Foreign Stoners Cracked down on in China

Recently there has been an increase in police raids on foreign bars and hangouts all throughout China, please watch this so that you don’t get caught up in this mess!

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    1. @Just Me

      I’m really glad it works for you and that you are happy.

      We are all different, due to many factors…but

      if you play tennis a lot, you might develop lateral epicondylitis. Nobody says you 100% will or that you won’t break a leg instead, but anyone willing to play tennis a lot should understand the risks involved. Because it’s not like there are none.

      Same with weed. If you are an artist and can afford to live such life, it’s probably ok. If you have serious medical condition, it -might- be better than other medical drugs. But if you wanna have a career in, say, quantum physics or pilot an airplane, I’d discourage it.

      As for myself, marijuana soothed and calmed me down in my roaring early twenties, but now I’m happily creative without any supplements..

    2. @Stanislav Valach , haha,,i believe myself to be quick-minded, very intelligent (it is true, since a small child ,, a perfectionist. and i am not paranoid,,,, I play the piano and sing,, grow many, many organic gardens and are basically self-sufficient, keep chickens, have bees. And retired early from a job at Harvard University… So,, I am not slow or dumb or whatever you said. . Quite honestly, people who use just marijuana, and don’t drink alcohol are some of the most creative and gifted people. The problem is when those 2 are combined, One must choose either marijuana (for relaxation, preferably in a quiet and comfortable spot),, for people using marijuana for chronic pain, they need to use it as needed),, it is How you use the marijuana and, also there are certain medical strains that work for serious conditions… Mine is chronic pain, i use the types that help inflammation go down,, and don’t put you to sleep or cloud your head, Honestly the one’s who act wrongly are most likely to choose a certain very strong and harsh type, Which is for people who just abuse it. Those are the people that go into a room and have a bong bigger than a chair, and smoke i don’t know how much,, and then they drink and act stoopid. They are a nusance, The people who don’t drink alcohol and use only marijuana are a different breed. i cannot explain it better than this

  1. Looks like the old Chinese anti-Foreigner bias. It’s been around for a very long time. Like 150 years ago foreigners were not allowed to come in and buy and sell stuff let alone live in China. It’s like, let a few in and they will take over. It’s not like Chinese are being barred in a similar way around the word.

  2. China is Very Smart targeting Canada and the U.S.A with fentanyl drugs coming over the ocean to overdosing all the addicts in Canada and the U.S.A and nobody is giving a dam.. as long a people in power get the bribes $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ profit from drugs

    1. Yup, and it is consensual, USA asks, China provides. It’s insane to think that China is “somehow” just pushing all those drugs in USA, without anyone there noticing.

    1. all it takes is for your ph # or social media identity to be on someone elses ph who was busted.
      they just visit everyone on the list and drug test.

  3. What cracks me up is China manufactures drugs to sell to America I guess it’s payback for the opium wars but that would have meant China would have sent the fentanyl to England

  4. I have muscle disease and I use morphine to treat the pain. I get this through doctor and pharmacy. Is that also a problem for me if I went to China on vacation?

  5. I lived in Xiamen almost 3 years. My first year in town about 20-30 foreigners got busted. One of my buddies from New Zealand got 3 years for selling what amounted to about an ounce. Don’t do it!!!!

    1. but honesly any western guy doing drugs in asia is dumb as fuck. Everyone already knows what happens if you get caught its not like they have to advertise it. I think idiots just like to brag ohh im so good i got drugs through thai airport look how smart I am,,, wankers

  6. You have to be at very special kind of dumb, to use drugs in the PRC. Innocent until proven guilty? Their court system is “You did it! We know you did it! Confess!” Ever seen Red Corner with Richard There?

  7. I don’t even drink lol, I will be fine. Wow what a narrow minded view formed from people you know who smoke and to make a broad generalization about 90% smokers. Very bad form. How is the view from up there in God tier? So people should whip out a snuff box instead? To be honest if the East India Trading Company had not imported smack to China this would not be happening. Now I have to look at you sideways. @10:40 I realized you had not done any research and you’re clearly talking out the side of your neck as you are uninformed. Good day.

  8. I’d call someone who takes drugs while in China an Idiot.
    Someone tried to sell us weed in Guangzhi before, it reeked of a set up.
    I’d never do drugs in China, it’s just too risky.

  9. So you wanna abuse a drug substance? Cool. Its your life. BUT, know which country (countries) that have extreme laws against drug abuse and drug smuggling. China is one. Singapore is another. Malaysia too. Come into any of these countries, and get caught being a drug mule, get ready to DIE for it. Unprepared for that, then don’t. Go abuse or smuggle drugs elsewhere. Maybe just stick to your own county / village.

  10. The Chinese realize after two opium wars, that you can’t run around high all day for very long, multiplied by 1 billion people. 1 billion stoned people all at once, is more than anyone can handle in one day. Sober is beautiful!

    1. What they didn’t seem to realize, and what you don’t seem to realize either, is that marijuana is nothing like opium, it is far less dangerous than even alcohol, which funny enough, is legal almost everywhere and kills so many people and ruins families and lives. nobody gets high on marijuana and goes home and beats up their wife like people do on alcohol. Sober may be beautiful for you, but it’s disgusting to put people into prisons with rapists and murderers for simply smoking a natural plant that makes them feel a bit silly. I sure do like to have a cup of coffee in the morning, love that caffeine buzz, better take me to jail! Also, statistics from places where marijuana has been legalized show that making it legal doesn’t cause a large uptick in usage, the people who really want to get high, are doing it regardless of the laws most of the time, so if you made it legal tomorrow, those people would be happy, but the average person who isn’t currently using it probably wouldn’t really care at all, much less go smoke a bunch of joints and do something stupid like people do with alcohol.

