G D Mead, The Ahern’s And The Rizzuto’s

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  1. Brian I couldnt help myself I have been one of your silent (with occassional comment) viewers I had to comment about the absolutely poor exuse for an Australian just a bloody winger please dont take all Australians (Mitch) excluded) like him see my comment on his chanel. I have watched you from the begining I see a hard nosed (and you have to be in the Philippines) tough likeable American and you and Maricel and the baby have started from a former arid worn out farm (like so many farms propped up on fertiliser in the Philippines) and have tried and turned it into something to be proud of. Yes things fail some succeed but you keep on going and trying you never give up. No one foresaw Corona and everywhere pork prices have plumeted but if it wasnt for Corona, Swine flu would or could have got you they have been eliminating the pigs just south of us many farms have sold off or been wiped out for him to say you failed just makes him an absolute arsehole. My Philippines home is in Natividad on Luzon in the provinces but we cant get back there my wife Marlenes whole extended 150+ family lives around us and they are mostly famers and we have just had a grandson !!!!! 7 days ago what joy (but we really want to see him). Please keep on going I love your work ethic give up the smokes (for your health) and I hope to get to Bohol one day to meet you and Maricel. Everyone has advice but it doesnt mean you have to take it !!! although he seems to think his advice is mandatory. All my love to all your family and extended family enjoy your son they are wonderful !!!! Your chanels still the best

  2. WOW! This was trending so I clicked mainly to see why this guy was Maining Lighting the Aherns on a farming Volg OMG DUDE! WHY ARE YOU GETTING IN YOUR TITLE HEADING THE AHERN NAME! I’M SURE THEY’LL BE HAPPY TO KNOW YOUR SPREADING DRAMA ABOUT THEM! YOUR A WORK OF ART BRO BRO! WOW your unreal!

  3. Another foreigner coming over with not having enough money to live on and screwing people over. You failed in the US, you failed as a pig and tilapia farmer and now azolla….you are delusional. Now you are failing as an honorable man who owes a debt. I think it’s better you leave before desperation sets in…just like Terence, Blindowl and several other bloggers.
    You work hard, raise a family, save money and eventually retire to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    Your channel is prime example of what not to do in the Philippines or carry yourself in life.

  4. If you look at most YouTube videos, the most popular are those that don’t ask for comments or for subscribers.
    With all due respect you may unknowingly be drawing people like GD Mead when you say you don’t have budget for this or that.
    I think you channel will gain better quality subscribers/comments by not asking for Subs/comments.
    Again, respectfully, you most likely cooked your goose when it comes to that P58, 000 because you admitted on a public form that you do owe that man P58, 000. Legally, your bacon is cooked in that regard. Your publically admitting to taking the money back from Mead may also have you liable.
    We have to be very careful what we say and admit to on public forms, especially YouTube.
    Please take these words in the spirit that they are given in.
    Kind regards

  5. From what I understand, options on settling the matter through adjustments and mutual agreement were made. Now one person wants to squeeze every penny out of a failing financial situation because of the original agreement. Economics is dynamic concept. And right now, everyone is going through hardships and eating financial losses.

    The crash of the housing market in 2008 comes to mind. In this current situation, pigs aren’t worth what they used to be. So, both party’s would need to adjust costs accordingly. I only see one person being reasonable and accommodating. Yet the other person wants to stick with the original agreement.

    I miss you Brian and Maricel and the whole family. Hopefully this upcoming year I can meet up with you and the family again and the little one, Charlie ♥️. He’s growing so fast! Glad things are still moving along in your part of the world and that you’re able to provide work for Filipinos ♥️♥️♥️

    P.S. – hopefully that cuban cigar served a good purpose 😉

  6. At 1 time in my life… My wife and I bought a new car maybe… About 15 years ago… We did get delivery… And everything was good for the 1st 6 months… Then my wife lost Her ability to work…. Which cut .. Our salary got cut in half..The car did get repossessed… About 4 months later…. To me your other situations sounds like.. A lot of bait and switch…. Have a great day..

