GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! Getting kicked out of my own house here in the Philippines.


  1. Tampo…she feels disrespected…she doesn’t like the discord captured on video…captured for all time and for her family and friends to see…

    She feels she is not the first priority…you need to reassure her…that its the both of you against the world…and you need to keep your confidences away from video and your friends. Hopefully you have good relationship with her parents and and enlist their helpful words for the both of you.

    The best thing you can ALWAYS do for your son….is love his mother.

    Phils works on Tender Years Rule…which means at least until 7 or so…Mom wins in conflicts over kids.

    Make a pact…you three against the world…and don’t betray that trust.

    Good luck.

  2. You are right when you say that it is better that she is still talking to you than giving you the silent treatment. You may still be able to pat h things up. All the best, man.

  3. If you ever spend time away from your lady, the correct response is: You “feel miserable without her…”. Even if you accidentally have a nice time, lol. Chin up buddy. Let her face time some friends so that she can whine about you. Stay silent and don’t poke the bear.

  4. Her mood will probably change in a few days, but you shouldn’t put up with this shit. Women like that (aka all women) will put on repeat performances. You don’t need that.

  5. Its when the money is tight and other stressors that you can confirm if your relationship is based on money and comfort or actual love for each other. Wish the best for you and your family…seriously.

  6. Women, can’t live with, can’t live without them. You no option you have another three weeks of lock down, see how the land lies then. Thailand nice option but when a kid is involved it’s a lot harder.

  7. your house is in your name and in phil a foreigner cant own land…. are you that naive… you own nothing in that country as well…. same as u know nothing in shit hole australia as well… guess what she can do next? call police and claim domestic abuse…. than u have a new home for a long time… not possible? ohh… i seen this many times in coconut island…

  8. You need to read a book called the rationale male. This girl hasn’t a leg to stand on and already she is treating you very badly. Imagine if you took her abroad and she actually lived in a western country like Australia! I know a little about it as I live in Davao. Looks to me like she baited and switched on you.

  9. NEVER publicly humiliate her on camera. Put the camera down, take a rest from work until long after you are back in her good books. Tell her that you love her and that her happiness is your number one priority in life. She asked you to put the baby to sleep, you should have taken her up on that offer. She would then feel better towards you after you showed her you take her requests for assistance seriously. Whatever has triggered her, regardless if it was your fault or not, you now need to become humble towards her, and not laugh or disregard her concerns. 2 weeks from now it will have all blown over and you can go back to your usual behaviour style then. Good luck bro. But I can see she still really loves you, she’s just waiting for you to put her top priority for a while.

  10. The house is in your name. Just take her by the hand and throw the little woman out the door and lock the door. I’m 70 years old, you can’t fix this any other way. She moves out, not you. She looks drugged up. She thinks she has you over a barrel because she has the child. A woman will always attack the man when she percieves a money problem.

  11. theres millions of good ones pete, dont stay with the bad ones despite having kids with them!….. time to move on mate. Been there done that, dont keep taking it on the chin. You’re a handsome good dude. You can always see your son anytime you want. It’s time to get a good one mate. I fucking hate tampo.

  12. You hire a sexy housekeeper with benefits, she might staighten out right away. My advice is to never get married. Marriage is for women and foolish men.

  13. It will only get worse. Cut your losses. After the quarantine lifts LEAVE HER. Guaranteed it will happen again and again. I would leave brother. Your son will be taken care of but staying will eventually prove a very bad idea. Cost me a fortune to divorce my ex and it was the best money I ever spent.

  14. Pete it may be time to hang the you tube bussiness up my friend .
    It’ may be Uncomfortable for her like when you went into the bed room with the camera
    Let your privite life be privite my friend
    Do your property bussiness and such
    But I’m seeing this being very Intrusive
    For you little family just let them have there privite life without all of us
    I enjoy your films it’s not that
    Except this kind of thing is to much information my friend

  15. You both need to be more aware of your current circumstances and behaviours. No one person is to blame but you are a victim of circumstances.

