For My Nosy Neighbors. Are they really concerned………

Vlog#819 Today we Must try again to get our health certificate for our concerned neighbors. Thai people are funny. Lets go see what’s Outside these walls……
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  1. I really dont get it. I’m a mix American living in Thailand. I don’t speak one word of thai . I’m Asian n black n most thai think I am thai. Therefore, no problem in Thailand with anybody and I wear a mask because its common sense. I feel sorry for the thai ppl because they don’t have or get what all of us
    farangs get financially. Don’t stress anything out , we our lucky to live where we want to n do pretty much what we want to do. America is more racist country than anywhere with Trump as our president in my opinion. As a minority in America I’ve seen a lot but my choice was to move on pass stupid. Stay safe and the world hopefully will get back to normal.

  2. Glad everything worked out and you received your health certificate , Los Angeles has extended the stay at home orders tell May 15 🙏🏻

  3. The farang on the bike is just another jerk living in Thailand ! Saw one in the market today that went ballistic over the price of some canned goods and mad a huge stink. I dont understand their attitudes here in Thailand….they’ve obviously got issues. I love it here

  4. Mannn I always thought you take everything very easy and I envy your “stay cool” ability… No need to worry too much from this situation, I know it’s a double issue for you as a “falang” but I believe your relaxed way is much better to cope with that crazy situation … When you are stressed you are prone to make much more mistakes and to even in a way to draw bad situations towards you …

  5. Chuck you know how nationalistic the Thai are you mentioned the wallet never lose that first but be careful they will quarantine you without blinking and call you dirty falang I don’t mean to negative but outside of your family your close to to nobody , good job mate like your videos cheers

    1. How is that any different anywhere. Not sure if you ever been to the US but most would rather step on your face than ask you to move. There are people everywhere like that. That is why some people don’t venture outside there home town ever, and don’t except strangers.

  6. Great news Chuck, you said you want to have a vaccine and get your freedom back, well a Russian Siberian based lab called Vector is working around the clock to develop a vaccine, would you like to be the first person to get it?

    1. I don’t want it personally. But it should be an option for people who have weak immune system. If Russia or Trump approves it at least half the US won’t take it. CNN is gonna have to find a cure for them…….

  7. Hi Chuck so here in Los Angeles they just extended the lock down quarantine till May 15 th even though are state has kept the curve almost flat ! all business that are retail or even like mine that supply retail stores have been closed for a month already its crazy.. our government now has told us to wear masks as a defense against spreading the virus ( i have been doing this for weeks already as well as producing masks for online sale ) the only reason they waited on the masks is there were shortages so the public went without causing a longer quarantine… No Money No Business No Fun oh well !we are all in the same mess for a bit longer… L.A Rob

  8. haha, no problem Chuck that YouTube infection we all have .. I think a good initiative is a face mask. That is why fewer people are infected in Thailand than in the West. They are so common when they are sick to face mask out of respect for other people, they don’t know respect in the west, they will lift the lock down, after a month, they know the infestation will come back a second time and worse, but they do that to to relieve the hospital, and in the fall that will happen again, which will be the worst contamination, but there are no other solutions .. in Belgium we all have an income because of our sosial security, that’s no problem here .. but I am very sorry for countries that do not have such as the US .. I have not been out of my room when I was in hospital for 9 months, I know what it is ,, I do not make a problem of staying inside, now I can i even sit in my garden. We have macro here to,,Love your suppermaket vloggs ,I think some products have already become expensive in Thailand..nice pizza .👍🏻up for the vlogg again.

  9. Chuck and Paige, very happy that you are finally free, LOL! I do find it very sad that a crisis like this brings out xenophobia and discrimination. And I mean anywhere. I suppose these responses are as old as time itself but nonetheless sad. I have seen so many negative comments on youtube I have begun to wonder if the land of smiles really does want westerners to leave. Be safe and thank you as always for brightening the day!

  10. Great video as usual. In your list vid we heard you and Paige conversing quit a bit. Loved hearing her speak and listening to her opinions and views. She is so nice (not that your not) it’s a pleasure to hear. Maybe you can put more of her convos with you or her negotiations with hotels,local businesses and such. Keep up the great work and thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through you!

  11. Thanks Chuck for keep update.It’s nice to see you enjoy the life no matter what.Sun in the sky ,good people around,cold beer on a table.All the best to you and family.

  12. Chuck
    Tell that to the California’s Governor. We are on a Stay-at-home order with NO end. That’s right. There is no ending date. You guys are lucky. You have a potential end day of April 30th.

  13. Your very lucky that you guys still can drive around with your car in this corona times,we can not drive around Because police stop you everywhere and give you a expencif ticket … DaMn and we just did buy a new car 😂😂😂😂😂
    Awesome pizzas,but its the first time i see pizzas eaten with a fork and spoon 😂😂
    Anyway another great video 👍🏻 thx for sharing

  14. Cheers from Austin, Texas.

    If they sell them there have you tried a pizza stone to try and compensate for the oven not getting as hot as you want?