  7. Good for you Brian, I don’t know much about the GD Mead Guy and believe you handled it well from watching your first videos till now you seem like a honest man with a beautiful wife and son, as for the ahearn’s and rizitto’s yeah I wouldn’t talk or gossip on them either, no one knows the truth except for them and everybody putting their 2 cents in just adds to more gossiping and adding things. Just stay on the path your on Brian and be the good person I think you are!

  8. Lots of trolls tonight on youtube. I see your points. I don’t know if I would make the decisions you made but I do understand them. Some of the trolls should realize that in civil dealings if I sell you an item and then don’t make the payments then usually what I get back is the item that was purchased. If the item is not damaged I usually would get no other remittance. You made reasonable offers to all those in question and they declined. It would be hard to find a Philippine judge who would blame you when the COVID 19 virus is around. Many of us want to live in the Philippines and not have high blood pressure from those that want to play games. God Bless and have a great day!

  9. It seems like you are the only adult in the room Brian. Im sorry about the drama that people bring on you. You are very respectable. I think you are a good man.

  10. Have always enjoyed and supported your channel and will not stop now. Most of these issues have been caused by the times we all find ourselves in and so I feel people have to give a little time to sort issues. That being said I have always lived by the thought that 2 wrongs never make anything right. Was the guy wrong for putting dirt on your name, I would say yes. Still to take an attitude that you will not honor your side with payment because the guy has annoyed you or in the other case would not take what you thought was a fair offer is also wrong. Fortunately, this is not my business and in my life here in the Philippines, my limited dealings with Expats have for the most part been good ones.

    Hope you will steer away from these types of videos in the future and get back to what you do best and that is your daily life on the farm with family.

  11. People are exactly like you are saying..it’s easier just to tell some of them to forget it. Don’t bother with them. I’d tell this G.D. dude you sent his money back and it’s his problem he can’t pick it up. Some people are just not very bright anyway. You can not be kind to others.

  12. Man do your thing don’t worry about them. You have so much there for you. Folks like that will just drain you!! Good luck my friend.

  13. I must of missed.all the be that was going on.learned not to deal with the drama an hear say off some of the other channels. I’ve watched you for along time an will continue to do so.

  14. Just my opinion and I’m sure no one cares. I don’t watch any of the other channels your talking about so the only opinion I have about them is I DON’T CARE!

    Why don’t you all just stick to making videos that subscribers might enjoy and keep all the soap opera crap to yourself.
    Bottom line, I WOULD UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES accept any more gifts or money you once said in a very early video to NOT send you boxes so make one last short video telling people to NOT send you anything and if they do , tell them you will not accept it and let them watch the video saying why.
    As for the pig deal, in my opinion a deal is a deal and it should be honored rather than unilaterally changing it, your word is all a person really has. If you can’t pay it in one lump sum then make smaller payments each month. Far to many Americans buy things they cannot afford . I was brought up to never buy anything unless I could pay cash for it and in 65 years have only ever taken out one loan in my life , but had the money in the bank to pay it off if I had no other options.
    You want ( understanding) to tell your side so some of us want to give our opinions.I sure you wont agree with this but again, I DON’T CARE!

  15. Good for Brian!! You are the better man!! I believe in you and your word is gold to me!! Don’t waste the air on him!! God knows the truth !!! Go strong!!!

  16. Hi Brian great video and well sid and you should not have to pay or put up with the drama I’m on your side I’ll stand up for you as always have have a great day and god bless you Brian and stay safe always ok really appreciate everything that you do thank you

  17. What is wrong with this guy ? He seems like a sad person that’s not happy no matter what you did .. You tried to send the money back ..It’s not your fault if he couldn’t pick it up .. You can pick up money at Western union just about anywhere . I have sent money to my father in law in Nepal many times ..no problems . So I don’t understand what a problem was . So he’s upset with you and now he goes after other people also ? He may be unwell .. but he sure can run his mouth , no problem ..one question .. if he has land there or whatever …why is he blaming you and others for doing the same ? Evidently he was married or with Philipina . I watched a little of his video and he doesn’t seem to be able to understand some things . He can’t fault someone for having property , be it fish pens , land , whatever , if he did the same thing in the past himself .. sorry ,I may not know all that’s going on but I just don’t like the disrespectful way he had treated you Brian . I think a lot of you.. It just irks me when crap like this happens to good people .. forgive me if I got things a bit wrong I’ve not kept up very well lately … bless you , I hope all this is over for you soon ..

