Getting My Thai Drivers License and Buying a New Car in Thailand. “Documents That I Needed”

In this video I bring you along with me as I go to get my Thai Car and motorcycle license. I show you how to get to the Bangkok’s (DMV) Department of Motor Vehicles and explain what documentation was needed by me to get my drivers license. I also explain what form I needed to Purchase my new car here in Thailand. Thank you for watching. Follow me on Instagram at joegreenwtf and email me at


  1. Joe are you losing weight? You seem to know where you are going,does Gift help you with that? Also if someone wanted a nice 2 bedroom apartment in Bangkok, what would an average price be for rent? Thank you.

    1. It’s hard to say my friend. It would depend on where one lives and closeness to public transportation. Just google apartments for rent in Bangkok and there will be hundreds of availabilities. Gift is a big help with me finding my way around. My weight stays between 90-93 KG, this morning I weight in at 92KG LOL! All the best!

  2. For 6 years my most effective license looked amazingly similar to a 500 Baht note. I had an expired Int’l License, and the two together seemed to do the trick both times I was stopped. I hadn’t committed any infraction, just one of those random spot checks. Funny, both times the Int’l License was returned, but the note never found its way back.
    43 years of driving, never an accident.

  3. Holy shit, excuse my french Joe, I was exhausted just listening to all the requirements. I figured in my case just show my Canadian license and they would transfer to a thai one but I guess not. Looking forward to your Chiang Mai vlogs, wear a good hiking boot or shoe, the sidewalks are not even close to what Bangkoks look like. 👍👍

    1. Everything in Thailand seems to be convoluted with regards bureauracy . You’re right – why not just transfer Driver’s licences – after all , no test is required for an International Licence .

  4. I’m not getting no drivers license in crazy driving Thailand The people here drive too aggressive and don’t have any regards for anybody I’m sorry it’s just a pain in the ass here to be on the road If I was going to I would get a international drivers license and drive but I’m not . No way I would buy a new car in Thailand either no need just a waste of money with all the available transit .

    1. Living in Thailand is not for people used to living in a bubble. People who know how to live happily do live happily here. Thailand is not for most foreigners, only for the ones knowing how to live.

  5. I have a question for you how hard is to get a boat or yacht there? An can you get a dock for one or do you have to have one built? I’ve never seen a dock on any of the videos that I’ve watched. On your channel or no time to be sad (chucks)

    1. Sorry my friend, I have no experience to answer that question. If I ever get the opportunity to meet someone that does, I will post a video on it. All the best!

    1. When I got mine you didn’t have to drive a car just watch a video followed by a few easy questions. The vision tests both your foveal and peripheral vision.

    1. Not to get my drivers license my friend. When I purchased my New SUV, I received 2 yrs insurance, which was included in the sale of my vehicle. All the best!

  6. Smooth sailing at the “DMV” what a surprise!! Did it all in one trip…shocker. I still need to do that one of these days, but can’t bring myself to go.55

  7. Well done Joe ,, I did it 6 years ago in Nong Khai and I was only over for 6 months . I did it because you can only drive on an international one for 3 months in one hit . I couldnt stop laughing at the ridiculous things they wanted me to do , when I done the brake tests they couldn’t believe my reactions lol

  8. Congrats Joe, im wondering can you get your Thai licence in any major city of Thailand for a farang.Thank you for sharing your experience Joe.

    1. In Australia, it depends what state you get your license in. But you basically at test to know the road rules, having to drive 4 hours a week with a person with a full license for about year (need to drive a certain number or kilometers). A log book (details incude start time, endbtime, date, odometer start kms and end kms, time of trip, where you started, where you went, and be signed by both you and the licensed driver etc) is required to kept with details each journey. Day driving, night driving, city driving and country driving are all required. Then you do practical test and road rule test. You then get a restricted drivers license for a couple of years. Restrictions include no alcohol in your body when driving (0.05 on full license), speed limit restriction, limit on number of people in the car, and restriction on engine size of the cars you can drive.

      When i got my driver’s license many years ago all I had to do was drive the local cop from the police building to the local shop to get a hamburger and back to the police building.

  9. I had to do double take of joe without his baseball Harley cap threw me for min like seeing brian Johnson without his flat cap from ac dc takes a second or two to see him

  10. Great information Joe. Thanks. Were the “DMV” staff able to communicate with you directly or did you have to use Gift as translator?