    Her hormones are all over the place after giving birth. Some get post-natal depression. Others become moody. It’s the way it is and BOTH of you should recognise and accept that.

    But equally, you are under stress due to the lockdown and financial consequences. The youtube blog may offer an outlet but don’t use it as an outlet to air your dirty laundry in public. It’s a private matter and will make things worse.

    You are both locked up together so problems are compounded, so I can understand how this is spilling over to youtube. You should both extend the olive branch as both of you are at fault, but equally both of you can fix this.

    Otherwise you’re going to end up as single parents. Consider yourselves lucky at what you both have and what you could lose. You both need to recognise that the arrival of a child puts a lot of strain on a relationship. Add in the Coronavirus situation and you are being tested more than most. This situation is being played out all around the world right now.

    I think you both make a wonderful couple. I wish you both good luck!

  16. Sorry to hear this, although for the sake of the child try your very best to reconcile and keep your family intact. Although on the other side talk to an attorney and make sure that your parental rights and property rights are protected. Keep praying, with God all things are possible!!!

  17. You are so naive why did you buy real estate and didn’t rent one ?
    Now she has a house of her own and can throw you away whatever she wants to. It’s clear she doesn’t love you she is a cunning gold digger . be careful !

  18. Pete. You need to tell her she is welcome to leave anytime, but this is your house, and you are not leaving. The way you handle this is absolutely wrong. You need to stop acting weak, and stand up and be a man. I would never leave. I would tell her, she can go to the guest room, and I take the master bedroom. The fact is that I pay for everything, so she can honestly kiss my ass! Sure for a few days, I will play along and be nice.. But this is too much. That being said, most likely there is some reason she acts like this. She seems like she is pissed. Better let her know who is the one paying the bills. Stop buying food. Stop giving her money. Stop everything. She will be back to normal soon. Tampo is actually just an excuse for a woman to act like an idiot. Good luck.

  19. Classic PMS-induced tampo mixed with post-partum depression & lockdown blues. Get your hands on some progesterone cream (for her): the happy hormone … was high in pregnancy and now it has crashed. Available over the counter in USA; don’t know about import regs. Try eBay.

  20. Never ever, ever ever, ever ever, move out of your own house and leave your own child to please a woman. We are all a little stir-crazy from being cooped up and stressing.

    This too shall pass.

  21. Dont worry about it I’m in a similar situation its day 12 my gf hasn’t left the bedroom or talked to me . Just mute mode. And I’m in a small 2 bedroom apartment in Angeles.

  22. Hi Pete
    We have been avid watchers of your You Tube Blog and are upset to see that you & your lovely partner are experiencing difficulties.
    We think there are two main factors that are contributing to the problem. The main one is just simply being first time parents and secondly the lockdown which has altered everyone’s lives drastically.
    Life for you two will never be just as it was before your son came along, however it will be enriched & more joyful with him in your lives.
    As a female I think your good lady is experiencing Post Natal Depression but doesn’t realise it and will not be able to get help at the moment and she will be exhausted. This condition can cause massive mood swings & appear to change a personality completely.
    On the other hand because you have limited tasks looking after baby Pete you will probably feel a little abandoned right now but you really must try to stick with it & make allowances for your partner it will get better as your Son grows.
    Maybe an idea would be for you both to spend some time together just chatting & chilling out when baby Pete is resting. Staying seperately in the house is not a good thing perhaps you could look to change that too.
    You need to work together on this but always remember these are extreme times and a child needs Mum & Dad in his life if possible.
    Take care & be patient.
    Best Wishes to you both & baby Pete of course he is gorgeous
    Jen & Gary
    Lancashire England

  23. I shifted the mother of my child from a “live in” to a separate living arrangement before bby turned one. We now co-parent with about 50-50 visitation.

    Marriage doesn’t work for all of us.

    I have no wish to go back to that pressure cooker. I adore Filipina but can’t take the moods, the tv, the difference n parenting styles, incessant cooking, jealousy, blah blah

    Parenting is marathon not a sprint. I don’t need an early grave lol.