  18. If i were you mr brian just returned all of his money to end all his craft… And make a big slap to his face A very big receipt that you returned it posted in his email, to me he is like a crazy guy and has a problem in his head.

  19. Brian, think I would rather deal with the chaos with the current U.S. Elections than being in your shoes. Hang in there, stay focused on what you can change.

  20. Just curious but why don’t any of you just move to the Philippines and live a normal life? I just want to settle down and relax. Plant a little garden for my wife and I. Shopping for fresh veggies and meat at the market. Do any of these people have a pension? I don’t want to vlog and after watching all of these people I sure don’t want to raise pigs…none of them have been successful and it isn’t even close.

  21. Done is Done. I have been with you for 3 years now. You Are a straight shooter. Please just get back to basics. I pray that this will all be water under the bridge .We live and learn.

  22. Just wish everyone would stay out of each other’s business and worry about their own problems. If I send money or items to Brian I can suggest I would like it to be help some particular thing but in the end it’s a GIFT. Ultimately he can do what he want with it and any manner possible and I’m ok with that. As far as videos go I kinda want to hide my face. I don’t want recognition, I want to see my friend succeed the best possible way when I have the means to do so. Don’t give if your gonna act like a 2 year old having a tantrum because you didn’t get your lollipop and movie time!!!!! I watched as farming destroyed a good friend piece by piece. I don’t want to see that happen to Brian and Maricel.

  23. Awesome just awesome video . one of the best i have seen (well with someone just talking to the camera that is lol). should have ended with you holding up a bottle of red horse and saying , thanks for the cash

  24. Gezzz uncle giant, give the bloke back his money and end it, and don’t leave it open on your credibility. With the pig thing, you signed your name and made an agreement, honour your name and your agreement and don’t run to the hills.

  25. Its amazing that people have to travel around the world, just to have drama and problems. Lol. It is better just to avoid them all, in my opinion.
    That will be my future there. Do what i need to do to survive and keep my nose to my self. I got all the gossip wen there. Why my wife family isnt rich with foreign asawa. My pants are dirty..lol. happens wen you live farm life. I never care wat anyone thinks of me. Lol. As long as i am happy and no one is hurt. No drama.

  26. A fool and is money is easly parted.and the most stupid thing hear is he puts his address on it.the second most simply thing in all this he tells you what you should do with the money.and sends you a copy of are very on solar panels and batterys. i am bewilldered some people. And to drag a mother good friend of mine and his channel through the mind cause he could not mind his own business and just keep it between two grown men omfg. Brian your right on all account in my book your ok with me mate👍
    Good friends are hard to fine thes days but friends like him just leave it its not worth giving your channel a bad name.also a person who sends money to you the sort adivisers you on what to do with it even the children hospital omfg.
    Your a great bloke brian love your channel

  27. People need to be patient. Esp in thid year. The only solution is to have litters, sell the piglets for going rate and send it to him. 7 sows? So that should be 70 piglets at 1500 each? ( sell for 1000 to get hus 70k.)Less if rush sale. So he can make the profit and you will make next litter.

  28. My opinion by just watching the vlog only is that The Ahern (Brian) first time I’ve seen him in his vlog cursing and saying bad words that make him look like a low-life American guy. I’m disappointed because he is the first American vlogger from Bohol that I’ve to watch here in the US. Etching sounds like a loser to me because if you’re happy and contented with your new husband, you will not be mentioning or harboring ill feelings to her son’s father. Too bad if the relationship went sour but that’s what happened to them. Rizzuto Family remains silent, it’s better not to respond. Silent is always the best revenge. People like to point a finger but they should look at their family first before they say something bad to other persons especially when it comes to minors. Let’s us all be honest most Filipina (young, old, or minors) wants to marry a foreigner. We should not be hypocritical.

