Garden Update 2/9/21

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  1. I am no gardening expert ,, but at my small garden I always planted the climbing beans next to the corn ,, beans are legumes and put nitrogen in the soil that the corn wants , and the beans used the corn to climb up ,,,,,,,, is that correct?

  2. I know your internet is weak but as soon as you can get a good connection check out Tomato Planting Guide | Philstar Global They seem to give good info about your gardening. I checked another page that said you need to remove all roots in the area to cut down on diseases as well put a 4 inch layer of sand and a 4 inch layer of topsoil and turn them into existing soil. It said the sand will help with drainage etc. There’s good info out there if you can get a good connection.

  3. Maybe you should contact a local well trained gardener and have them do some work on your garden. Also show you how they do things on your area to get your garden going.

  4. Be happy it’s raining there Brian because I recall your garden last time wasn’t all that spectacular. The rain is whts making your garden look great. To much sun and heat makes plants unhappy…And when u don’t water it properly

  5. 10:52. Me and my wife miss the fresh young Coconut 🥥 ( buko) . Its looking good Brian and my wife used to plant like that. What’s a straight garden row. Lol

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