    Don’t get me wrong here. Yer lady is amazing. Rooting for you guys. It will all work out. Just for me I cant seem to handle any Filipina 24/7, even the best of best like yers!

  24. I have great idea. If you can get a tent, put it of front of the house and pretend to be camping. But I think she needs a break. Take care of your son once a week to give her a break from stress. It’s not about filipino. Women speak different language.

  25. you can’t win in Philippine against your wife, especially if you are a foreigner. Buy her a bunch of roses and lingerie, women love them. You could have said something to upset her. I feel so sorry for you.

  26. dude, you’re in the same boat with “A Brit In The Philippines” ….. go check out his y.t. chan.

    @ 11:02 think “casa james” is closed a.t.m.

  27. Unforetunatly mate this happens a lot over there. When the money runs out they try take everything!!! Remember if your on a 13A visa you still have no rights as a foreigner!! Good luck. Sort out things and get your arse back to oz. I lived there for 10 years and was married also to a Filipina. Not now!!!!

  28. Peter she’s OK, just let her be. I am sure she’s tired from looking after the baby , sleepless nights and possibly post partum issues ( sensitivity ). Give her some love and keep off the beer and all will be fine.

  29. That’s not tampo. Send her back to mama. You are not appreciated and as bad as it is you deserve happiness and respect. She’s bold for someone not working at the moment. Good luck. It’s not a good look Pete.

  30. My guess is she is upset at you for considering planning that trip to Thailand. She equates Thailand with sex tourism and it gives her a yukky feeling about her Western husband wanting to visit there. It instinctually makes her feel dirty. However she lacks the ability to use logic to overcome or suppress the emotions she feels about it. And she also lacks the ability to adequately express her concerns to you, (because they are somewhat irrational) but like many Filipina she acts on her emotions and not her logic.

    You should tell her that you didn’t realise a trip to Thailand would upset her so much, but now that you know, you’ll abandon all plans to go to Thailand in the future. Because the woman you love and adore is right here in the Philippines, right here in front of you. And from now onwards you’ll concentrate your efforts towards living a good and happy life with her in the Philippines only.

  31. Is it not your house? That is bullshit she is doing that to you. If you leave she ain’t gonna have anything. Just go back to Australia. You don’t need that crap. She thinks since you have a kid with her now she can take everything. I am concerned she is gonna have you thrown off the property by the police. Go home mate. You can see your kid later. That’s bullshit. Go home and be with your mates and family. She looks like she is not going to get over it. You can see it in her eyes in her eyes. I am going through the tampo with my girlfriend also. We are stuck because of this quarentine. It’s hard to listen to. I am ready to leave also.
    Let her pay the bills.

  32. Brave of you to be so honest about your situation. I was warned by my uncle bill at 18 to NEVER MARRY. Thank God I listened to my elders….life is very good!! Timmy C the forever bachelor.

  33. Hey girl!!! You don’t work to put food on the table. You know the world compromise? Take care of your family instead of complaining. Shut up 🤐

  34. 1st of all Pete, please stop talking. Just gently walk over to her and give her a hug without uttering a word. She may resist a lil. Don’t use your logical brain to reason with emotional beings (female species). Don’t try put on *Mr FixItAll* cap when tension is high.
    That’s the tips my Filipina lady friend adviced me to do if my Filipina gf is in foul mood. And also, just give her space when moody. Let her calm down. She’s not even *yelling* at you which is a good sign. I noticed that western people talked too much, and less listen. Wanting to established their dominance and ego… FOOLS… They want to be heard by others yet, they refused to do likewise. We, asian guys aren’t stupid like some men try to establish your alpha male position. Being silent and calm doesn’t make us(male) a weakling. Learn from us. Afterall, you married an asian lady. Don’t listen to those self-indulged egocentric white supremacists. They want you to fail in your marriage.