  29. Good job Brian…You tried to send the money back… Forget about it… Time to go out and dig some more pits… I have never watched Meade man’s garbage and will not.. Screw him…. He gives Australia a bad name… Most people there are wonderful people… Thanks for sharing your adventure…

  30. I would have done the same thing, That doesn’t mean I don’t live up to my commitments but if they keep changing the rules to suite themselves then I would react the same way. Wash my hands of them.

    I have wathed all your videos on this issue and had no problems understanding the time line. But watching G D Mead’s videos is very difficult and hard to follow. Especially the rants.

    Oh well, he did give it to you in the first place to do as you wished. So I don’t see the repayment necessary.

  31. Haha. Just on the mead guy. Shows you people are just so stupid. Says one thing, then back stabs. Serves him right that he lost his money. I hope you donate that money to the local orphanage. Taking bad and turning it into a great deed. Am in agreement with you Brian. I wouldnt have been so nice lol

  32. So you want someone living overseas to come and repossess their pigs? That might be the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life…jesus I love your videos but quit posting this bullshit

  33. I love the Rizzuto’s family vlog Brian. I only heard one sided. I trust Phillip’s judgment on what had happened in the past. Please kindly advise him to resume their vlog activities and explain his side. Children are precious. All he has to do is own his mistakes (if warranted) and he can clear things out. Please tell him to reach out to Etching’s Life vlogger and sort things out. Nothing is too late. If William is his real son, he can payback the mother slowly of what’s owed child support until everything is up to date. I do hope things will be resolved soon. I do hope Etching’s Life vlogger will delete her one-sided story and release an amicable statement through her vlog about her issues with Phillip soon. The Rizzutos need to continue their daily vlogs and I’m sure their followers will understand everything one day soon.

  34. This is why I moved to the Philippines…to get away from ALL foreigners. Some advice to people moving here, stay far away from all foreigners. Not taking sides but everyone mentioned in this video are all idiots

  35. Brian don’t call Philip a good man! And it’s not gossip when the 15 yrs old is on video talking about Philip taking advantage of her! You don’t care because you allow it!!! A good man wouldn’t lure 15 yrs old with his money and military status, won’t work he threatened with “lawyer” knowing it will scared her.

  36. I remember what my grandfather taught me as I was growing up, when you make a promise keep your word! Your word is your bond. Brian you made an agreement, you signed your name to it, that person believed you would keep the agreement in good faith. It doesn’t look good when you don’t live up to what you both agreed to.

  37. I have traveled throughout Southeast Asia since 2007, and lived for a short period of time in the Philippines. There are certain rules that should never be broken, and none more so than; Never loan money – And never borrow money!!! 3rd on the list is keeping as far a distance from other Westerners as you can. Adhering to a simple greeting when unavoidable and nothing more will serve you well during your retirement years on the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

  38. Shame about Rick, i remember you Brian and him going around that piggery.
    Got it for a song.
    Seem to recall you saying, if he sold all that metal work, pens ect, he could recoup the purchase price, don’t suppose he bothered to do that?
    I mentioned ages ago, I know of a swiss guy near me, brought a two hectare sloping lot in a remote area, leveled it of, with a few hundred truck loads of rocks( was 9 feet high on the lower side!) , rolled it flat, constructed two very large buildings ( 500 or more fatteners in each?) , complete with 20, 5 foot wide ventilation fans in each with a huge lined slurry pit between .
    After 2 and a half years, gave up and walked away.
    Never had even one pig in there!
    Has been abandoned, can just walk in and wander around now, no security or anything, probably unsaleable in the present environment?
    If he had any change from maybe 20 million pesos or more, i would be very surprised.
    The moral to the tale, is don’t assume anything, when moving to another country.
    Have at least enough money/ pension income to live off for two years, without any business that one might start, beginning to give a profit.
    I know you covered that previously Brian.

