Sharing a story about a friend of mine who was being extorted for a barangay pass here in the Philippines.

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About me : Retired American Expat Brian & Filipina wife Luisa, living in the Angeles City / Clark Pampanga Philippines.


  1. Good job Brian. Kickin Ass and taking names. No one has the right to extort you, no matter where you live. It is best to be diplomatic about it, so it can be alleviated properly.

  2. Eh…I personally wouldn’t make a stink over $4. It just comes with the territory when you live in a place like the Philippines.

  3. These guys no each other Baronguy . this a joke.last Time they made me pay for a broken door at the condos.caused where foreigners take it to court get a copy of papar .Be careful next time .I’ll show to Duterte President

  4. We want to mix in and be accepted as good citizens, we want to be treated like everyone else! No more no less! Makes it tough to feel safe, the struggle is real Philly! It’s lots of things like this really!

  5. Sounds to me like they are charging him more for what I call HOMEOWNERS GATE PAS and ID…
    I pay a small fee for a card with my photo in case a guard asks for proof I live in my sub-division..
    A drivers licence is not good enough because it is easy to get a forgery and the crims get one and do robberies….
    BUT WE ALL PAY THE SAME PRICE……It is posted on the wall of the office…

    BUT the extra card to get hospital appointment is a scam…..ONE ID serves ALL purposes…

  6. No one should pay for passes or IDs, that is a nationwide rule. It’s like a damn hall pass for the whole entire country. No one inside the classroom gets out using the bathroom without a hallpass. Plain and simple so no one should ever pay for it. Unless you’re getting fined for something or applying for a Federal ID but a BRGY PASS is not a government ID so why should anyone pay for it. Extortion, my guy… It ain’t pretty but you gotta admit, Pinoys are quite sneaky. They know that some foreigners would rather pay a measly sum to not be bothered.

    The “don’t snitch, it ain’t your country” only applies to foreigners in western countries, not the other way around. What are 5 and half foot tall asians got against the average westerner??

  7. Change is inevitable, growth is optionable. Im american and love it here, but they need help getting out of being a third world country

  8. Brian… IF in doubt and you think you’re being scammed, contact the PNP in Manila, especially in regards to locals. They’re very helpful.

  9. Yeah always nice they make rules but your corrupt 10% won’t follow the rules, then it can become a larger battle then one wants or has time to deal with. Heck fight enough or push hard enough they will try to blacklist you. I have encountered the corrupt traffic enforcer before for a quick (500p for him). Mine is in Tagaytay Cavite. As you know sometimes if they see a foreigner prices magically go up on goods. But I do agree with the quaretine pass nonsense, trying to make a buck.. Look at Amazon, eBay and all others how much it costs to get sanitizer wipes (people making a buck off others) never ends nor fails..

  10. Super frustrating with all the news, policies, and corruption. Like you said… ” It’s BS!” I think it was you that said “some people love it here, or some people hate it.” I loved it in the beginning, but it’s really starting to wear on me… Stay safe and appreciate you bro.

  11. Could confronting the officials/property manager about this cause them to lose face? Is it worth the risk to save $4? If you were going to confront them, would you do it with the individual in private, or with someone to witness this? If you were to call the DILG, can you do it anonymously?

  12. Welcome to the Philippines. Someone always has an angle and a scam going. Also, I don’t want anyone sprinkling anything up my ass,,,,,, unicorn dust or not. Lol.

  13. A fool and his money are soon parted. Don’t talk out against customs or cultural beliefs, don’t speak out about the politics or policy’s of the country but as Brian said speak up if you are being cheated but use your brains in doing so.

  14. No confrontation as long as acceptable amounts of pesos, duing hard time in quarantine, cooperation is central but if problem have continued call city hall writing down complaints po.

  15. You got a printer? Make your own that looks just like theirs! Ask them to let you see the new one and take a picture of it. Scam the scammers, problem solved.

  16. With these type of situation it’s best to have your wife deal with it. Or maybe a kuya buddy.

    Yes I saw that in Duma. Supposedly a printer shop was selling copies of quarantine passes to anybody. I think 50p.

  17. Thats why my wife buys and pays for everthing when we are in the Philippines.
    Because soon as they see a white person the price goes up its call commission even some family members try to do it slso.

  18. What’s the difference between criminals in Oz and the criminals in the Philippines? Criminals in Oz go to jail and criminals in the Philippines go to Oz. It makes me shiver sometimes when I see how cheap some foreigners are in the Philippines. Vietnam is so much better.

  19. Hello BRIAN, people take advantage and Scam others everywhere. That’s greed and corruption in best form. That’s like stores jacking up prices on goods whenever there’s a natural emergency. Anyway, good luck on that and hello to Lot and HANNA GRACE. Keep up great VLOGS.

  20. as an expat you still have rights here. not as many of natives but you do have them. corruption has been an issue and it has been getting thinned out for a long time.

  21. I have 2 rule I go by. In America I call the shots when it comes to the rules and the laws. When in the Philippines I let my wife call the shots for the most part. On a few occasions she was wrong and I called her out. But it has worked out well for us most times.

