Getting a Health Check in Isaan!

Vlog#840 Do we have a Virus? Getting an annual physical in Thailand. How much is it… What seems to be our ailments.
I am over 50 now, so I guess we gotta do this.
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  1. it is your tires that make that noise as they are so coarse in the pattern if it was regular tires there would not be so much noise

  2. don’t give her iron pills give her some different fruit oranges and mandarin apple bananas should give her mega iron in the blood

  3. I think if you just walked in the heat you guys are having you could probably sweat into shape!! Lol.
    Good luck, you look to be shape Chuck. #Happy 51.5
    Also Chuck, have you ever heard where you can’t eat Barracuda? When i was in Dominican Republic i caught some the mate said its not good to eat so I left it..

  4. Wow Chuck we’re the same age.
    Good to see you checked out ok at the docs.
    I heard they opened up some Intl flights into Thailand.
    I gotta wait until they end the restrictions before I can visit.
    I’m not going on vacation to be forced into wearing a facemask, so we’ll see how it goes..
    Thanks for the video.

  5. Always good to know everything is ok, most things can be treated these days if caught early enough. I knew you were close to the river but until I did google street view around your neighborhood I didn’t realize how close, very cool 👍🏼 I would be there a lot. Thanks for sharing, many blessings to you, Paige and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  6. Hello from an American expat vlogger living in Koh Samui. My husband and I would love to take you out to dinner when you come to the island. God bless!

  7. Congrats on the checkup. I go to the local Bangkok Hospital for mine. Compared to what I pay you got an outstanding price. 🙂 I’m not too concerned though since BC/BS pays me back for most of my bill.

  8. Bread will stay fresher longer, if you only slice off what you need from one end, over time. That said, if you eat bread fast enough that sliced bread doesn’t spoil, don’t worry about it.

  9. Just an FYI, road bike won’t make that noise on the trainer, plus you’ll have a trail of rubber soon. Good to have met you and Page on Koi Chang. When you signed off we were in a bar shooting pool and you were getting your ass kicked. Wish is was there now, been back in Vegas for a month, hope to be back in Oct.

  10. Don’t come back to America right now. They are back to open up everything. We got a lot of trump protesters out there spitting on people. The Republican say they not going to give us no more money and we should just eat off of soup and beans. Boy I wish I was in Thailand America is getting on my damn nerves. We got all these country close-minded people in charge all the class is gone. Disco is definitely dead.

  11. Iron deficiency in women is so common. Drink more water. If you don’t pee or feel tired, you’re dehydrated. use a smooth tire, will reduce some of the noise.

  12. What, complete physical for $35 each? Yeah, pretty good I’d say. You can’t even look at a doctor in the US for that. Enjoy your vids. I also follow Rides4Kicks. Have you two met?

  13. I turned 59.5 this week also Chuck ! Your are more relaxed today. If I were you I would get my boat right away for fun you knows Mekong River is two blocks from your front door, I don’t see why not.

  14. You should explain the art of bass fishing…not about food, or drinking beer . the slow process of thinking where they are, what type of fake/fun trickery you can throw at them . How slow or fast, smooth or jerky, water visibility, sound, color ,hard days, easy days’s a hunt/game ..very different that ocean fishing

  15. Hey Chuck…. so when I first started watching your channel I felt like we had some things in common and similar thoughts about “things” and a good amount of common sense. Even some of your experiences were very similar. And now you just said you were born with a slightly enlarged heart…..get out of town. That’s right.. me too. Wow…

  16. Here in NSW in Australia, from Friday pubs with in house restaurants can open, but only 10 people at a time, I live above one ( Im the only one there and it isn’t a pub room as such more a 2 bedroom unit” But the pub I live above has 2 in house restaurants so legally 10 downstairs and 10 upstairs, and they can sell alcohol as well, but the person drinking has to have a meal, but hey that could be a bowl of chips, some bigger bars and clubs with restaurants will not open I suspect as it would not be viably productive or financial to them. As for overseas travel though they are saying that at the moment the earliest we will be allowed to go out of the country is 2023, damn I hope not.

  17. Who is the lady in the kitchen with Soi Mafia? Similar in age. I see her alot. Is she a relative or friend? Enjoy your vlogs as always.

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