Finally Getting Some Rice Hulls

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  2. Hi Brian, take note how deep the rice hulls are around the base of the tree.
    I use wood chips from the complete tree leaves, bark and wood. I spread it 12inches deep all over my orchards and gardens.
    I just rake the chips back and plant in the soil. It’s amazing the growth you get from your plants.

  3. Hi Brian, I’m just drawing your attention to the cacao tree. The rice hulls are on top of the soil around the tree.
    I think your vegstable plants will do better with the the rice hulls spread on top of the soil around each plant.
    I drilled holes in a 20lt oil drum, put a chimney on it. Lit a fire in it and piled rice hulls around it and over it.
    When the rice hulls turned blackish I raked them out and sprayed water on the blackened rice hulls. Carbonized rice hulls. A good fertilizer for your garden.

  4. Brian fantastic content!! loved the video!! Hey try n get Jerry on video any chance you get he’s gonna be a big hit!! Anything he hitching his horse too will be moved!! Nebraska is fairly well snow packed n bitter cold n more snow!! So these really nice videos U Jay Jhen Gin n Mericel have been doing is great for me as well as Texasfilipina YouTube has been keeping me very comfortable staying out of the cold!! Thanks Brian great job

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