First few hours in Kamphaeng Phet Thailand – P Paradise Hotel

In this video we show you our first few hours in Kamphaeng Phet Thailand. We also show you ore amazing room at P Paradise Hotel for under $32 USD a night, breakfast included. Thank you for watching. Follow me on Instagram at joegreenwtf.


  1. Ooooops sorry ,, as the video unfolds you are there , stopped in a cracking place just the other side of that bridge by the water, bridge looks quite good lit up at night

  2. Hey joe love your channel and your journey. I’m retiring in December and moving to koh samui Thailand . I put an offer on a house there and I need an attorney I contacted two that I found on the YouTube channel but no one calls or email back. My question to you do you know any real estate attorney I thank you in advance

  3. Hello Joe and gift, I was up in Seattle yesterday enjoying some great Thai food. Green curry with eggplant , pork and coconut milk 😎✌️ thanks for the vid. Enjoy the trip.

  4. Looks great Joe & Gift. Im getting worried it may be another 6 months more before they open up for USA, we are ready to come now.
    Enjoy your trip, we hope to join you soon

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