1. 4- 350 watt solar panels and an inverter would run that electric pump. 24 or 48 volt solar pump aren’t too expensive and solar panels can be bought online and picked up in Manila at the warehouse duty free. You can’t run 24 volts DC from the house to the pits because DC won’t travel far. Panels, controller, inverter and pump. will run on sunny days. Add battery to extended use. 2x 200ah batteries 15.670 delivered. Better to upgrade your house inverter system.

  2. With all the hard word work and money gone into the azolla pits and its finally coming good . I would suggest sectioning off the last quarter of the Talapia pond keeping the the last quarter low or no water in it using it as an over flow pit to be filled up by the pond if you get the torrential down fall again , Then run an overflow pipe from the last quarter down along the side to the overflow pit at the bottom of the azolla pits although it would need to be deeper. this will save the azolla pits in future from what happened in the last 2 weeks.Food for thought.

  3. Have you considered using Bi-Vales to eat the nitrogen out of the water? Oysters clams and muscles filter the nitrogen out of water. Might be worth looking into.

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