Filipinos Discuss ABS-CBN Shutdown and Press Freedom | STREET DEBATE

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  1. 2nd, Abscbn franchise application was denied overwhelmingly by the legislative branch of government, because of violations against constitutional law, against labor laws, against taxation laws, against political interference/biases, fake blocktimer agreement via Amcara and more.

  2. First the franchise was expired May 04, 2020 because of incompetence from the owners and management. There original franchise renewal application was denied during the previous Aquino administration..and the owners and management didn’t do until these year. And some blind supporters of Abscbn blame the current administration for the incompetence of the owners and management.

  3. Abscbn was so disrespectful to a government agency by continuing to charge their viewers via PPV on the boxing fight of Pacquiao vs Mayweather, despite the agency prohibiting them not to do it. Imagine a free to air frequency used by Abscbn to make money from it…

  4. Tax avoidance scheme of Abscbn is one of the worst wrongdoing of Abscbn. If they’re slogan said ‘in the service of Filipino ‘ but can’t even pay a proper tax to the benefit of the people.

  5. Congratulations Philippines, abusive company such Abscbn was shutdown because their own illicit business practices by the owners and management.

  6. I watched the hearing since the first day. the legislature insisting the alleged violation towards ABS CBN even if it was already cleared by the respective government agencies. It was a biased hearing I should say.

    those alleged violation was just a sugar coat to justify their franchise denial.. where the truth is, IT WAS ALL A PERSONAL GRUDGE!

  7. Hope that you interviewed more of the general public rather than those protesters and known anti Duterte.. if you want to know the views of Filipinos. God bless

  8. Guess a lot of Filipinos in this comment section did not watch the whole hearing. The congressmen literally did not let the ABS-CBN officials talk lol they would always ask a bunch of nonsense question just like how they question Lopez passport and to recite the Panatang Makabayan. Watching the whole hearing is painful they literally bully ABS-CBN and those ignorant Filipinos did not even notice that.

  9. Don’t be stupid making right those wrong doing by your boss gabby lopez.. just watch the congress hearings to know the real violations that can’t be accepted by righteous filipinos.. we hate it…๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿšฝ

  10. just wondering, if gabby lopez has dual citizenship but his parents are both overall he’s still a filipino..whether you’re half-blood you’re still filipino…right? why he cant own a company if the only reason why he has a dual citizenship is bec. he was born in US..if the issue here his citizenship bec, of he still uses an american passport or other stuff that proves of his dual about the other half-bloods out there who owns whether big or small businesses.. half-chinese like henry sy…as far as i know he’s not a pure filipino blood..but he owns a business if he’s citizenship is a factor..why these half-bloods can own a company?
    there’s another side of this issue of his citizenship..a dual citizen cant own a broadcasting true is this?

  11. I don’t get the whole thing about the licence and stuf, but I mean, what about freedom of speech? Everyone who pays for it should be able to broadcast whatever he/she/else wants ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ Sure, If it’s a public-service network, the state should be able to stop supporting it, but closing it down somewhat completely? That sounds just wrong to me….

  12. Asian Boss : Abs Cbn shutdown by the goverment

    Duterte supporter: Let me correct. Its was shutdown due to failed renew its franchise.

    Me: The Goverment does not want to renew it both personal and violation reasons

  13. You have to hear both sides. Anti and pro.
    It’s like all are pro ABS CBN during the interviews.
    Majority of the filipino knows how stinks this company is .. ABS CBN is a breeding ground of bias media and corrupted the filipino minds for decades. This is not about press freedom , there is a lot of media company in the Philippines.
    I’d like to mention all the violation made by ABS but this is not the right forum FOR THAT

  14. It’s so dumb to put this topic under “The Administration vs ABS-CBN”.
    As a Filipino, I feel sorry for the workers who lost their jobs.


    paki share copy the quote para malaman ng iba nating kababayan

  16. If it looks like a dictatorship, smells like a dictatorship, sounds like a dictatorship. You have a dictatorship. This new wave of popular support for dictators across the world is sad.

  17. Some of these protesters were so blinded by their hate on the President that they condone ABSCBNโ€™s tax avoidance scheme, sickening๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  18. Anyone with a neutral perspective (and actually watched the hearings!) will see that The House did its job. ABS-CBN was given plenty of opportunities to explain the irregularities but all they did was appeal to the emotions of the noisy wokes by constantly mentioning “press freedom”. ABS-CBN’s artists, some of the most popular in the country, flooded social media with posts about freedom and democracy as a deliberate propaganda attempt to turn this constitutional and legislative process into an oversensationalized battle for public sympathy and attention. Even more disgusting, ABS-CBN executives entered the hearings with a sense of entitlement believing that their franchise renewal was a right being deprived from them by Duterte and should therefore be returned asap. Ridiculous. A legislative franchise is a privilege. A privilege given to those who deserve it and not to those who abuse it.

