Follow Up On Mitch

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  1. The Philippines is very hard on drugs so it’s hard for me to believe they would’ve even allowed him into the country!! With that said I apologise for any discomfort Mitch may have caused U Brian I know U did the right thing from your heart!! n therefore we all would go it not for the grace of God Think if Mitch could’ve found the type of team U was blessed with things could have been very different for him!! I for 1 thought the intervention was a great idea at 1st but after hearing Terrence (that I do like) found it abit hipacritical I mean seriously his main problem was Mitch dating younger women when the age difference between him n Beth is even more extreme!! Idk it’s hard to Tuesday morning quarterback when we all only ever see snippets of all your lives there 1 thing about Mitch that causes me to think he was a fairly decent guy is he was so damned hard working!! I mean he seriously left alot of blood sweat n tears there!!!

  2. He is a free man. You’re right… If he is wanted in Australia he wouldn’t have gone back.
    They accused me if shitty stuff as well but to those people who knew me don’t believe them…
    Everyone has its own critics. I don’t know you but I think your A nice person. I just have one thing to tell you….control your temper hehe peace out bro.

  3. If you are not 100% sure about drug allegations, it is wrong to post it, what ever the bread and butter details deal with them, I have been watching youre channel for over a year and there are repeated questionable judgement calls, why you have not learned from your mistakes is a mystery.

  4. I’d never heard that angle, though it kinda fits with the “playboy” image Mitch loved to cultivate….but I totally agree, even if it’s true, so what, most folks make mistakes, provided they take their punishment on the chin and LEARN from it, I wouldn’t condemn anyone for eternity!

  5. Just saying….Even if he is a convicted drug dealer what difference does that make? Yeah, he treated his animals terrible and you did a wonderful thing in caring for them. But people can’t continued to be punished for things in the past

  6. Why were the pigs left unattended? Why wasn’t Mitch there to look after their well being? I am only concerned about the animals and their lack of care.

  7. Everyone has an past- should that pass be used against them the rest their lives? If so than rehabilitation in prison or programs inside and outside a jail that make millions should be eliminated- and everyone can stop trying to change their lives- I say no! because even God will forgive you even if people never will!

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