“Foreigner Districts” in Ho Chi Minh City VS Da Nang (Vietnam)

In this video Alex talks about his experience living in Thao Dien, the “foreigner area” of Ho Chi Minh City and first impressions of Da Nang’s An Thuong Street street, another popular expat area.
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  1. Good day Alex, may I rather ask something out of your visit. Does Ninja Teacher help out students that obtained certificates outside the (Ninja Teacher) Academy?

    Da Nang looks like a nice calmed place 💕

  2. Hey Alex , do you think Vietnam will be the same after borders are open , like the English teaching is it gonna be the same .

    By the way really really nice video I enjoyed it . Are you thinking of opening ninja teacher in Vietnam

  3. Alex what will you do if the borders don’t open op for another year? How long can Ninja teacher stay afloat for? sadly a lot of business will go under due to COVID.

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