opportunity even just to see her. And I’m still dreaming that someday I could finally meet her.

  8. Watching this right now.. because I miss the outdoors. After the quarantine, i will definitely visit Whang-od!! Love this video!!πŸ’•

  9. There is a tribe call naga in the northeastern part of India who is also a head hunter tribe and also have the similar tattooing method. Also there is a place call zoro in the same northeast India.

  10. Wow.. This is really meaningful. I’m not really sure getting tattoos coz I may regret it but if something meaningful and done by someone like Wang-Od I will not regret it.

  11. Imagine how she must feel that these foreigners have come from the gods know where to get a tattoo that took about one minute, but she was gracious, nevertheless and humble.

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