Foreigners Behaving Badly: Confrontations with Enforcement over Quarantine Protocols

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Three foreigners running afoul of quarantine standards in the Philippines. PLEASE NOTE that the foreigner in Makati wasn’t arrested but might have a complaint filed against him. The incident started over the housekeeper watering the plants on their property without a mask; NOT because she was out shopping without a mask as stated in the video.
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This channel is an attempt to chronicle my life and adventures since arriving in the Republic of the Philippines on November 26, 2013. This is my first time taking video and editing, so please bear with the process. Hopefully, I will get better over time!! I hope you enjoy the videos and get something out of them. More episodes will be arriving over time so subscribe if you want to receive updates. Also be sure to check out our website over at

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  1. ( Robert) I agree with you about obeying the laws, i lived in foreignn countries when inn the military and learned to keep a low profile, obey laws, and have a girlfreind who can translate for you at times. I tried to get rid of the “ugy American ” image where stationed (Korea, Europe, Panama) and other places. It makes things and life easier.

  2. That Tiger Woods looking guy is not off. Follow the laws in other people’s country. The second man is a drunk mess too, the way he kept jerking his arm away from his wife. Help protect the Philippines and the world; follow the policy. I’ve been on lockdown over 7 weeks here in San Francisco, where we are flattening the curve. I resent seeing others not doing their part.

  3. to me it is stupid as hell ,,, i plan to retire there ,, but if i want a bread i will send my wifes brother after it . im not going out there and get jacked up by a bunch people i dont even speak the language . i got people who will help me function over there and stay out trouble . there is no way im go out there on my own without either my wife who is filipino or her brother no way .

  4. Why would you risk your freedom, and possible future residential status for this . I guess the lock downs are sending some people to behave irrationally.

  5. Anywhere in the world especially if its about our health is concern just follow the rules its for everyone safety… Foreigners or citizens the rules is the same and equal haha…

  6. I know it is bad and I should stay positive but I really wanted to beat up the Makati guy myself. He is being deported now from what I understand.

  7. I have to say. The authorities were very passive compared to when handling unruly convicts when i worked for CDCR. The 2nd guy is not mexican, probably Spanish? But people are funny. The 2nd guy and wife….you need a warrant. Haha. The guy came off his/hers property and into the street. Then retracted into the house to run away as the authority figure followed, usually allowed when apprehending a suspect who has committed a crime. There is no need for a warrant. But then, that is a different country. Different laws?

  8. being respectful and following rules is basic common courtesy in any country you visit if you don’t follow the rules and don’t respect authority anywhere no matter where you are your sure to get in major trouble citizen or not

  9. If I’m a cop and some ignorant sob is threatening the public health, I’m gonna jack him up every time. I’m sure you will recognize the lingo.

  10. Foreigners trying to explain the Philippines law to Philippine law enforcement! 😂. You can’t make this $H!t up! And the second guys tirade was shades of Mel Gibson

  11. Obey the law,being a foreigner doesn’t get you special privileges ,in los angeles the dude would have been tackled, handcuffed and tasered,,some of these foreigners are just f..k dumb

  12. Foreigners act badly in every country , not just the Philippines. Hmmm , how many foreigners act bad here in the U.S. ? … I’m sure many more than there in the Philippines. Even with all issues here , Thank God this is where I’m at.

  13. You said it a few times, “We are guests in Their country”. That is the fact. This needs to, I believe, be shown in an elevated level of Respect, respect for the people, the culture, the differences between your own and the foreign land. RESPECT.
    Respect to you Ned, hope you n family doin well atm.
    Stay safe.

  14. The first two guys definitely were out of bounds.. The first guy with his BS argument, that the authorities were breaking the law was laughable.. The second guy, and his wife with the you need a warrant to arrest him on our property was also BS.. When you are in the commission of a crime, they can just nab you then, and there… An example would be, if someone is in their front yard shooting at passersby, does the Cop need to go get a warrant from a Judge, in order to arrest you?? Hell no.. Just up the 1K fine, and go back to enjoy your drink.. He has a back injury, it is life, and death situation… Hahaha!! Thanks Ned..

  15. As far as I am concerned he got bigger balls than you Ned. He has a right to stand up against tyrants, I don’t give a fuck which country it is in.