    Also, have you been losing weight recently? Your face looks a lot thinner in this video.

    Be careful about that PM2.5. That air is looking thick enough where you can cut it with a knife. Take care, buddy. Ciao

    1. Thank you so much my friend. The Staff was able to communicate with me directly. However, when they see Gift they prefer to talk to her. LOL! I changed my diet a little but haven’t really noticed much of a weight loss. I cut back on eating rice about 75%. All the best!

  11. Hi Joe, I’m colour blind, I can see every colour but I can’t read those test sheets. What would happen if I tried to get a licence?
    Also, do you really need an international drivers licence? Best regards, Steve.

    1. There are no test sheets to read my friend. The sheets are for the staff to mark as passed or failed after completion of the test stations mentioned at the 9:00 minute mark of this video. If you can see the difference between red, yellow and green you should not have a problem passing. I needed my international drivers permit to get my Thai license. All the best!

  12. OH
    you mean to tell me to get a driver license in Thailand
    you must be a LEGAL resident of the country?

    i thought it would be like new york, california etc where
    anyone could get a license legal or ILLEGAL in the country

    next you will be telling us they put your citizenship on the drivers license
    and that ILLEGAL aliens are not given free health care in thailand!

    1. It appears that way my friend. I am currently on an extension of stay for retirement purposes, based on my NON Immigrant O Visa. All the best!

  13. Not too bad of a process. I didnt hear “Gift hungry”. 555. I was gonna ask you a question, I may have asked you already…I was interested in the hand held gimble/camcorder you gave Gift to use. Has a lot of accessories available now including several snap on filters. Do you still like yours? I currently use my Galaxy S9 Plus with a very nice gimble. Thanks Joe. Congrats on your licenses.

  14. Wow!! Great job on going in prepared. Good for you. And you look amazing, my friend! You’ve lost some weight! It’s so funny because when we were there, we both expected to gain a few pounds because we were expecting to graze our way through Thailand. 555! But we didn’t eat as much as we thought we would, nothing bad about the food it was fantastic, and we walked everywhere except for our long excursions from place to place. We came home and found we’d actually lost weight!! 555555!!!
    I’m really surprised and a bit concerned you and Gift weren’t wearing masks. I’m sure that’s probably hot and uncomfortable but your lungs are so important. If we were still there, I would actually need a respirator to go outside and walk anywhere. Please take good care of your lungs my dear friends. You don’t want to develop severe asthma later in life like I did. ❤️🙏🏼

  15. Oh my friend, you still go to heaven with gift two times a night 😂?

    Btw in the beginning video you seem to be very fit, congrats but you seemed to be rather tired at the end of afternoon, right ?take well care yourself my friend !

  16. Congrats FJ. So you’ve been driving, you have an international license, you’ve been in Thailand over a year, the international license from what I’ve read is good for 3 months. That would put yours expired. I dont see you driving without something legal. Can you share how you were driving with what credentials. Apologies for the long post but I wanted to spell out some details. Cheers to you both.

    1. @Foreigner Joe Thanks for clearing that up Joe. I’m heading over on a 1 year retirement Visa in a week with my new international license so this episode was of most interest. All the best.

    2. Thank you my friend. If you watch my previous vlogs when I was in the states this past October, I mention renewing my international drivers permit. IDP expire after one year. I didn’t start driving in Thailand until this month. All the best!

  17. And the reason for getting a Thai license? I’ve been doing fine with my International license since 1996 as told by Thai embassy, so is there any advantages to that? Best regards. Claus.Dk

    1. @Claus Lindegaard To the best of my understanding, if you are on a retirement or some other type of a long stay visa and you have a residents here in Thailand, you should be able to get your license. Just make sure that you have the original residences permit from Thai Immigration or your Embassy, Copy of your International drivers permit, copies of your visa and passport. When you go to DMV they will check all of your documentation, if you are missing or need something else, they will let you. All the best!

