Filling The Latest Azolla Pits

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  1. Some Azola turns reddish brown as it matures. Maybe Iโ€™m wishing itโ€™s different this time. Maybe as the pits are flushed more and more of any left over corn stuff it will improve. Fingers and toes!

  2. It looks like the brown spots in the Azolla might be reaching the end of its life stage. If this is true it would be more on the side of the pits where it started growing first.

  3. Standard suggested stocking is 1 fish per 10 gallons of water. Old pits were about 1400 gallons, these are bigger. So 200 is probably about right…… since it is about 50% more water.

  4. How about harvest some azola and check them it’s on the roots the worms are eating ur azola just saying hehe when I watch some video azola farm they harvest and see the worms eating the roots

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