Food for homeless woman living under a bridge.

Feeding a 85yo homeless Vietnamese woman in Hanoi.



  1. Maybe you could come up with some method of showing which translations are fake because its funny but it devalues the videos when you don’t really know what is being said. It is conceivable for mentally ill people to say the stuff you fake translate.

  2. I wonder if she likes to live like that or if she would like a home. She seemed quite comfortable, dirty as hell, but hey maybe that’s the life she wants? I hope you ask her more questions if you see her again. Thx.

  3. Usually old folks have a difficult time eating hard stuff like bread because many are missing teeth. Thats probably why she refused the sandwich and said that she can only eat noodle soup. My mom was like that. She can only eat soft foods.

  4. I want americans that come here to complain about subtitles to find a homeless (and i know its like half the population, so dont tell me you didnt find any) offer them money to see if they refuse it because its too much.

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