From Ormoc to Cebu Tim K

Nathan and I leave Ormoc by Ferry to Cebu Airport where we part ways. He is headed to the USA while I’m on my way to Singapore.


    1. Tim K Jarhead here. Marine Veteran. Something about those Filipina ladies. I love them!
      My father had once told me the most beautiful girl he dated had an American mother and a Filipino father. He found some pics and I agree. Love the vlogs and the simplicity of their lifestyle. Happy people with less shit. Good luck brother!

  1. Hey Tim,
    I see you “leaving” Ormoc City, but did you do any filming while you were there?
    I’ve been search for “anyone” to do videos there.

  2. Thanks Time for the great content…as always. On a side note, I visited Manila and stayed at the Manila Hotel…the buffet had omelettes 6 out of 6 days. I will admit that they hide the omelette station a little bit. I hope this helps somebody. Take care.

  3. Glad your rested and back sending out videos… stay safe ….folks going crazy over here in the states.. more have died from the flu than this virus…wash your hands people… take care

  4. N95 mask is what’s needed, and that mask must be fitted in order for it to work correctly…some NBA player here in the states has tested positive for the virus…the NBA has cancelled the rest of the season until further notice…Safe travels to you Tim K…….

  5. Thanks Tim for the videos. I been talking to a girl here In Cebu for a while and the conversation of me coming to Cebu came up a few months ago. I watched all of your videos and because of them I felt comfortable about coming here. I have been here 10 days now and I can’t thank you enough. It’s amazing here. Keep up the good work showing the people what its really like here.

  6. Hey Tim! Fellow American who just got into Cebu a day or two ago to spend some time with my wife. Not my first time! Have been watching your videos for a long time and they helped me understand my wife’s culture much better. Not to mention you’re fun as hell. If you’re interested in meeting up send me a DM! 😁

  7. Tim… i recently found you on YouTube and really like your content. I recently met a very nice cebuana from cordova….she has an aunt who is rich and has land in both bogo city and in leyte somewhere. I like the look of leyte from your videos. If you had a choice between the 2 which would u recommend? I dont want to be somewhere where the traffic is hectic and people are on top of each other…im more of a country guy. And where have u seen the best mountains?

  8. Welcome back! Nice to see you again Big Timmy, please wear a mask when you traveling be vigilant about this epidemic coronavirus. By the way, I loved the Supercut.πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‡πŸ˜Ž

  9. Welcome back Tim! I’ve noticed that subscriber count creeping up so congratulations; gods hand is on your life, you are a good guy so may the blessings continue and now I am going to get a coffee and watch this video! πŸ™‚

  10. Cool video Tim. Nice to see you uploading vids again for us YouTube junkies hahaπŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ‘. Coming to Cebu City in few months, are you up for Starbucks cappuccino.

  11. Tim, love watching these videos. I also went back and watched all of your videos & I’m glad for all your happiness and love that you’ve found there πŸ‘πŸΌ

  12. Coronavirus isn’t a respiratory virus. It transmits through droplets so wearing a mask does help. The problem is that if someone coughs or sneezes around you it goes in your eye’s and ears so you still get it anyway. So in a way you are correct.

  13. Hey Tim, Glad to see you back! But those legitimate respirator masks that are stamped N95 or N99 do greatly help in preventing you from contracting the virus…along with some protective wraparound eyewear.
    The one you mentioned with a hole are usually the N95 or greater respirator masks that only filter the air you inhale not the air you exhale.
    Great if you know you are healthy.
    But honestly this thing is no joke.
    It doesnt just kill the elderly, look at that wuhang doctor that first alerted the world about it, he was about 40.

  14. Tim I can understand how you feel about this virus, I felt much the same way when i left for Vietnam 17 days ago. The problem for me was the airline that we purchased our round trip ticket thru was told they could not fly into Vietnam. They of course were told this when we were already in Vietnam. We flew Korean air there and flew back on Japan airlines. We’ll try to get some money back from Korean air, but bet that’s going to be a fail.
    Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  15. People feels safer with the masks. Maybe not stop virus to enter, but do prevent you from touching your face, nose, mouth. Makes it much safer. In Norway everything is closed now. It is is no bullcr** that people are dying and people are very scared. From asia to Norway is automatic quarantine when you get back.

  16. Have not paid much attention to the coronavirus hysteria here in PI. Like Tim suggests, it’s all nonsense. The media focus has been on the death toll and rarely mentioning about survival rates. Public funds are being wasted on useless prevention measures.

  17. Yo Tim k i watches all your YouTube videos my man I like what you doing keep up the good work my brother I also have a young lady in the Philippines I’m interested in first of all I got to get over my fear of a long flight I would like to meet you someday and hang out with you my brother if I ever can get myself together to meet this young lady maybe we can hang out

  18. Ha ha, Tim, we almost ran into each other. I took the fast ferry from San Francisco Island to Mactan then flew out through gat 22B 2days later. Keep up the fun!

  19. This was a nice chill adventure from the island to the SuperCat to the Airport. You are a pro now as I know first hand how frustrating it can be trying to travel in the Philippines. This video shows you did it with prestige. Good job brother Tim.

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