Getting Materials Delivered For The Concrete Shrimp Tank

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  1. Brian I’m pretty impressed with you now on the unloading of them blocks,had to be a heck of a workout but I can’t wait on this build to get started.thanks to all that helped out an this is gonna be interesting.

  2. maybe some hand potasium at more water are not suficient and azzola die !!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but at one liter water one small spoon potasium are test with more potasium for see evolution azzola . must azzola for fish tilapia

  3. example into recipient plastic 10 liter put soil red one hand and 10 small spoon potasium chimics only for test evolution azzola ,,,,,,,over water put two big spoon azzola ………….after at tank azzola you know put one spoon small at one liter water ,red soil …….measure weight P one spoon after use balance kg ……

  4. Just a suggestion to save money. After you build the walls, other than where you have a drain and access to the tank, i would pack soilon the outside to give you stability.
    I thoughf when you were talking shrimp tank it would be small. Or maybe you are making 2 seperate. 1 for breeding and one for growing? I would make a deal with that fish stand to buy and sell your products? Seemed close to you, to cut down delivery costs.

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