  22. I have lived here in excess of 7+ yrs now, I challenge them on thespot with police intervention an my wife is usually with me,she has many years of college an shhe will not put up with Bull Shit period. Disabled Navy Veteran. 82-90.

  23. In the Barangay where I live here in Cebu, I can’t get a pass, not even to go to a pharmacy or doctor unless I have a note documenting an appointment. Problem is, I’d have to go there first to pick up such a note!
    They hand out passes left and right here. But I am the only Westerner in my Barangay. I’ve been told only a bribe will get me one. The chismes here is that I am an American Millionaire! They actually think that about me😂
    Thank God, my Filipina wife can go out and do our shopping.

  24. Yeah. I can’t stand this stuff too, I totally get it. I’m a white guy here, since 2018. Like I said, I totally get it. But the ₱200.. IF you’re retired here from the US, don’t ruffle any feathers for $4. I mean, I live on $600 a month and I’d just bite my tongue, bitch in private over it. Good story though Brother. Needs to be known! The struggle is real. Stay healthy Brian. Wishing happiness and health to the wife and little one as well. ✌🏻

  25. One time I my wife sent me to the farm market to buy a pineapple the cost was 50 peso I got the price down to 45 peso and gave her 100 peso and told her to keep the change. I turned out it was 1000 peso note so the poor farm girl had a great day at the market lol. She needed it more then I did and it felt good to help out a poor family with a 955 peso tip lol .

  26. You should have followed through with the extortion and put it on film. Then go to the authorities with the proof. That might make them think twice before they take advantage of foreigners.

  27. Definitely being extorted. I’d just pay it. You know how that goes. He doesn’t pay it. Next thing you know his car gets scratched or worse.

  28. Not surprisecing that some local try to make money from foreigners during any situations actually…i been here on and off for some years already…u have to be aware that most mindset here is foreigners have some kind of backup funds somewhere so when they or their filipina partners are being framed for any crime whatsover, they always be able to pay up…just be aware guys..but generally filipinos are kind and good people..only few bad apples

  29. When I saw actions like that in the past, my first reaction was to feel sorry for the poor foreigner who I felt was being scammed. But the I listened to foreigners who were saying, don’t rock my boat because I say it’s perfect here and all those things are lies.
    Today my motto to is, “a fool and his money are soon parted”. Most foreigners in Asia, especially the 60 plus will do anything to keep that 20 year old.

  30. What? That is bullshit. Not only that Brian our energy bill went from around 1000 pesos a month to 6500 pesos a month!!! I thought Duterte said he was not going to put up with price GOUGING. Yes there is corruption and taking advantage of not only expats but regular Filipino citizens also. What gives? Did you utilities go up like that? We live in Lipa City Batangas.

  31. Is is right , of course not.
    But for P200 to get my pass, I’m going to pay and say thank you.
    Then turn them in and let someone else deal with them.
    Better to stay under the radar for such a small amount, now for a lot of money, that’s all together different. Better to choose your battles careful.

  32. Extortion – probably. Worth fighting over for 200 pesos? Could also cause folks to lose face if he fought it. Might be an “investment” to keep the peace. Just my 2 centavos. Stay safe and healthy.

  33. Personally I probably wouldn’t pay but I wouldn’t turn them in either. My sponsored childs father was killed over a 100 P argument.

  34. Your right Brian. I remember when I lived in Angeles city in the late 80’s when I was stationed at Clark. I wanted to buy some shoes for my then girlfriend’s child. I had her go negotiate. But, when I showed up to pay, the price increased. Needless to say, that vender did not get my money, His loss. I then gave her the money to buy the shoes from another vender. Like you have said before in other videos, it’s the Philippine skin tax.

  35. send a copy of the paperwork to the media outlets that reported the other abuses. get that ball rollin, send a copy to the prez too

  36. Scammers on every level in PI of course not all are scammers. Like when I went to buy chicken dinner with my pinay gf. Kid working the Andoks store tells me 980 php. Prices are posted on the board and I said really. The prices posted add up to 680php on your board. Oh oh he says I got confused cause your speaking English. No matter you will regularly get this being a foreigner. Guess Philipinnes don’t remember when General McArthur held true to his promise and came back and defeated the Japanese army in 1944 Starting in Leyte and fighting all the way north to Manila over 9 months and 14,000 American soldiers gave there lives to liberate the Philipinnes from Japan. Ask the grandparents they will tell you how horrible the Japanese soldiers treated Filipino people.

  37. Yes definatly dont let them extort you yea they tax us a bit more here and there i accept that but not for a pass no way

  38. To those who say you shouldn’t speak out, there is a big difference between speaking out against the government, and against scammers.

  39. Dude do you have anything nice to say about having all this luxury in life the our country are providing you for a fraction of your money. This is the second time that I accidentally glance at your blog and honestly I think you are an asshole. If you do not have anything nice to say then just keep it to yourself. Anytime ……

  40. I had to pay 70 peso at the Barangay Hall dau to get clearance letter. As I was told only 1 person per household gets a green quarintine pass.