  11. So you should stop using for at least a month before you go to China? So you could have done nothing wrong, have drugs in your system from when you were in another country but because it’s still in their system.

  12. Even if 90% of smoking is recreational, that doesn’t negate it’s medicinal use. Totally disagree with that being nonsense. But that said, if your rely on it medicinally, probably best not to go to China.

  13. When you go to China you must believe what the CCP believes. My doctor said 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off. I guess I can stay for 2 weeks.
    China needs a city of refuge where there is no extradition and all drugs are legal. The falun gong can go there too.

  14. how about they crackdown on the government fake synthetic drug facilities which make extremely toxic psychoactive substances to sell by the hundreds of tons overseas you’ve probably of bath salts flakka and all those nice new chinese substances

    this is just the usual shitty chinese hypocrisy

  15. Easiest way to pass a drug test in China …..don’t go to China……..easiest way not to deal with a totally corrupt government and police force…..don’t go to China….they don’t like you….they will never will like you….they don’t want you to go there….so don’t go…….go somewhere else…..why would you ever WANT to go … don’t buy Chinese made goods…..don’t spend money in Chinese owned shops wherever you live…..I recently was in Majorca… many shops now owned by Chinese…..I never spent a Euro in any of them…..let China know two can play at that game….see how they like that……get it up you china…..

  16. Funny how anti drug china is, but imported untold kilo’s of designer drugs to give out to the west. As well as all the Fetynol. Hmmm its almost as if China is purposely trying to weaken the people of other nations.

  17. Kinda wrong dude. Most people do smoke to get high, even the people who need it medically. I used to smoke it just to get high mostly, but I did also use it for its medicinal benefits to nausea, hang over, achey joints. Its not a made up thing. The medicinal aspects are strongly scientifically supported. But you are right. There are a lot of people that just want it for the high, and make up medical excuses to make their daily habbit not sound as bad to others.

  18. Just dont go to China? Easy Peasy. Foreigners are bad eh… Musk, Bezos, Jobs, Einstein, Flemming…. long long list. If it weren’t for Foreigners China wouldn’t have such a huge overpopulation problem I guess…

    1. He’s allowed to have an opinion. Plus he’s always being watched by the government so it probably helps his personal life to not appear to be pro drugs. Can you imagine the police harrasment if he appeared to fond of drugs?

  19. So let me get this straight, you go to a foreign country to act like a POS and then you think it’s weird that you get cracked down on.
    In the meantime a lot of people in your own country complain about foreigners acting like POS.
    Bit of advise: It’s not your country so be on your BEST behaviour. If you don’t want to do that. Go Back Home.

  20. Winston… “ I understand cannabis so well” opinion formed from the 5 youngsters smoking it behind Winston’s favorite bar. Ironically Chinese medicine uses every herb found on in China. Also ironically Winston thinks Chinese herbal medicine is poor. The best part is that Chinese medicine is amazing and leading big pharm to “ discover” and exploit the herbs used for 3000+ years. Stick that in your pipe but don’t inhale.

  21. I would like to know about certain other meds that I take. I do one day want to go to China. But the meds I take I should be able to get in China. Basically MSM with Glucosamean and conjroiten. Also I take clearatain for my sinuses.

  22. Smoking one right now; another reason not to go to these commi-fascists. Watch your back Serpentza; do not underestimate the amount of of evil within the Chinese government.

  23. still pot free, thanks to serpentza. i was able to get though the toughest part of getting straight by bingewatching his videos until i fell asleep. Like 18 months free thanks to Serpentza and willpower.

  24. I smoke regularly and a bunch of my friend drink a lots of alcohol but it just doesn’t fit me well so people do what fit them best thats it ! I love ur point of view

  25. WARNING!! Also note that if you were smoking weed in your own country two weeks before going to china and you got piss tested in one of those bars your results could come back positive and you would be subject to full penalty of china’s law and they would not be interested in your explanation.

  26. lol at that space boy wearing then pants with a Davidstar…he probably thinks its a pentagram which is supposed to be cool. Or the company producing the baggy pants printed out the wrong star from google picture search. Bizarre.

  27. I smoked weed in Norway.
    Before I moved to Japan my friends told me “oh but if you do this and this you’ll be safe”…
    Hell no.

    I believe that breaking the law in your home country is one thing…moving to another country and breaking THEIR laws is another thing.
    You’re not one of them. You don’t walk into somebody elses home and do as you please.
    So here in Japan, I’ll stay as far away from weed as possible. I hardly even smoke cigarettes to make sure I’m not tempted to “skip to the next level” or whatever.

    Offer me a joint? No thanks I’m allergic to rolling paper.
    A bong? I have allergies against glass.
    Somebody smoking next to me? I have an appointment I forgot about, so I have to run.
    Ask me about weed? “what is this majamuana you’re talking about?!”

  28. alcohol kills more people then all illegal drugs COMBINED! Meanwhile ganja has NEVER EVER KILLED 1 person. War on drugs is the top 3 scams running in the world now.

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