1. My English husband has recently bought me a beach house, we’re not retiring any time soon but oh goodness! I am so grateful to have an American neighbour on my right! Foreigners just do understand that karaoke should stop at 9pm!

  2. Love your videos and streams….. I watch a lot of vloggers and you’re the best when it comes to passing along important information. Thanks for being so helpful.

  3. You can say that again, and then when you do, it’s in a trash neighborhood, or some other drawback. Your internet problems are not related to up or download speed… it’s latency. Do a latency test and you will see it’s bad. Noise in the lines, or a bad server in one of the hops is usually the problem. Do a trace route to your destination IP and you will see one or more hops with high latency.

  4. Just curious have you thought about building. I am pretty picky as well. I was actually looking at land with my lady. Some for mini farms and some to build on. Hope to hear your opinion .

    As for car I was wanting to ship my truck but trying to figure that out as well

  5. Great video and myself looking for place in Calauan or Los Banos area. Yet coming from USA I figured hotel or Arbb. For the first year and yes I will be looking for the 3bed 2 bath. Watching your video and others I know to take time. The same time I would not mind living out in province away but close enough to civilization

  6. It’s All about family everywhere in the world except where the finance allow ppl to live isolated . Family grants people to fight back all the issues you are talking about

  7. It’s interesting & perhaps a little surprising that the situation here in Singapore for rentals has quite a few commonalities in terms of landlords, cleanliness & presentation… I put it down to common Asian culture/thinking. Buying your own place is the ultimate solution.

  8. Interesting how much I found myself nodding my head in agreement with this video. Your priority list is my mine as well.

    Land here, we can’t own it, but for me at least, it’s at the top of my list. Neighbors continually build and expand up to their boundaries, crank up the late night karaoke, keep barking dogs, and have spirited parties; all of which spills over into our lives. Distance is our best countermeasure. Having your own dogs, a new baby, and working at home, all cry for times of quiet.

    In line with the land would be trees and lawns for their cooling effect. I’m convinced that cement grows here, and as you said, it becomes an oven that keeps on giving.

    Additionally, I have to consider the school situation for my boys. That’s a story for another day.

    Vacationing in the Philippines is a world apart from the reality of living here. That’s not a complaint, but rather a word of caution to prepare any would be retirees. Do you homework. Listen to people like Ned. Be prepared to adjust.

  9. Sadly that’s the rate 25,000 for 3 bedrooms in Dumaguete…condos in Cebu city in Business or IT Park are running out at between 30,000 for a studio and a decent one bedroom 45,000. Its not as cheap as people think to live in The Philippines but you do get what you pay for.

  10. Hello Ned, i am really interested in this shareholding with Hospitalization that you continue to talk about from time to time. What can you share about this in more detail? Thank you

  11. Hello, My name is James. I met you in the Hypermart parking lot back in December of 2019. I had explained that I had been asked to leave an apartment by the Barangay in Daro I was renting because of a dispute with Filipino neighbors over ridiculous multiple dog barking 24/7. You had then told me how you had been looking at that time for over a year and a half for something to rent at that time.
    In a fantastic stroke of good luck the next day I found a terrific 3 bedroom 2 bath in Ecoville subdivision. I have a one year lease agreement with the option to resign for as long as I care to live here. I have a gated community with 24 hour security. The home and subdivision is very clean inside and out with tile throughout, I have aircon in all rooms,a full kitchen and nice furnishings throughout. There is also covered parking for my carand my bikes, and a dirty kitchen. I’m paying 25,000 php per month and have an absolutely awesome Filipina landlady who lives in Japan. I really like the location of the home because of the proximity to Dumaguete City and shopping and having fiber here.

    I suppose that I was just very fortunate to find what I had found with such ease after hearing about your quest and watching your perspective rentals in your videos.
    I’m sorry about your bad luck looking for a good rental. Hope that You find something You find pleasing before your baby is born. I also have a 10 month old infant and We have a live in Nanny and house keeper that I am paying 5000 pesos each month.

  12. You put up great videos, i see many houses there that i would love to rent. You can make any window screen you want. Its easy. Keep up the great work.

  13. unemployment is a benefit you have to qualify for by actually working and is funded by tax on business. Many of the Filipinos never worked or even looked for a job. Then there is a huge amount of below minimum wage jobs where employers and employees arent paying taxes.

  14. Ned, I don’t know what keeps you there. Nothing works in the Philippines. The houses you’re looking at are very substandard. Who wants to live behind bars in a bug infested sweat box with no potable water, no central air, and no privacy. There is no zoning so you will always have a neighbor burning trash, raising cocks, pigs, goats, or dogs. You can bring your little pinay to the states and if you look to more rural areas you can buy a house for that same 25,000 pesos spend yet have modern conveniences where everything works. The only way the Philippines is cheaper is if you live like a Filipino. Dining out is cheaper there but if you cook at home it’s probably cheaper in the states, if you eat real food. The Philippines is okay to visit but living there leaves little to be desired.

  15. Exceptionally great video Ned. You will find what you need, in God’s time and your patience. I appreciate your videos not only for all the information I gain but, knowing there are good and humble Americans there like you there. I am also looking for a home around Dumaguete. Luckily i’m not looking for that big a house. I am looking for most of the same amenities, so to speak. I like what yo said about the roosters. I had a house next to a guy from the Philippines who was raising them next door and I learned to appreciate them as well. I’ve followed you for a few years now and your my favorite expat channel. I couldn’t be more happy for you and your lovely wife too. Wow, two more weeks. I’m really looking forward to see the baby. Take care my friend and look I forward to your next video.

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