Foreclosed Condos in Makati Philippines (from $20K to $100K USD)

Foreclosed Condos in Makati Philippines (from $20K to $100K USD)

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  1. Great video, more of this please. But also keep the beer with Pete series going. Why there so many small condos in Makati (<40 m2), they are not really large enough to live comfortable in?

  2. Pete so much better when you’re doing professional and informative videos! Keep them coming – we are looking Morong area, please do a vid about what you suggest.

  3. If the real estate in Thailand was a bubble the ph is a huge one ..the condos there are super expensive comparing to Thailand….for example cebu with pattaya u can get much more better quality and cheaper the Sqm in pattaya and we cannot forget that Thailand is much more developed country than there

  4. There is a 5 acre farm im looking at that’s been foreclosed about 20 mi south of Hilo HI for 95k (just dropped 75k), fully developed, green houses/canopies, 1200 sq ft house, the whole nine, talk about the steal of the century. Cash is truly king right now.

  5. I wonder how do people over seas finance a forclosed property. Are there banks in the Philippines that will finance say someone in the US.

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