FIVE Turbskies! 5 Turbo Truck Ride Along in Bangkok Thailand

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Yesterday I went to see my friends at ZF Thailand to check out their Izuzu inline 4 cylinder turbo diesel truck that have FIVE freaking turbos! LOL! It was amazing. Good day.


  1. I absolutely love this channel. I have a bagged n bodied Silverado with a Texas speed lsx on twin 88s. On 26/10 on front and 28/16 on rear billet intros does my truck make sense fuck no. But it looks badass and has 1700whp so just because it doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean don’t build it. I plan on building a boat soon so I might go with a diesel this time…lol people remember just have fun. It’s why we build these things to creat smiles…

  2. Hey I just found tour channel and I love it! While you’re in Thailand can you find someone who has a built Honda cub? They do crazy stuff with them over there!

  3. Was I the only one who was disappointed that he didn’t floor it. I mean I understand that there was a language barrier but Money and Fast Cars is a universal language.

  4. This doesn’t make much sense..the only turbo that’s really doin anything is one.. the other 4 are mostly cosmetic.. anyone who knows how shit works would know

    1. @CB Media theres only ONE greddy turbo, u said it’s got 5. That’s the one that provides the psi..the others are something else prob some china shit and they dont really do anything at all

  5. That detail work and those 🥧 cuts 🤤…. I think if you told me specs it’d let me down. So 👍. Sometime it’s better left to the mind. Great truck though.(also there’s a guy in the USA with a 50’s Cadillac with 8 turbos)

  6. hey bro, My miss lives in thailand and I’m looking to go live there for a bit but never been, would i struggle for work to keep me alive lol ?

    1. Definitely won’t find work here. If you get lucky and do you won’t like the pay lol best thing is to work online or start a business you can operate from Thailand. Which isn’t easy.

  7. Awesome stuff, seriously. The problem is they are just killing their environment. The nox emissions in that country would be enormous. It contaminates water supply, harms human health etc. I wish they knew what VW did to their own population with small diesel engines – and the Germans are like the meca of engines and regulation. Hammering petrol engines is bad for the environment, but hammering small diesel engines is killing their own people. It should be used for transport and heavies. I love the content from an engineering point of view, but a moral and health one – its like looking 60 years into the past.

  8. If I live in Thailand, I would probably build a 500 hp VGT turbo 1MZ-FE and 6 speed straight cut gears manual swapped little Daihatsu Charade. It’s a little car that would normally have a sewing machine for an engine. The interior will have 4 heated and cooled fixed back leather racing seats, 5 point harnesses racing for everyone, and a 3500 watt stereo system.

  9. I can do a Thai Sub for free for all of your video if you want . Alot thai people request the Thai Sub . You will get alot more viewers. Contact me anytime.

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