Foreigners: It’s a Good Time to Buy Plane Tickets. Just don’t Travel Abroad!

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It’s a Good Time to Buy Tickets. Just don’t Travel Abroad! Buying Airline tickets may work to your advantage at the present time. However, book your travels for a much later date!

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  1. now WE Fitness is pushing back the reopening to April 31. Probably by order of the Thai government . I hope they refund us for the lost 6 weeks

  2. I like the Hopper android app for shopping price. It shows you the whole calendar before you even pick your dates of travel color coded by price, green – yellow and red. For those with flexible dates like vacations, sometimes changing travel by 1 day can save several hundred dollars.

  3. Hey Jeremy hope you’re doing okay over there here in Los Angeles area we have stay-at-home order we can go out for Essentials primarily going to the grocery store hardware store Etc primarily practicing social distancing as I work from home it’s affecting us but we’ll get through it hope you have a great day take care James

  4. I have just bought n paid for my flights to Thailand in November it was only £45 cheaper then last time I booked in November but it was fully booked it’s a long wait but worth it

  5. Prices for airline tickets might be cheap, but don’t forget there is a huge risk called bankruptcy involved with buying now.
    Many airlines will most likely go under during this crisis.

    1. @DoMoreLife You missed the point that Anders is making: Bankrupt airline will not refund your money unless you bought a travel insurance which you must check it’s fine prints otherwise you are SOL…..!

  6. Hi Jeremy, thanks for the heads up! Please be careful with encouraging ppl to buy airtickets now. As we speak some airlines is offering vouchers as a compensation for all cancelled flights. Based on the information that we have to date, it’s obvious that some airlines will not survive this pandemic. As a result of the expected bankruptcies both the already purchased and paid tickets (if purchased without an insurance) as well as these vouchers will then become completely worthless. For this reason I prefer to wait a few days/weeks until there is more clarity about the whole Covid-19 “situation”. Be safe!

    1. @DoMoreLife Not really, an insurance is a mean of protection from financial loss 😉 Anyway, even though we have them, I always hope I never need to claim any….

  7. Dont trust plane tickets until the madness ends.
    British airways offered my a voucher.. if I needed to cancel or change flight date..
    I clicked in and cancel..hoping to get my promised voucher..
    Flight left without me on hour after it took off..
    BA sent and email so sorry you are not eligible..
    I lost £1200 ..
    Cancelling flights getting refunds is impossible..
    Any Government can change the entry rules at any time.

    1. @DoMoreLife
      Yes there are insurance policies..
      Just a few snags..
      1. They say they wont pay out on a “travel interruption” after the US and UK announced advice against all but essential travel.
      2 They wont pay out until you have tried and failed to contact the airline and the agent in my case Expedia.
      Expidia dont answer the phone
      The app wont let me cancel or change dates.
      OK talk to an agent via live chat..all it says is
      Too busy try again latter
      If you book now travel insurance wont cover V interruption ..
      The airlines are playing games
      They have $ billions of customers money ..refunds are or date changes are hard to get..
      I think tourists trapped in Thailand most will have to pay again to get a ticket out.

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