  39. I don’t comment to often here but I have been watching a very long time , heck I remember a video of Beth Teaching Maricel how to do the posting to YouTube LOL , now that was long long ago. But anyway I think you are doing right thing to just end any talk about this G D Mead and other guy with pigs and as far as Aherns and Rizzuto’s anything there is between them and nobody else business. All these people saying stuff should worry about themselves and keep comments to themselves. I wish Rizzuto’s were still posting vids , I always watched them , hope they return soon

  40. you are right Brian thats thier life so let them solve it coz it is not our right coz we also have our privacy so let them be,God Bless Smith family and to your cute bb Charlie

  41. Hello from Toronto… Brian, you did nothing wrong. Just stay positive and move on, you’re a better person than that person who’s trying to put you down…All the best to your family…

  42. The way I see this is most of the Australians think they’re better than everybody else So When I do come to the Philippines I will not be dealing with The Australian people because of watched a couple of their blog and it seems that their altitude is you do as I say and that’s the way it is and now these Guys seems that they have some kind a problem with everybody but Themselves And I watch for 5 maybe 6 I don’t know Australian bloggers and they’re all that way

  43. First, I like all the videos on the different aspects of farming in the Philippines and Brian’s trying to make a success of it.
    But there sure is a lot of drama on that small island of Bohol with all the different foreigners. I am sure Bohol is a nice place to visit, but with everything going on there with the foreigners, makes me want to avoid it, and foreigners

  44. I think you should, at your convenience, send it back. No rush, no hurry, just send it. Send it and leave it. Wash your hands and soul of this douchebag and be done with it.

  45. You story is a pretty good case study of why it is wise to avoid expats…way too many psychos, perverts, general weirdos and people being paid by their relatives elsewhere to stay the hell away!

  46. OMG gossips all over i hate it.shame on them be.civil guys ….Pilipino thats what is it ever her NYC gossips for me.i rather make.friend.not.may kababayan i have.only 5 most of tjem fr
    Trinidad Jamaica .they mind there on businness.so be.careful Brian.

  47. Jodelin needs to be investigated if it’s true that she facilitated the meetings of multiple minor Filipinas with foreigners. Specifically, how old was etching when she was introduced to rizzuto?

  48. Personally, for me, I think your just a big drama QUEEN… The one thing that bothers me most about you is your attitude. You think you know everything and you have done everything and nobody else is right in your eyes but you. Like your favorite saying to your wife, I’m always right Love … You have the same attitude with your workers and other Filipino’s … 👎👎👎

  49. Don’t get caught up in their shit. You don’t know what happen or didn’t. Some one has an agenda , . He has always seemed nice with his family

  50. Try telling a bill collector “will you accept pigs for the money I owe you” or “you pissed me off, now I am not paying you”. Supporters of your channel probably have never been lied to to accept your excuses. Foreigners should not move to the Philippines without a pension of some type.

  51. Sorry. If they send someone money then they use it for their benefit don’t whine and complain about it. They sent it to help them. Obviously they had it to give so why cry about it. Unless that was their purpose in the first place. Glad you put it behind you. I have seen all the videos and the adult thing is what you are doing…just don’t play the game.

  52. Whenever I have a hard decision to make, or a decision clouded by anger and frustration, I ask myself…”What would my Father have done?” and “if he was still alive, would he support my stance on this?” Nough said…..

  53. Better man than me. I would have pushed all there buttons and stirred them up to the point they wouldn’t sleep at night thinking about it. While laughing the whole time. If they want drama give them a soapy

  54. Hey Brian, My name is Bryan! 🙂👍🏽 Good Name! LOL 😂

    I’ve watched you for quite a while, and I will say this…..

    I believe you are a good man with good intentions, and you are sharing your life experience to those who have similar interests.


    I am a “real”, not religious Christian and a ordained minister that has had an unfavorable past of living in the streets of Los Angeles, and other west coast cities.

    And also as a previous commercial truck driver, I have been in all of the states, in the continental United States, and I can confidently say that good and bad Americans are the same wherever you find them! LOL!

