Finally, Our Fish Food Order From Cebu Has Arrived

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  1. If ppl were getting paid the Manila wage, I’m sure they would move faster but I don’t know about doing it in an organized manner, but that is where you will determine if they’re a keeper or cut loose. Ever noticed that there’s no suggestion boxes or complaint dept.?

  2. Wow, you guys need to buy some better quality marine paint next time. Both the boats look horrible with all the new paint coming off everywhere.

  3. Now that is smart getting them directly off of the ferry like that. Saves a ton of walking for everyone. You need a bigger boat, or an increase the capacity of the boss lady…will work way more than twice as hard to get the other ones to the fish pen. How many bags did you determine that you can store in the caretakers house at the fishpen?

  4. Well that’s s relief, was worried could be months for them to get their equipment fixed. Hope that rain didn’t cause any problems at home, often can get pretty windy as well with storms like that, my neighbour had a large branch break off their acacia tree. In such a storm recently .
    Completely blocked the road

  5. Man, that is some serious cloud cover at the Port! I think I have some sort of mental disorder because I absolutely love cloudy and rainy days…lol. Most Filipinas don’t like being out in the sun or the rain….It’s like Sun Shinning….need umbrella and long sleeves! Raining…need umbrella and jacket!!! hahaha. No pun intended, just think its funny. Congrats on the feed score! We are looking forward to your upcoming harvest. Got my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well leading up to harvest time.

  6. I know that will take some of the stress off of you and hopefully the fish will gain some more weight for the 1st harvest to get some cash flow

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