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  1. I wish you and your lady well. I can’t wait to get back with Naomi (Now-me) and just enjoying the time with whatever we choose to do. When i do get back i will share some things with you. Peace.

  2. :0) I too agree with you wholeheartedly.  Without causing a riot, there are many people from here who think wherever they go that you should speak English, know our expectations, our rules and tolerate whatever we say or do.  We can only hope that they don’t make you and expats look bad.    Have nice time with your gal…!!

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I just don’t understand how some people would make a scene like that by acting out and causing inconvinients for others without courtesy even.. It’s so, childish maybe a mental issues, insecurities, or just want to be an ass..  In prison they are treated as for the way they act.. 

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines That was nice of you. If he was not a butthead he could of just said sorry to the people waiting and not place himself as the center of the universe. 

    3. I was in line at the supermarket and the expat ahead of me was being a bit of an ass, holding up the line.  At one point he looked at everyone and said, “Oh.. I guess everyone hates me now for slowing things down.”  He got on my nerves.  Finally he paid and left.  I could tell the locals were not amused and now I’m the only foreigner around.  As the cashier rang up my stuff, I told her, “Add in the items for this guy in line behind me, he’s been very patient.”  There was a bit of confusion but the cashier did it.  The local was thankful and balance was restored.  Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to reset the balance.  🙂

  3. Attitude is everything.  Regardless of who you are or where you’re at, those with a positive attitude always seem to get the most pleasure out of life.  As for you, it seems as though all the stars are lining up perfectly and the good man upstairs is smiling down on you.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy … enjoy.

  4. Yes you can’t change the Philippines. If you try you will never get to know the real Philippines and the great people that live there.

    1. This was the very advice I got from my uncle before I first came here, he had lived in Vietnam and Mexico.  Adapting and learning from locals was how he advised me in changing to a whole new culture.

  5. Very well said! The Philippines is wonderful – but you’ll only recognize how wonderful it is if you don’t carry preconceptions of “how life should be” into this land. It’s different here; not in a “more or less” kind of way, but in a just different kind of way. It’s Asia, the “far east”. What that means is hard to describe, it’s something that you need to immerse yourself into. If you can do that, it’s delightful.

    I’m very, very happy here – I’ve been here for many years already and consider it to be my home. I carry an American passport, but I’ll never return to the US. After learning what it’s like to live here I could never settle for something less.

  6. I love your viedos in fact I lookforward to them.  Everything you say make sense even when your house got broken in,,did not stop you from being positive,like you said it happens every where.  I like viedos when you interect with other phillpinos. I lookforward to my 2 week trip every year.   also one a side note, I live in Boston ever been there? and can you speak Spanish if yes you find it helpful there?    GREAT ADVICE.

    1. Any haircut at any barber I’ve been to (outside of the malls) has been between 30-50 pesos, so about 65 cents to a dollar.  Plus a tip of about 20p.   Most include a short, shoulder massage and some include hot face-towel as well to refreshen up before you go.  At the malls, haircut is about 65p.

  7. like you I am from los Angeles ca but I don’t like the beach but I want to get an Asian wife to have kides with from their I don’t have kids’ now and never been married I am 47 years old black us guy ??? what do you think bro

    1. It won’t be a problem.. other than having to select one good one out of many women who will make themselves available for a relationship.

  8. I am a 47 years old black guy should I go their for 3 months to find a young wife to have kids’ with I want a family? my ex was a 26 years old  Korean usa lady is it easy to find one their ?

    1. My personal belief is that it takes 9 months in person to really get a bead on someone’s personality/character.  If you get referrals or introductions from expats living here, that is your best bet.  Avoid the big cities, that will help your odds, although there are good women in the cities as well, just statistically not as many from what I have observed.  Smaller towns where everybody knows everyone.. that is where women seem to protect their reputation much more closely.

  9. in los Angeles ca  usa their are so many Filipinas here LVN’S RN’S CAREGIVERS ARE THE ones their better?? then the usa Filipinas rn’s are making $30 an hour working two jobs  bro I think the Filipinas oversea are better ??

