Getting A Cast Net And Feed In Ubay

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  1. If you get the pelletizer from Jerry where are you going to put it? Seems like you would need a large building to house all the supplies and the machine itself.

  2. Buy the way, why don’t you just stop jacking around with those feed people that don’t deliver, either set up you’re own door to door with one of the many door to door companies and have direct control over your fish feed purchase, OR….make a deal with the people you just bought the 40 to 80 sacks of fish feed from, tell them seeing that they charge 200 Php more per sack I’d say for shipping and crap, make them a deal to purchase a few hundred sacks of fish feed at a time (BULK) order, pay them a hundred Php instead of the two hundred and have them tack you’re personal order on the backside of one of theirs and just be done with the fish feed BS until something FOR SURE AND REAL COMES ALONG. Bro it’s not that hard to get around that type of crap here in this country and I know your in a place where it’s harder to get shit done but where your at is not off the grid or in the bush like our place in San Marco’s, and it’s not impossible there or in places such as that, you just have to think more outside of the box and be more resourceful.

  3. Hi , there Brian , enjoying to see your vlog everyday ,like the way you speak so that your audience can understand of what you are saying ,like the words you used ,it is what it is …flor …

  4. If your driveshaft is bent it needs to be changed now not later, unless you want to replace your transmission, a bent driveshaft will ruin the tailshaft on the transmission

  5. Glad to see you in Ubay mate, listen up pal, we have a great amigo there, Mercy and her family who run the Goody-Goody Lodge. It is a very nice apartment type Hotel. Anyway, my point is, drop in there and see Mercy and her family, tell them me and Elaine recommended them and TRUST ME, Mercy is a great lady and will welcome you. She KNOWS—everybody and I am sure if you drop in to see her, she will be as helpful to you and Maricel as she was to us. Yes viewers this is a plug for the Goody-Goody Lodge in Ubay and I make no apology for it. If you book in , you will NOT be disappointed, Mercy and her family made us feel so welcome, we are happy to give her a shout out.

  6. That net isn’t going to work for what your doing at all, even if it was a quality cast net and a big one around 8 foot ( WHICH IS BIG) and someone that REALLY knows how to use one, their for catching bait, green backs or shiners as we call them in Florida not something like what your harvesting at all. When I was in the 7th grade I use to catch mullet fish, their just like milk fish and caste off of docks and bridges into the big schools because their a surface fish, the normal caste net is 4 and 6 foot, 8 footers you have to know how to caste with holding the end in your mouth and spin the shit out of the net , I’d only get two or three drywall buckets full of mullet in two to three hours. It’s VERY hard not to get those net snagged and torn on ouster’s and rocks at the bottom and everything else around you, you have to be very careful and AGAIN REALLY know how to fish period with one. In Florida we grow up fishing and catch big ass fish, we all know how to use a net and that’s why I’m sharing with you this info., RETURN THE NET WHILE YOU CAN, because you’re going to get pissed off over it and blame the first person who trashes the net.

  7. Brian you know those throw net get damaged easy there very thin and you cant put much fish in it we used to have one was about the same price to

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