1. Strawberries are usually sweet and bigger and more red is sweeter Chrissy smelled the nice one and then put it back and took the little one that wasn’t fully ripe and that why it wasn’t sweet tell her to try a bigger one that’s red, darker red the better and see what she says then, strawberries are great

  2. I,m surprised that strawberry tasted sour to Crissy they are usually pretty sweet but if your system isn,t really used to something your mind will tell you that you don,t like it they some times do taste tart but like pantera 01971 said we put sugar on them here !

  3. Chrissy, the small ones are a little sour. If you eat one of the bigger ones, they are sweeter. If you cut them up in slices and sprinkle a little sugar on them after you wash them, let them sit overnight and they will be really sweet!!

  4. This video is making me miss the Philippines. I want to visit Leyte next time I go back in the Philippines. I want to bring my husband next time. He never been to the Philippines before but my 2 kids did for the first time last year. I hope this pandemic will be over soon! 🙏🏼 Take care you guys!

  5. that’s the most well behaved youtube star baby I’ve ever seen. He just sat on his mom’s lap and didn’t become naughty or even bored.What a cutie!

  6. You cannot try a small unripe strawberry for your first strawberry Tim! You have to tell her to try a big dark red ripe strawberry . Tim do not give strawberries a bad name. Represent us well young Tim.

  7. A crab in the house? I can think of worse places. 🙂 Christin really made this video a winner of course Dale helped too! Strawberries in the Philippines. 🙂

  8. I knew she would say it tastes sour. Strawberries have to be really ripe, almost over ripe before they change from sour to sweet. You should have her try one dipped in just a little sugar.

  9. Tim and Kristin, we really appreciate these videos. Keep it up! Btw, we just took a drive down to Kuting Reef last weekend..you live in a beautiful place!

  10. The strawberry wasn’t ripe enough need to make sure it’s totally red lol i can see it not ripe yet It’s like the Banana it have to be nice & ripe to be so nice & sweet like me lol heheheh

  11. Tim, I want to thank you, so much, for sharing your family life with us! Your wife is truly a pure minded woman, you are truly, a very fortunate man to have her, and I believe she is fortunate to have you as her husband!!!
    As always thank you, for sharing your videos!!!

  12. 0:01 Good morning world. Happy to see you again:D
    Looks like Chrissy likes crabs;)
    Sour strawberries means off season or imported strawberries mostly. Sweetest strawberries grows between mid/late May- mid/late July(North Equator)

  13. Oh Tim she should of ate the big one you had it was very ripe..and sweet. The others need to ripen in the sunlight
    you can boil them and make strawberry jam with sugar to sweeten them also great on toast or peanut butter and strawberry jam. Cheers to you both and baby Dale. 🙂 Funny Crab got inside,
    Oh i am growing banana plants but they are not ever going to be as big as yours outside. 🙂 Thank You

  14. Tim tell her to try a real red dark red. Those small pinkish ones are sour. Chrissy don’t give up. Strawberry’s are good when dark red. Those are the real sweet ones and jucy

  15. Hi Tim and Chrissy. To grow sweet strawberries, they need to be grown in fertile, acidic or a ph of under 7and free draining soil. Maybe next time you pick a strawberry for Chrissy, check that it’s sweet first. Cheers from New Zealand.

  16. Fun video, Tim. Fun for me, that is. Not so much fun for you to have the water cut off. Thanks for creating and sharing it. I think you could do an entire video just showing Tucker’s antics.

  17. Tim She will always be beautiful even on a bad day. Tin Tin is getting so much better on cam before she was so shy. The reason why her strawberry wasn’t sweet is it was not fully ripe if there is any light pink or white it is not ready . When I was a child (not that long ago) we had two wells one was right under our house and it was a standard well with electric pump that we had to prime all the time . The other was an old stone well that was spring fed and let me tell you on the hottest day that waster was still ice cold but tasted soooo good .

  18. I smile when I see Crissy face reaction for strawberry 🍓 taste 😀.yes Crissy some of strawberry is sweet some is sour . Nxt time if you buy strawberry 🍓 choose dark red colour Crissy . 😊😊

  19. You just need cut the strawberrys in half, then pour sugar over them and leave them for 6-8 hours, then pour milk over them and eat them with a spoon, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

  20. Hi Team k , the bigger the red one taste really sweet strawberry here in Cali . If you ever go to Baguio city pick the good one . Good to see krissy being more active and talking more on your video . Baby Dale looks sad .

  21. Haha, those are not that red. The best strawberries you can have are home grown ones. It’s really easy, it grows really fast…

    The best strawberries you can buy are Dutch 😉

  22. Tin and Chrissy, thank you for the video. Hope you got the water back, but the old pump reminds me of the 1800 in America when people got their water that way.

  23. Me too I was disappointed 😔 when I tasted strawberries 🍓 I thought it’s delicious and sweet but I was surprised I don’t really like that

  24. The top, stem, and core are sometimes more bitter parts of a strawberry. Eat the reddest meat, and eat a bigger one.
    My grandpa used to pick them off the vine for me when I was little and we’d walk in his garden.
    Sugar helps, too!
    This channel reminds me of simpler times.
    Best to you both.