    1. It’s hard to generalize.  Some Filipinas working in the States send a good portion of their money back home to support their family and parents.  Others become absorbed with our materialistic culture in the USA.   What the numbers are on each, I have no idea.  I saw some Filipina nurses working last night while at the ICU ward and they do seem to take their job in a very professional and caring manner here in the PH.

    1. Not gonna be a problem.  I sometimes kinda ‘blend in’.. until I speak.  Then they know instantly I’m a foreigner.  You might get the question, “Are you sure you’re American?  You’re not white.”.  ha!  I’ve heard it a few times myself.  But believe me, you’ll have no problem meeting ladies here.  Trust me on that.  Be courteous, introduce yourself with some conversation and it’s ‘On’.  🙂

  10. you must be a teacher coz you sounds like one hehehe. But yeah well said Henry, one should adopt to what is available so you can maximize the beauty of it. You always put a smile on my face and at the same time you made me jealous of you being there and me being here in Silicon Valley. Keep goin Henry and congrats on your new relationship…

  11. What you have made video wise has inspired me pretty deeply. I was going through a divorce and watched some videos a while back and came across yours; now I’m pretty sure I want to move to the PH. I’ve been in the military since I got out of high school but never found that inner peace if you will. I feel the Philippines is calling me. I have two kids so I’m not sure how it’s going to work but I want to try at least 3 to 6 months. Thanks again and continue to make your videos.

    1. did you served in the PH sir? the goverment recently loosen all visa req, for US veterans who wants to retire in PH. my nxt door neighbor is a retired US serviceman.

  12. I knew that it was only a matter of time….:-) 🙂 You and her? It’s a done deal !! (I can tell) I hope the child (children) adopt you…and if  so it’s another unexpected blessing. Looking forward to pictures. 🙂

  13. The simplier u r, is the best way of living in my country… and u r doing that henry… keep up the good work. Enjoy ur life there.

  14. Hi Henry! While in Dumaguete why don’t you go to Oslob, Cebu to snorkel with whale sharks. It is a remarkable experience. Take the ferry from Subilan to Lilloan and then a ride to Oslob, which is not far from Lilloan… Keep doing good job. 🙂

  15. I could not of said that any better Henry! Just very well worded and an enjoyable watch. I am so glad to hear you are in the Bliss zone, it feels great doesn’t it! My wife and I are finally moving back to the Philippines, we will be arriving June 3rd. If your interested in meeting up at some point that would be great, also please check out our YouTube Channel as we also will be posting some new videos very soon! And if you like to please sign up on our site as well. Take care and god bless!

  16. Henry I really enjoy ur videos and the more I watch them the more I want to be there etc and I hope I get to meet u for u seem like a great person urs Jim

    1. ok will u be going back to Cebu  — I have met a woman from Manila and want to have her meet my old friends and hopefully you.I have been gone from the PI for almost 25 years and every time I see ur videos –I miss the PI even more so I am planning to come back to the Pi come Sept or October or my winter months as well –thanks for responding and do u want any salsa or anything for I am near a Mexican city of East Chicago and love hot spicy Mexican foods a lot and I am not too partial to the bland foods of the Pi urs Jim Bate

  17. When are you going to show us viewers a picture of the new
    lady in your life Henry??- I’d love to see her. Maybe your just
    waiting to see if she the “right one” ( for sure) before you do
    that, As you said before, all of a sudden surprises come up. It
    does look like your more relaxed and at peace with yourself. You
    must be blissfully in love. ( Grant in Canada)

  18. Man I’m so jealous, you’re in Dumaguete, my most favorite city and island! So much fun and great area to explore. Been twice in 2010 and 2012 for a month break from where I live it Thailand with my Thai wife and home mostly year round! I could live in Dumaguete but……. Sequin or my other favorite island! I miss them both! I’ll be back!
    Excellent video that any person who is thinking about becoming a expat in Asia should watch! Adapting to the country and being comfortable in a different culture is so important! Thanks for the words!

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