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  1. He’s seen your progress, you’ve done the homework way before you planned this guys succeeded where he fail but I’d start a go fund me for the fish pen an buy up around you. Hopefully all this will work out in your favor,there’s alot of us with you an jason

  2. Good luck with getting that pen removed!
    Up in a 99,000 hectare lake( Laguna lake) near Manila.
    In 2016 , our beloved President himself, ordered the removal of thousands of hectares of fish pens.
    Many owned by very large corporations.
    He wanted the waters to be used by small scale fisher folk, 1 hectare lots
    Couple of years later, many are still there
    Some up to 50 hectares in size!! !!
    Any action is notoriously slow!

  3. Watch out that the Chinese has not only deep pockets but also deep political connections mate. Very common there as I am sure you would know.Cheers.

  4. WOW…Everywhere you go the greed for the buck💔, Now with this Virus…More Greedy…💔
    P❤️r❤️a❤️y❤️i❤️n❤️g❤️ For❤️ You❤️ Brian❤️& Maricel❤️
    That He Doesn’t❤️ Interfere❤️
    with the business❤️.

  5. i think your screwed there is already 2 pens not permitted why would he care if government tells him to move

    i would say this is his third attempt at putting you out of business that first first kill was not an accident
    not to hard to believe he killed his fish to get most of your first attempt

  6. Someone may be taking bribes? That would be evident if he can’t be stopped. The Chinese do it in African gold fields so why not fish pens. If you can’t get anywhere with local authorities then call Duterte’s hot line or email thing since those are federal waters. Dutertes team is diligent at looking into corruption among its local and federal govt employees.

  7. The Philippines is a hard place for Foreigners to conduct business. Having previously lived there, I seriously doubt it gets any easier, any time soon. Would I love to start a business there, Oh absolutely!!! But with age and experience, comes wisdom. And my wisdom tells me that starting a business there is simply not worth my time, effort, nor money to do so. Retire there, Yes! Island hoping, Yes! Fiestas, Yes! The people, Yes!! Business, I ain’t jumping off that cliff!!!

  8. Time to get another hectare there to keep the neighbors at a distance. If the changes aren’t that high for permits Get the adjacent area next to you.

  9. There is lots of things that can go wrong when the current shift his way, especially if there is something in the water that can kill his fish!

  10. Yes it’s the way over there , and when you open the burger joint someone will open the same thing next door, rather than a complementary business, doesn’t make sense

  11. I always find it sad when human beings just can’t allow their fellow man/woman to live in peace, without feeling the need to embarrass, intimidate or bully them… they think they’re immortal!!!!! Maybe you’re gonna have to dial 8888, if this Chinese dude has that many fishpens already God knows how many corners he’s being cutting and how many palms he’s being greasing, but you’re gonna have to decide to either whether to proceed quietly or just go for the jugular!!!

  12. There Coast Guard is limited to Border Security and Policing Boating?They need a Fish and Wildlife Officers?$$$$$ Florida Keys Mike, we can’t do this only crab and lobster traps,,and everybody has limits and controls.


  14. Yeah I would do everything I can to get that guy out especially if he’s already building without permit do you know he’s going to steal your feed and do whatever he can to take what you got when you’re not looking, if he is supposed to be 100 feet away have the people who inforce these rules take care of it ,

  15. Nothing will convince me the other fishpen guy is not a crook. You mentioned measurements yourself regards boundaries The–magic word I think mentioned is–he is Chinese Watch it Brian, Chinese Filipinos are usually well connected, especially if going up against an already established ex pat—you get me?? they are wealthy and scumbag to boot. Here come the politics mate??? You make what you think a legitimate complaint and ho ho, Brian Smith over nite becomes public enemy number one. Way back I told you, along the way someone will turn up and horn in on you, hmmm, it took a while, —- but here we go. From here on in Brian, whatever you plan to do, read my lips, keep it quiet and dont blast your plans all over YT. That is how he is screwing you now, you give him everything he needs in your vids. Trust me mate, from now on, shush, mum’s the word—ok? Or do you wanna end up like I did? Also wondering,—- when I posted , black lines appeared in the most important part of the text so Im wondering if you see ALL I wrote about this or has some of it been edited out. Censorship is rampant in al PI media Brian, THAT –I know for a fact.

  16. Good luck boss. Be careful, just report it and let the authorities deal with it. They may already be on the take. Bringing Lito is a good idea. Hopefully Lito is friends with the BFAR folks.

  17. In fairness u did kind of take the piss when u were checking on his fish pens and watching his harvests before you’d even started your fish pens. Maybe have a chat with him and call it quits.

  18. I was sitting at store and drinking a redhorse. My captain friend sitting next to me from the UK told me that the Philippines was like the old wild west. The original town I first went to (Bitaug) is owned by the Chinese. 1/2 the people there are squatters. Been there for 4 generations. The Chinese want to build a port and all the people have to move by the end of year. Most have nowhere to go. Their houses will be dozed over. It’s a sad situation for the small man all over the world.

  19. Brian please report to Phillippines Authority like Bureau of Fishery And Aquatic Resources (BFAR) under the Department of Agriculture in the Phillippines. Or you need to report to Phillippines National Police. It’s only my opinion and advice as your subscriber.

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