Finding A Hidden Place in the Jungle; Philippines

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  1. The thought has crossed my mind. Many times. Many, many times. But purely to help with my insomnia of course. Unfortunately, such herbal remedies come with very high legal consequence from the Man over here. So, I guess a bottle of White Zin will have to do.

  2. It may or may not be.. but it turned out the plant that scratched me didn’t have any toxins.. just very sharp, stout needles that give a harsh scratch. I put alcohol on it just to be safe though. Been 24 hours, no problems.

  3. I don’t hike often.. but I have seen these sandals that look like open-cut tennis-shoes that are pretty nice. Might get some of those if I end up doing much more hiking. 🙂

  4. My philosophy is that the place itself does not ‘make you happy’. A person takes their bliss with them and enjoys the experience no matter where they go, they are able to find contentment in some fashion. With exception to Uganda, Haiti, extreme places like that of course. Those are just hell-holes unfit for human living.

  5. Scott that’s not exactly true. Its easy to meet government
    People. The wouldn’t allow me to marry in the church so the mayor married us. We had 250 people at the wedding and several we PhD from the university. He was more than happy to do this for us and get voters votes. In another Provence I meet some great people also why chatting on line- once you are a friend you meet others just by being invite to events and there are always events. 🙂 just show respect and don’t be shy about joining in

  6. Depends who you know, and just about everybody knows someone in government. My nighbor’s sister is fairly high in city government. And my ex/gf, who I still get along with, she knows the ex Governor, several prominent attorneys in Cebu, some immigration people and most of the key people in City Hall since she’s been a big land developer for years.

  7. ha!.. well, I’m not a tree-hugging hippie-type, but I do love natural greenery. I grew up in the dry desert valleys of Southern California so for me.. to see so much GREEN everywhere is just totally amazing. 🙂

  8. I’m 6’2″ and finding things that fit is impossible. Then my wife took an old pair of pants I had and a Taylor made me a news pair for about 12 bucks. Not bad and the fit was good although he did say something to her about my size. 🙂

  9. I’ve gone looking in Lapu-Lapu and finally did find a tailor who would take an existing shirt of mine, make a pattern and then bootleg, I mean.. replicate it with different fabric for me. But then I moved to Bohol. I may find another tailor or, just order some off eBay. Carbon Market in Cebu has lots of second-hand shirts from the US in ‘our’ sizes so I may visit there next week.. in the DAY-time. ha!

  10. I’ve since explored a few of those trails and, yah.. they all lead to a cluster of 2 to 4 nipa huts and it dead ends there. Didn’t have any issues though.

  11. Well, maybe I’ll stumble across just the right Filipina who loves to explore. For now, most won’t go to the beach without an umbrella. ha!

  12. Welcome to the jungle
    We’ve got fun ‘n’ games
    We got everything you want
    Honey, we know the names
    We are the people that can find
    Whatever you may need
    If you got the money, honey
    We got your disease

  13. you bought property and u did not know what u had next to you the ifrst time u saw it was on that hike? have you checked with the neighbors about the wild life in your back yard?

    1. I did not buy the property, was only renting it.  The area in this video is about 3/4 mile hike from my house so, I did not stumble across it until I’d gone on a walkabout after moving into the area.  No panthers, pumas, cougars, jaguars, lions, tigers or bears to worry about on this island.  🙂

  14. i will be there in a few months to get a first impression in bohol i plan to do the tourist thing but i also plan to follow that up with another trip to look for property to build do u have any suggestions on that for some one who does not want to give up all city life but be close to medical the security of civilazation. i doo not want to be eaten by the panther bithing he litter. 

    1. My best suggestion would be to stay near the city of Tagbilaran.  It is where the ferry ports in and is convenient to the big, ICM mall and smaller BQ mall.  Going much north or south of Tagbilaran it is more rustic.

  15. I enjoy your videos and laugh at the similarities in you experiences that I have also found in Bohol. I have a house and wife and kids in Antequera near Mag-Aso Falls. I spend 4-6 months in Bohol every year and return to Calif to make some money. Maybe I’ll see you in bq or ICM and buy you a cup of instant coffee.
    Randy Phillips

    1. Randy im glad you like and by all means jus holler at me im always in touch able and why dont we jus get the good stuff my longtime Amigo Jerry Caputo does it up special for me at Mariposa Coffee co

  16. Amazing! great discovery! I can’t wait to experience that kind of situation again..surrounded by greenery in the middle of a jungle on your own. 
    Nice vids Reekay, very informative.. but, I suggest you wear some protective stuff for your own pants, and long sleeve shirts..and some mosquito repellent like OFF lotions.. you wouldn’t want to encounter some “limatik” cause it’ll be a pain in the ass and disgusting too. You navigate pretty well. Be safe!

    1. lol True didn’t think of that, by what I saw. I’d like to find a quiet farm spot out of city limits, yet close enough, for most needs….  Thanks for the great videos! keeping up on em all 

    2. @Stevo Phillips very scenic spot.  but it’s at the bottom of the slopes so.. when it rains it becomes a small pond.  might need to build the hut on 10 foot stilts.  🙂

  17. Is it allowed to wander off and find a secluded place like in this video and build a Nipa?
    maybe bring in water and elect. ?
    Or is it like the U.S. where the government owns everything and your arrested for trespassing on federal land? I am “trying” to formulate “definite plans” LOL for later this year but am forced to do it on a very limited Soc. Sec. income

    1. @Drycreekchickasaw many locals do exactly that.. find govt, unsupervised land and build a nipa hut on it. pretty soon there is a small barangay. but they are called ‘squatters’ and, while not owning the land are hard to get rid of if someone does buy the land. it can even get violent. i wouldn’t suggest an expat try to live as a squatter though. chances are it would get complicated with the local city govt at some point.

  18. Do you get to Mindanao? I keep reading travel warnings regarding Mindanao?
    I am considering North of Manila in the mountains due to the cool weather? Do you have any thoughts about that?
    I continually check out your videos….THX for posting.

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