  15. people need to stop touching stuff in the store. I see little kids going along the aisle just touching every GD thing. If you’re going to buy it put it in the cart and move on. Otherwise leave the food on the shelf and dont touch it. That’s my pet peeve

  16. I totally agree! This year sucks!
    I hope everything get better soon… I miss Thailand, my girlfriend, the food, even though i make thai food my self! Every day! If not I’d be crazy!

    I have a bad condition of cabin fever…
    Hope someday we’ll meet. Seems like we have a lot in common.
    But like you say, notime2besad!
    Stay positive! Don’t worry, be happy!
    I’ll be back!

    Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times. If you’re going through hard times, have faith that good times are on the way!

  17. Your vloggs make my day. I hope I will come back one day. 15 dec. I went home from Roi Et after travelling around the amazing Isan. And now look how crazy it is. <3

  18. Do you or Paige know of anyone who has received stimulus money from the Thai government? Over 23 million people applied and only 9 million were actually approved for payment of 5000 THB for 3 months.

    1. My girlfriend owns a hair salon in Bangkok and applied for the funds and at the last moment didn’t get the money. For the past month her business along with everyone else’s have been severely impacted by the coronavirus epidemic. It’s a very sad situation in Thailand as in America for business to be forced to shutdown and cease to earn a living.

    2. The business owner has to file the paperwork also, I have been told. Lots of business don’t always claim everything for tax reasons. To answer your question not personally but through multimedia yes.

  19. A man up north was pulled off a public bus by the cops because the public bus lines made a mandatory rule to have a mask on while on the bus.

    Dude refused and got ripped off forcibly by like five cops. They reluctantly took away the mandate the next day.

  20. Strange world now. My life is in limbo like yours. My bags are packed waiting for release of the world. The whole world is Locked down. Maybe you should make a copy of your health certificate and laminate it and put it around your neck for all the people that think FARANG has Corona Virus. We can all hope for ALL Clear May 1. Or yes we will go crazy. I am still working “Essential Services” so i am out all day. I feel for the people that have to be locked up 24/7.

  21. Your wife looks like a Thai Chinese.. other than Thai and English, do they speak any chinese dialect? I remember seeing quite a number of Thai Chinese speak teacher.. great video mate!

  22. the auto translate either sucks or you had a real interesting talk by the river …………..all right mid noise condom knit annoy paul paul jaksa ok bye ………………………LOL

  23. Chuck and family, stay safe and enjoy Pineapple pizzas. You should do some meditation before night sleep and take some vitamin C. Chokdee 🇦🇺🙂

  24. Hey Chuck, just say about your SUV that my SUV or the SUV because it’s not a car and not a truck either it’s a SUV. You should know and not just that but even better you should know being from the USA and also what you have said that you have been a mechanic there back home so again, I have never ever heard anybody say about a SUV being either a car or a truck. You know what I’m talking about. Maybe they call it car or a truck there in Thailand, ok but what I do know is that they don’t call a SUV a car or a truck in USA.

  25. I wonder how many of these idiots refusing to mask-up are the same ones who moan about foreigners who don’t assimilate back in their home countries.

  26. Its only been a couple of weeks,hang in there,there will plenty of time when its over,no government is sure how to handle this,social distancing is basic but effective,stay home except for essentials….I got the eye thing also in Sarakam,Isaan last year,first time ever,straight down the local clinic,antibiotics fixed it,for some reason doctor gave me condoms also,ive been going to Thailand since ’84,they freak out about these virus’ more than us,be patient,you are lucky you have everything you require.

  27. I am so glad I am isolated on my farm. Plus I have a big arse shop full of supplies that keeps me entertained. I would go bananas cooped up with the family especially with the missus (lol).

  28. Pizza, I understand! Can everyone tell me what their Favorite pizza is and how the crust should be?
    I like Pepperoni, Mushroom, Onion,and of course Pineapple! I prefer the Thick Crust, but I can live with a Thin Crust.

    Edit: I also like to microwave all the toppings in a microwave for about 30 secs on high to remove excess water and fat, of course wrap the topping in paper towel to absorb it. I also like a plate on the bottom and a matching plate on top with the toppings “Sandwiched” in-between the plates.

    Try it one time Chuck, it does make a difference on the crust.

  29. People are scared and think to much. You are well known in your Town and as long as you stay in your home town while restrictions in place you will be ok. I believe the Thai people will put up with this for another month or 2 and hopefully The World will be rid of Covid-19.
    I would rather be where you are right now. I am working 7 Days a week at Major Hospital in UK and I am desperate to see my Thai Family end of June. Stay safe and Healthy 🙏

  30. Things here in Udon Thani are fairly chilled out. The big home stores are closed but there is no alcohol ban, certainly not out in the village anyway. We went to our neighbouring province Nongkhai yesterday to shop at Mega Home which was very easy and no police check leaving or entering either province. Just a temperature check and hand sanitising before entering the store. Life goes on 👍

    1. I would have to say that 20 times a day. Really it is no problem for me i know it is not a derogatory word. Most call me Chuckie anyway if they know me.