  16. Hopefully they have a toaster n some butter in the jail they can circle up n have butter toast sandwiches,🤪yes people are freaking out here in new jersey also

  17. Hi guys Marcus here still stranded in the palawan after nearly two and a half months (more time with my new son lol). Look I’ve been coming to the Philippines for 7 years and have more than a year on the ground here in that time. I have helped raise three filiapino kids and have a rather handsome new coffee and cream son if I do say so myself. I’m a big guy 5’11” and 110 plus kilos with a long history of martial training and a I do have a bit of a temper on occasions but I have never once gotten into it with the police here. We are guests like Ned said , guests in a foreign land it’s just that simple. Your income or status back home won’t save you if you actually get your ass thrown in jail here , it could take weeks or months to get released if your unlucky. At best you will have to hand over some ungodly amount of money as ” restitution ” to someone for their trouble. Lastly some of the soldiers and police on the ground are barely more than children having been put on the street straight out of bootcamp. There are inexperience , nervous and ARMED. There is no such things as non lethal options here if you get into it with the police here you could well be beaten within inches of your life or shot. Having said this I have never not once been treated with less than respect by any filapino traffic enforcer , police officer or soldier because I give them no reason to. Moral of the story , dont be a drunken fuckwit lol.

  18. To be honest ive seen on TV worse then this happening in the USA. Like the coloured guy pulled of a bus by police for not wearing a mask. That was absolutely brutal what they did to this man.
    Shame on any expat complaining about the Philippines police take note how your own country men treat fellow Americans

  19. I think Ned if u live here ,do it like a mid-class Filipino. Have a wall&fence with a locked gate. I think that open front lawn confuses
    The police.I’m sure he now thinks, should have paid the 1k! The laws are getting tighter, just saw one. No kite flying!!
    There is farm land near me, would usually see kites flying. Not now. I’m not sure of the danger of someone standing in
    The middle of a field poses on other people. Can’t wait to see what’s next? Hope to fly out in June
    A summer in Maine sounds pretty good now

  20. He’s not a MEXICAN or CENTRAL AMERICAN u bigot, nor is he TONY MONTANA which is a CUBAN! Everybody knows the guy is from SPAIN, I stopped watching ur channel because of ur ignorant stereotyping that the imperialists used to describe the inhabitants of the COUNTRIES they invaded, I feel sorry for that POOR Filipina u duped into marrying u, I’m sure that will all turn sour when she discovers how racially insensitive, crude, and ignorant u are towards her people👎🖕

  21. Foreigners out here should not think they are the shit. A lot of rules here does not make sense but just go with the flow. You can’t win. luckily, that shirtless old man didn’t get shot.

  22. That’s bullshit though, you don’t need a warrant to arrest anyone breaking the lockdown and social distancing. It was an order given by the Philippine government.

  23. There was a report on ABS-CBN last night about the no shirt guy. The police involved in this incident face disciplinary measures for violating the law themselves. The guy’s wife was absolutely correct, they needed a warrant to enter private property in order to arrest the guy. It should also be noted that he is not a visitor, but a permanent resident businessman and property owner, obviously frustrated with the trouble these frontliners/government officials are making for his business and then piling on with some petty fine BS. They are arresting people (all of them Filipinos so far as I can tell) here where I am living for failing to wear their facemask in public. They get 12 hours in the jail and then paraded, barefoot through town as well as having their cases published on FB. The local PNP chief has also threatened anyone taking video of the punishment/humiliation parades or posting it online with arrest as well. I cannot really complain I suppose as my wife is politically connected with the local Mayor, and we get special treatment, but the parades and arrests are disturbing none the less.

  24. Whether you are right or wrong, no matter what you have to say, the authorities aren’t just going to think “Well.. maybe I was wrong” and walk off. So the best thing to do is just go with them quietly and sort it all out. Why risk getting blacklisted for life, over a simple dispute?

  25. How come the “we are guests crowd” dont apply that to the 20M that are in the USA illegally? Maybe because they will eventually vote for the leftist ideology?

  26. I subscribed to this channel for the family vibe/ atmosphere. Ned is a talented man with a lot of positive experiences. It sucks to have news and violence put in my YouTube feed, that I could have got anywhere else. I can go to literally any philippine expat forum to get the run of the mill, “we’re a guest in their country” preaching. So, I’m unsubscribing for a while. Why don’t you make some positive videos with your talent Ned?
    Frequently: “REMINDER! You are less important than the authorities here! OBEY, SLAVE!”

  27. I think these policemen actually seem extremely patient. Try screaming in an American police officers face when you’re drunk. You’re most likely getting hurt in a hurry.

  28. It was a clear provocation of the official who tried to extract 1000 pesos (bribing?)! “Just to be in there country does not mean we expats have to accept all there bullshit, in particular when it comes to intimitation, extraction, exploitation and corruption!”!

  29. With the first gentleman, the police or officials really need to wear professional, identifiable uniform, second one drink disrespectful yobbo. Great work

  30. The second guy should have calmly said..”write her a ticket, and she will go pay the fine”. Then calmly walked back in his house and closed the door.

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