    2. I’ve been doing some travelling Bangkok to Mae Sai border checkpoint up north a couple of times in the past, and even with all the annoying roadstops police tend to have set up, it’s all been a very speedy experience with the good old International, they have mostly been interested in ID from ex wife and her family members travelling with us. Only once I’ve been asked for a passport. That however, gave me a problem as there was no entry stamp, since I arrived as a air crew member…sorted out though with a little help from Mr Baht man 😃
      So everyone on a longer stay than 30 day’s with a valid Visa for retirement or the like is elligable for a thai licence? Do you now?
      Nice car, by the way, Joe, congrats.

    3. I plan on traveling throughout Thailand 🇹🇭. There are many different opinions out there. In my opinion, It is always best to have a Thai license. All the best.

  18. New rule of needing the yellow book that proves that you live in a house or condo was needed for me. Good luck my wife has contacts in the local tessaban. They fast tracked it for me so I was able to renew my Thai licence

  19. Thank you Joe . Great to have an idea of what is needed to drive in Thailand !!!… I am coming to Bangkok 2 week of April . Hope i can take you to dinner , if your available !!!…


  21. I almost felt like I was back in China. Lot’s of people wearing face mask. Thanks for sharing because when I retire and move to Thailand, I’ll have to do the same thing. Hope you feel better about driving there.

  22. 1.5 hours for the Thai license?!  You’re so lucky !! took me 7 trips to Transport Dept, 5 trips to Immigration, 2 doctor certificates, international driver license, my own licenses, 5 times to photocopy shop and 3 days of running around.. sheesh.. you got it easy 🙂

  23. Congratulations on getting your Thailand license, your video is (WELL SAID on how where and what you need for being legal to Drive, I went threw the procedure in pattaya , I was so nervous and there was nothing to be nervous about 👍👍🤠🤠

    1. Thank you my friend. The only test that I did were mentioned in this video at 09:00. It was very simple. I provided both my International License and Stateside License. All the best!

  24. Those not experiencing the driving license test were the ones that were suffered or butt-hurt; while those who did go through the process were not. True and funny, if not pathetic.

  25. Very good that everything went smoothly and took only one trip, the Boy Scout motto holds true “be prepared”. Thanks for sharing the great information, happy travels. Many blessings to you, Gift and family 🙏
    Cheers 🍻

  26. Interesting, I guess as always in Thailand your experience may differ from others. I’ve also heard that with the international driving permit that reflects motorcycle endorsement that you can get your car and motorcycle license in Thailand with ZERO testing. Yes, probably needed the other certs too but point is no testing. I’m not sure where this person was but I suspect it was not in Bangkok for whatever that’s worth. So in Thailand whether it be immigration, “DMV”, whatever you just never know what your experience is going to be. So just be as prepared as you can be when you go and be prepared to be told that you aren’t as prepared as you needed to be. 🙂

    1. Thank you for watching my friend. I went to the DMV in Bangkok. As you stated, everyone’s experience is not always the same. All the best!

  27. Hey joe and gift,

    I’m in Bangkok for 9 days my girlfriend gets here on the 29 of January
    Then we head to Chiangmai for a month if your interested in doing the elephants preserve and a cooking class
    And also a motorcycle run between
    The mountains Up their it’s a three day ride…

    Meet up before go if your available

    We go to Bali for 6 months after Thailand..

    John –

    1. Hi John, Thank you for the invite my friend. Unfortunately, Gift and I are on a road trip right now and heading to CM. We will be back in Bangkok around the 4 of February. Safe travels! We hope to meet up with you one day. All the best!

  28. Fantastic information 🙏🏾Joe, you always deal in the facts and tell everything straight, this video is valuable for anyone that needs a drivers or motorbike license, thanks you 🙏🏾

  29. Fantastic video Joe 🙏🏾the information you give is always straightforward full of facts, makes it easier for those who are applying for a drivers license or a motorbike license thank you very much for the video🙏🏾

  30. Hi Jo, you mentioned a ‘certificate of residency ‘ and one gets that from Thai Immigration. You did not say what was needed to get that certificate. Like you I am on a retirement visa extension.

    1. You need a copy of your passport with a valid visa, 90 day checkin notification, the Certificate of residency request form (you can get this form the day you arrive, at the immigration customer service desk) and a copy of your rental contract. Whenever I go to Immigration, I find it best to bring copies of everything that has anything to do with my stay in the kingdom, because you never know what they will ask for next my friend. All the best!

    1. So you have to ask. LOL! While Gift and I do not judge people based on their sexual preference, the answer to your question is NO. All the best!

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