  25. Mi fav video fo sum reason might be that it’s pure.. Crisi shud have ad a plump big massive strawb. Stop messing about and get a boat built for the fishing you loon

  26. A crab shows up and it’s a sign that we need to go for seafood. Why did they build a water tower next to a well and do the pipe often go missing, lol? Why not get an electric pump and forget about the tower. They opened a Jolly Bee in Edison NJ and I can’t not think how at home that would make Crissy feel if she gets the opportunity to visit some day.

  27. Cut the strawberries up put them in a bowl with a small amount of water. Enough to get them all wet when mixed. Add a few spoons of sugar mix and refrigerate overnight. Then she will love them.

  28. I genuinely enjoy watching your videos Tim. I love watching Chrissy and Dale, the beautiful morning and calm sea. And all your family adventures in Southern Leyte and Tacloban. Very nostalgic for me. More power to you and your young family.

  29. What a beautiful sunrise. So nice to see Chrissy opening up. She is not as shy as when I first joined your channel. You have a very nice family.👌

  30. The starwberries need to be more ripe!! I bet Chrissy will like them when they are red and juicy!! Wait until she tries blueberries…they can be sour also!!

  31. First time my wife had cherries when we came to Canada for a vacation in 1996. She ate 1 kilo non stop and then got bloated from eating too many. The farmacy gave her anti-gas pills. Cherry 🍒 flavor, ha ha ha.

  32. Hello Tom and Chrissy , you all have the cutest , well behave baby , I really enjoy all your vlogs tom , really wonderful …….blessings from….Trinidad.

  33. Here in iowa ; the story my late mother told me when her and my father live on the farm . They had a well but the well was at least 150 feet away from the house . My mother at five gallons at a time carry water across the road and up a small hill to the house . She use to put the five gallon bucket on the wood stove to heat it …. Later I was in the house in my twenties saw no place electric or plumbing through out the house . Almost like Amish type style living . My late talk about those time back in the 1950`s .

  34. She’s so pretty Tim and a beautiful smile Crissy is always happy smiling,so easy going Tim your so lucky wife and your son ❤️💙💙👍🇺🇸💯🙏🙏God bless your family.where is baby Dale do videos with Dale 💙👍🙏💯

  35. my recipe: wash the strawberries, cut them in pieces, add 2-3 spoons of strawberry jam, some sugar and lime juice, stir and let it steep … yummy

  36. Her English is getting pretty good when I first started watching y’all I had a hard time understanding her sometimes now I understand every word

  37. Hello Tim and Chrissy,, 👋🏻 Chrissy cracks me up so much for the look on her face and saying strawberry is sour … that’s the first I heard strawberry being sour😁😂 (guess not ripe) that’s Precious reaction from her. And she did not wash it? That really made me laugh when she said “am I suppose to wash it?”,, 😂🤣😂🤣 Great video👍🏻👏🏻❤️🇺🇸❤️

  38. Slice the strawberries into a bowl, cover with sugar and refrigerate, the sugar will dissolve into syrup…think you guys will like them this way…also excellent over shortcake topped with whipped cream…

  39. She ate a small, hard strawberry – expect it to be sour because it isn’t ripened. Yours was big and fat… more tender and juicy…. sweeter. Two different flavors. Cut one in half – if you see white and empty areas, it was way underwatered. LOL! I’m a Washingtonian – I know my strawberries! 😉

  40. Tim, I know how you can make Chrissy really happy. Buy her lanzones from Camiguin! They have the sweetest lanzones fruit. Better yet, take her there.

  41. Christin, those strawberries are not fully ripe. Cut the green parts off, cut the berries into 1/4″ pieces, and add some sugar to them. Refrigerate for a few hours, then have a taste. The strawberries should be bright red, and have little green on them. They’re delicious when fresh, and ripe. Stay safe you three.

  42. Baby Dale is such a star,, Strawberry Mmm crissy tried the very small which can be sour, try the larger strawberry and it should be sweet if not secret use sugar, sweet as , take care.

  43. Chrissy dip the strawberry in a bit of sugar and it will tastes so much better; because those strawberries didn’t look totally ripe. Tim’s strawberry looked much riper.

  44. from a crab in the house to chrissy eating a crab and she not liking strawberrys then no running water. tim i can see your day must have been exciting

  45. Nice video. You and Chrissy are so funny together…makes me laugh…especially the Sherlock moment with the water house (what’s wrong with this picture). I hope you get your water restored soon…looks like petite Chrissy get’s a big workout with the well pump!

  46. Tim: Crissy there is no water?
    Crissy: Yeah we use the pump!
    Tim : ????????????????????????
    Tim: Please ask!
    Crissy: Oh Ok I’ll ask!
    LOL my pinay wife is the same! Cultural differences Tim!

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