    I’m assuming that one of the reasons you decided to live in the Philippines was to get away from some of the negative things that are in the USA. Just don’t get involved with shady or questionable western minded people!

    Just be confirmed without doubt that nothing has changed concerning the American/western paradigm and mentality. In addition, the negative anti-God / anti-Christ conduct and attitude is actually getting worse in the government and the people.

    Anyway, I hope to visit out there as soon as the restrictions are lifted. I also hope to get married and relocate sometime next year. 👍🏽

    God bless you and your family, 🙏🏾
    In Jesus name, Amen 😇

    Ps. Just hang on to your godly principles and standards, and live your good and simple life in the Philippines in PEACE! 🙂

  55. This is why I respect you a whole lot Brian, my kind of guy, open, honest and from my own knowledge . This is why I take my time picking my friends.

  56. Some people have nothing else to do but bash good onesy people Brian good luck with it all.well said and done .ignore them all some friends are your worst enemy brian.good luck enjoy your channel keep going.say hello to baby n maricel he’s so cute his little voices now.love watching him her playing .he sure wants her phone !! Another you tuber lol👍😆💯💙💙♥️🇺🇸🙏🙏

  57. Unfortunately Social Media brings out all kinds of Drama and Accusations and much Confusion Sad but this has been going on for a long time such Face Book and now on You Tube bloggers. THE WEB WE WEEP.

  58. Do I understand this correctly. You do someone a “favor” and pay him only 12K of a 70K purchase agreement. The pigs have dropped dramatically in value and are worth as cash to you only 40K. So instead of being honorable and paying him 40K minus the 12K leaving 28K balance you decide to offer this out of the country person 7 pigs to make this “right” in your eyes. What is he to do with 7 pigs living in another country. A ridiculous offer I am thinking. So instead of paying him 28K. You decide you are done with him because he gave truthful information to another vlogger about your failure to honor your agreement. Did you sell his pigs and make your 40K? Here is this man who lost 58K. Sounds like he did you a “favor” not the other way around as you try to portrait yourself. If Jason was smart he would terminate any future dealings with you.

  59. From experience, not always the best people go to the Philippines and not all the best come from the Philippines. The whole world is like that. I understand the mentality and most of this is based on jealousy. Not from you.
    Thanks for being up-front.

  60. Brian I’ve been watching your vlog for over three years now I have never heard you ask for money you’re always informative what’s going on and what it takes ,if anyone has spent any time there knows how difficult it is , trust me I didn’t believe what that guy said about you in first place and anybody who said bad about you , I would stop and unsubscribe there channel , you keep being you , and after all the headaches and him dragging your mud through the name . I would keep the money also

  61. Don’t understand why people puts there businesses on you tube or facebook.sad really.i watch all channels as well.best of luck Brian maricel great videos 👍💯🙏🇺🇸 prayers to all

  62. One of the most important lessons you learn is to limit your contact with foreigners in SE Asia. Not to stereotype but they are living in another country for a reason, and that reason is usually that people in their home country wouldn’t put up with them.

  63. Brian I have said this for many years . Nothing has to be true it just has to be said and people will believe it. Many people do not know how to think for them self’s . Use to be you are Innocent untill proven guilty now you are Guilty untill you can show proof you are Innocent . Many people don’t think for them self instead it is easy for them to hear something and think of that’s true just because it was said. That is why a lot of Innocent people are in jail and many have done more then 20 years in prison for a crime they did not commit .
    I use to be the out going friendly type always willing to help any way I can free of charge but after all I have seen that is going on it is a lot cheaper to not have friends it is even more cheaper not to be dating lol.

  64. Hi Brian Thanks for setting the record straight, its important to always shoot straight from the hip, when Meads video came on I reported it to YouTube its Content was Bashing and bullying, and destructive of ones Caricature and have not seen him since I was sent a list of rules for YouTube and was Thanked for my concern.

  65. Not content with airing their own dirty laundry in their own countries but need to air is internationally, this is why YT need be better governed. Foreigners abroad are always in to gossip and slagging off its why l have never been in contact with any.