  31. There could be new waves of infection if things ease off. Thailand is doing a good job so far, so the more we self-isolate the closer we are to the day we can get back to normal. Tomorrow is a worry though, hope people do the right thing and we don’t see a few buffaloes on the street causing problems.

    1. Thailand is as big as Florida. Everyone has a cell phone and a FB page here. How exactly would they go about doing that. People just got sick now there what, missing? They won’t open the borders to the outside anytime soon. Many here don’t side with Government, I have not heard of 1 person missing. When someone get sick Everyone knows.

  32. Thanks, Chuck, for sharing your day with us. I really miss Thailand and it’s so nice to be able to live vicariously through your eyes. Your fun attitude also makes everything more enjoyable. Great job. Thanks!

  33. Good video today, as usual, I have been bicycle touring along Laos Route 13 from the 4,000 islands and am at the moment quarantined / isolated across the river from you in Thakhek. Hopefully I will be able to cross the bridge at the end of the month and pass through your town on my way back to Bangkok.

  34. I went to Thailand start Jan for 3 weeks and a pall pulled out said he would go later in the year got a text the other day saying he wished he had went regrants not going doesn’t know if he will get there in the current climate never wait make the most of life enjoy it while you can. stay safe from the uk

  35. 26:45 Kid you not, the governor of Michigan just made illegal to buy seeds to grow your own food !!! I don’t understand a lot of this government thinking. The stuff is not demand, so why can’t you buy it?

  36. Things will get better in many areas within the next few weeks, but things won’t go back to ‘Normal’ for many months. Areas where the workers depend upon the usual ‘cattle class’ public mass transport will have the biggest change along with areas that depend upon tourism. Places like the Provinces of Thailand will be almost back to normal quite soon, except for the ability to travel from large cities like Bangkok, which is where many Issan people earn their living… Looking at Cities like NY, London and Paris where so many people are wedged into pubic transport (with no alternative), IMO it’ll take a very long time to get back to normal and could (almost certainly will) involve more lockdowns until the virus is close to being beaten…

  37. I have heard a vaccine will be a year or more away and that sucks. Why can’t it be like in the movies find the source and the vaccine in 2 hours haha. Just tape your health certificate to your forehead Chuck then they won’t bother you haha. Here a store can be open only if they sell food so stores like walmart and costco and others open and you can buy anything you want or at least it was like that last time I was there. Pizza is always good. Stay safe guys

  38. The thing you need to watch with an eye is infectious keratitis/acanthanomeaba. You need Brolene or Golden Eye ointment, or it’ll eat your cornea.

  39. Chuck, why was it necessary for you to get a health certificate? Because you left your home province during the COVID-19 crisis? So it’s only necessary for foreigners who left their province (or arrived from overseas) during the past few months? Some expats (like myself) are confused who needs to have a health certificate. I haven’t left my home province all year and I’ve heard nothing about needing a health certificate.

    1. Only if you leave your province and need to be quarantine upon your return, Certificate is really just to satisfy everyone else that i do not have symptoms after 2 weeks. Some restrictions during quarantine are strict if you travel from certain areas.

  40. WOW that a lot of booze😂😂😂😂.
    I’m glad that I can still go to work, I work in the gas and oil industry in the UK I definitely would be climbing the walls by now, my friend has told me his firm has gone bankrupt so he’s no job to go back to because of covid-19 virus.

  41. Do all of those people eating pizza live at that residence? If so, this not good practice. I live in Malaysia and cannot visit others and likewise and would be arrested, fined and quarantined. Be careful.

  42. Why arent they more concerned with all the road deaths every year? 2nd most dangerous roads in the world. Not concerned about the single unwed thai mothers who get nothing forcing them into a life of prostitution. Just watch out for the falang, they might eat your children.

  43. I truly believe all farang staying in Thailand should reconsider their decision about living in Thailand. The government and now most of the people don’t want you there and are getting more and more resentful, eventually your safety will be under threat. Better pack your bags and leave, Thai government don’t really recognize your marriage to their weman anyway.

  44. This lock down has to be good for Vloger’s,, people have a lot of time on their hands, so as we cannot go to Thailand we want to still view it from another person who is there.
    I can’t even go inter state here in Australia, probably for good reason but I had to cancel my trip to Thailand, as I could not leave the country nor enter Thailand.
    Hopefully this will all blow over soon as Australia is currently testing a for an anti viral agent, which seemingly looks good.
    Certainly will pay you a visit once the borders get removed.
    Please keep up the good work.

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