  41. I don’t agree with how things are in the Philippines. But I’m a guest here and if you can’t take the heat you don’t have to stay in the kitchen. I get pissed off but it is better to be polite and walk away. In America I would not bend over. But here you can’t win if you get into a confrontation with a local. Your not a equal. Get use to it are go back home. I love the Philippines!!!

  42. 💓 What u do, but (NEVER) I MEAN (NEVER) 4 GET UR SURROUNDINGS..or complacent..
    U MAY THINK U N LIKE FLINT..when wham bam..u out..maybe not out d country..but wit those u thought always, SMILED AT U.. CULTURAL ASPECTS OF EACH NATION.

    WHENEVER A host nations, go thru troubling times..
    foreigners, seem to become expendables..and exploitable

    Advice. 2b sure already out there
    Repeating, any1..abroad.. should always, have…AN EXIT PLAN OR STRATEGY
    way OUT..


    🇺🇸 Embassy REPARATION flts..

  43. Two kinds of Filipinos

    1. Warm welcoming genuinely kind hearted person
    2. Warm welcoming kind to you so long as you have dollars

  44. Sometimes I Wonder Do They Really Want Foreigners In The Philippines With The Money Grab You Described And The Native Filipino Or Filipina Can Only Be The Primary Owner Of A Home In A Relationship With A Foreigner. And The Foreigner Can’t Own A Firearm To Protect Himself And His Family If Necessary. The STATES Are Very Flexible With No Problems To Foreigners Including Many Filipinos That Are Citizens And Permanent Residents With Firearm Ownership And Home Ownership. I Really Like The Philippines But In My Opinion The Philippine Govt. And Segments Of Philippine Society Is Unfair To The Foreigner Especially Contributing To The Society.

  45. I do not live in Angle Leez city. But over here in Tarlac I got all my Barangay passes and food aid for free. But we didn’t get cash aid.

  46. The Property Manager is running a scam. The Gate Guards are not Law enforcement and can not prevent you from leaving. DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO THESE CRIMINALS AND RECORD ANYONE TRYING TO COLLECT MONEY. They don’t like cameras and will leave very fast and you will not see them again.. As for me being a shit disturber I would follow them and record them, Then send a copy to the Mayor and Governor Then post it on Youtube.

  47. Most of the time I don’t pick up my phone or read my mail… ignorance is bliss, as they say. And if someone tries to shake me down, I’ve got no money, nothing in the bank, my cards are maxed out, bills overdue, being kicked out of my apartment, etc…

  48. No signature on the contract order to make it a legal binding offer from the government official! Smells like a scam? Foreigners only real right is the power of money in the Philippines!

  49. Yes, of course the guy was being extorted; that is what happens to most if not all people especially foreigners on a regular basis in this country. Whenever I come to the Phlis, I always read the English language Filipino newspapers when I hit Manila and am thoroughly amazed year after year of all the acts of corruptions perpetrated mostly by government officials against the population that I read in the first section of the papers.

    I am one of those guys by the end of my stay that is so ready to leave this place. It is great upon arrival, but things like this never ending corruption that really grates on my mind. The only thing that will end it is for the government to be overthrown and something else to take its place. The problem is what might take over could be worst than the current power brokers.

  50. When I read the title I got worried. Foreigners and Filipinos with money face real problems in the Philippines, kidnapping, murder for hire, thankfully that’s not what’s happening here.
    With respect to your friend, I think what the property management company was doing was arranging to get the quarantine passes on behalf of the residents. For a fee somebody goes to the hall for you and gets the passes. You don’t waste time and energy and deal with bureaucracy. They call it using a ‘fixer’ or a ‘runner’. Also it would be to the property management company’s advantage to make sure all residents have a pass so there’s no arguments down the road when someone wants to get out and they can’t. However, whether or not the property manager knew that quarantine passes were no longer being given out in Angeles is not known. But no harm no foul – your friend didn’t pay. The passes were needed at one time but now they’re not, so I wouldn’t go to the DILG.

  51. When I am there my wife does all the negotiating with me covertly standing nearby. I usually pay more than they ask anyway, at the end of the day they have to eat. But I do get annoyed when I see greed.

  52. As my dear departed old daddy would say: Quit your dog damn bellyacken and eat your spinch its good for you! The land of smiles cost white people money!! So smile and pay up

  53. We CHOOSE to live here knowing whats up…Pay it an move on…So what??? If one has heart burn on life here in Philippines then its a easy fix MOVE BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY…

  54. Please don’t be a whistle blower in Philippines. You are not the son of soil. It’s in Filipino blood to make quick bucks by targeting foreigner. So better be quite. I had the same experience before 5 years in PH

  55. There is to much corruption in the Philippines and in Asia and if you are Foreigner or expat They try to rip you off I like going there once a year To see my girl Don’t get me wrong there are some good Filipinos to and some bad Filipinos Who just want to rip you off I have my
    Holiday there for One month Have a good time and go home I would love to live there if there was no corruption And people who just want to take your money It is a shame All I want to do is Have a good time A not get taking for a ride I would rather Get ripped off in Australia Where I have a leg to stand on .

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