    P/s: I noticed in other videos you kept asking Arian to speak out honestly in front of camera. It’s really annoying. Asian people aren’t blunt, brutal & savage with our opinions/comments/speeches. We chose a more less hostile-offensive indirect ways. Talk less doesn’t make us dumb; but he who runs his mouth shows his folly. 😏😏😏

  35. In my humble opinion, you did the right thing by letting time heal the wounds. Just take some time away for a bit but during COVID-19, I believe she has to be a little more understanding. Are you a God-fearing man?, if so you can also lean on your elders to help smooth things out. But I just think you guys need some time that’s all. But, being away from your son is not fair.

  36. (10:28) There there there… the real reason was revealed. It seems like something to do with your trip to Thailand. Filipina are easily jealous. What she just said, showed she needs affection from you (your actions not your mouth). **Kapish…

  37. Hey Peter, I feel bad for you bro and hope things get better, but one thing I admire about your channel is it shows real life between a foreigner and a Filipina, where so many other channels only show half truths and make it look like if you’re married to or living with a Filipina everything comes up roses.

  38. Hey, mate I hope things get better. I got the perfect name for your situation and the new name for the blog. You might consider “Pete’s Dog House” or simply “The Dog House with Pete In The Pines”. Americans use the “dog house” expression when the woman gives you the boot. Anyway, hope the “tampo” clears up as Filipinas can be super hard-headed. Get to a store and buy a box of tampons and have it wrapped up really nice in a super huge box for a present. Give it to her with a nice make up card. Make it hard to unpack as well. It serves a dual purpose as it should give her a laugh as well as be difficult to open up. Much like the issue you are having now. Haha Cheers!

  39. My friend went through the same journey when his wife became a lesbian. I wish you luck. A filipina woman angry is like spaying a blow fly with Glenn 20, it smells nice but just makes them more annoyed.

  40. I think with your work she lets out a few signals there even if the work has been hard and long may be do not express your thoughts on it. May be say long day with work but I’m keen to be with you she said about the baby try it some time in other words tell her to relax you will try and get the baby too sleep. From her point of view she deep down misses you they never understand the work part so she see’s you work then hears you complain about work then she cooks dinner looks after the baby and by then booth too tired for each other after a long day. Doing the vlog is good because you were letting your feelings out and she wanted to know. That is why she kept coming out May be do a vlog with the camera not on and say how much you really miss her do it near the door so she hears my 2 cents

  41. There’s always 2 sides of the story. Why shes’s always tells you to go to Thailand seems there’s more to it. Regardless of what’s her problem, she should calm down .

  42. Communication is key❣️. We have been in lockdown over a month in Seattle and we haven’t argued once probably we know each other pretty well. I’m not a psychologist but I’m pretty sure we go through phases of emotions during a lockdown like the process of dealing with death 🤔🤔🤔. Well, thank you for sharing your thoughts & feelings because you are not alone… we are generally all in the same boat.

  43. When things calm down with the COVID-19… I would go to Thailand – take a much-needed break!!! Are you going to live the rest of your life this way? I promise you this will happen again and again. If this does continue, then you need to calmly/strategically plan your new future and walk away, otherwise you will have to live/accept this forever!! She knows she has got to you because of your child, now she is going to abuse you anytime she feels like!! I’ve been (still) married to a Filipina for 27 years and she has never told me to “GET OUT.” You need to calmly set her ASS STRAIGHT!!! Otherwise, take a walk… a long walk, and maybe never come back, accept to see your child… that is if she lets you! I feel sorry for you because I know she is going to continue to play these bullshit games with you!! ***Note: If you decide your marriage is absolutely NOT going to work… then sell your properties in the Philippines and rent with your wife and child, then take a walk!*** I’m 63 years old… trust me, I would have all kinds of opportunity in Thailand. My wife and I lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for 18 months – I absolutely LOVED IT!!! … I WANT TO GO BACK!! Too bad we couldn’t get together for a couple of beers; I will love to share some advice/info with you. I’m sure you already know the whole story… Good luck; you’re going to need it!!!

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