  66. You ran in to a drama d bag .Flush this guy and move on. You feeling bad about this indicates that you are a good person at heart. So pay him back .He will not be the last one to give you grief the next one is right around the corner. I love your videos

  67. You know Brian I work on cars when I was in Illinois in just one Filipino guy he brought his car to me to Word of Mouth and I fixed his car it would have cost them like I put head gaskets on both heads it would have cost them like about $2,000 us if he took it to a shop I charged him $800 because you have to use special head bolts because they stretch you don’t talk to like a hundred 80 lb your torque and then you stretch the bolts so you have to buy head bolts new head bolts and they were expensive then when I was done you said do you pay taxes on the money you earn I should know that’s how come I can do it for $800 and he call me a tax evader and I told him I said well if I have to pay taxes on that amount I’d have to charge you like the other shops which should be about you know $2,800 instead of 8 hundred it’s really weird how people can put judgment on you when you’re really helping them I put no forethought in people like that I just really mind my own business when I see you no like you your family or you know Lynn and Anthony’s Family and sister Jojo and Brian’s family you know Erica and Brandon got a new car I congratulate them when Erica went into a modeling session I congratulated them I come from a family background where if you can’t say anything nice don’t say nothing but all the blogs that I watch in all the families I see grow I don’t see nothing wrong so I don’t say nothing wrong I congratulate you same thing when you got the fish kind of done I see wow good deal man I know the pigs India Zola Pitts didn’t turn out like you wanted but you know you got an experiment and that cost money

  68. Like I said I love sister Jojo and Brian Brian’s of that like me he rides a motorcycle like me although my Harley is much more powerful than any bike he could get there in the Philippines I think their kids are all adorable I love Lynn and Anthony’s Channel and I think their kids are adorable I love your Channel and I think Charlie is just a little prince Enmark your wife laugh so much that she’s enjoying her life there too I guess no from the videos I see Brian the worms in the love and Brian and JoJo’s house your kids are the same way the same way with you know a foreigner in the Philippines Terrence and his wife and their extended family I believe from what I see are very honest hard-working people the same as you in your workers on your phone the same with Lynn and Anthony I don’t pay attention to the gossip I go by what I see

  69. The bigger man comes off the top ropes, squashed the Aussies, brian is straight forward and truthful, god bless brian and his family …you owe them nothing….

  70. Brian the same thing here they wouldn’t give me unemployment when I got laid off because it wasn’t like they said it was an act of God the virus so I didn’t get unemployment I had to take out of my savings

  71. You got one thing wrong bro. If they repossess a car, house, or whatever. You still owe the money less whatever they can sell it for if they can sell it.

  72. I think I would have done the same Bryan said you know you caused me so much headache you put dirt on my name I used it for partially what you wanted but it was too expensive so kiss my grits not you Brian but if I was in your situation with Jeff

  73. Brian first off bad on you for trusting people, and if this clown does not want to get over it, just do what you have been doing and change nothing.

  74. Brian I don’t know much about Gigi medes and that is getting a little bit you know worn out but the a but Brian and sister Jodie Lynn it’s a shame I mean it’s really a shame I love their Channel just the same as you know I love your Channel loved Beth in terence’s Channel and a lot of the other family blogs I don’t like Blind Owl all three of you your family channels structures Lynn and Anthony I love their Channel I don’t find nothing wrong with them although people will say things I don’t believe it I support all of them your channel Beth channel sister Lina’s Channel I don’t see nothing wrong with any of you guys you’re good wholesome people you’re honest you help people Lynn I see a lot of goodness a lot of good hearts and Anthony helped people I see a lot of goodness and all of you guys good wholesome hearts nobody could tell me anything bad about any of the family channels that I watch or the farming channels or the giving hope channels or the life Anda channels it was a shame what they said about what I calmed like my little sister my little cousin Erica I think she’s a very young beautiful talented girl I think all them kids ever have beautiful hearts I see you and your wife helping others on the farm giving them jobs even when funds are low and you’re helping people most of the channels I watch are about people helping people

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