  19. The thing is ABS CBN didn’t really violate any law, and that is according to the government itself. So why did the congress still not renew even if they knew that 11000 people would lose there jobs? Especially during the pandemic?

  20. I would appreciate it if you explain the situation a little bit mire detailed or better at the beginning. As someone who does not follow their media I am kind of confused what this is about and did not understand 100 %. Besides that great channel.

  21. Thanks for the report)) A bit off topic, but as a linguist I must comment๐Ÿคฃ it’s extremely interesting how the respondent wearing round glasses mixes English, Spanish and Filipino in one answer ๐Ÿคฏ

  22. Hi as a Filipino , the closure of ABS CBN do not affect or not changed my daily life. My daily routine is still the same. This is not a whole country issue but for those only Avid Fan of ABS and it’s workers(company & management). It not a fight of Filipinos vs the government as what One of the interviewee trying to say.
    With ABS or not believe me Our country is still the same.

  23. to all international viewers, in the philippines there is a internet army called “DDS TROLLS” they are present in every social media platforms like youtube, facebook and twitter. this so called trolls will make an attack to those who are against the duterte’s government. and they will acknowledge those comments that are on positive side of duterte like in this video the guy with the round eyeglasses he is on side of duterte so this trolls is acknowledging him saying he is “bright, intelligent etc”. you will find this trolls on comment section.


  25. Read the whole thing its gonna offensive in the beggining but you’ll see the big event

    Asain boss: Abs cbn is the oldest and biggest broadcasting network???

    Gma: hehehe not any more they kill that bit** now im famous

    Soon (near in the future)

    Abs cbn resurrected and got a upgrade

    Gma: quick dont tell the people that they come back so that we can keep them as long as we can and promote our

    Fuc**** blackbox which is NOT a copycat of abs cbn tv plus its orig we first they have no franchise and bias

    Abs cbn: gurl i now have a franchise the old abs cbn is dead im new af and im ready to shine gurl we fired karen gurl that bit** is dead

    Gma: dont care imma broadcast what you did in the past so that you cant have your fans back “evil laugh”

    Abs cbn: gurl i just help you removing your a** into fire

    Gma: dont care im famous

    Abs cbn: wow youve changed

    Gma: hahahah just kidding gurl im not hating its bi**hes which is my fans im jist happy you came back gurl

    Abs cbn: wow im so shocked i almost cried there

    Gma: i know gurl im sorry about that
    Btw when your gone TV5 is hitting the lights and shes fricking lit

    Abs cbn: gurl you sure

    Gma: yes gurl

    Abs cbn: btw did you really copy my tv plus

    Gma: of course not gurl i know lile sounds like a copycat but your giving me inspiration like its so amazing

    Abs cbn: you sure gurl you did a pretty good job

    Gma: i know

    Abs cbn: wow you shady today gurl

    Gma: thank you

  26. Correction: ABS-CBN is still operating. They just lose a broadcasting franchise.
    Aside from the fact that they’re good at brainwashing the Filipinos for the past decades, they also have a lot of violations (e.g. ownership, taxes, fake land title, amcara =abscbn’s dummy network, employment).
    There are only 4k regular employees, not 11k and not 11M like what Ma Ressa said.
    They also don’t report the good projects of the government. Only vloggers are able to do that.

    Gabby Lopez said he’s a Filipino citizen but he was able to vote in the USA and use his American passport to travel around the world. When he was asked what he’ll do about his American citizenship, he said “ibabato-bato na lang” (meaning he’ll just throw it anywhere).

    For me, they really don’t deserve a franchise renewal and I’m so thankful for the 70 congressmen and women who voted against franchise renewal.

  27. I think a lot of people will change their opinion if we should start by using the right terms. Why use the term “violations’ instead of accusations? Those were all allegations since there is no court of law that could attest to it. During the hearing, all of the Government agencies that were invited disproved all the allegations that were told by the Franchise Committee but still, the committee gave a verdict that refuses the network to renew its franchise. One more thing, the so-called “violations” that were allegedly committed by the network is actually happening to other broadcasting companies such as PDR’s, Tax Avoidance, labor issues etc. Yet, those broadcasting companies were given their franchise without having to attend a hearing multiple times.

    *Just to add, tax avoidance is different from tax evasion. Most of the companies are using it and they are not being questioned since it is LEGAL*

  28. @AsianBoss I am very disappointed with this “interview”. It was not balanced in any way and was clearly BIASED towards ABSCBN. The guy wearing a mask and a pair of glasses was the only transparent one among those interviewees. For the record, the 11 congressional hearings unearthed MANY VIOLATIONS, the prime example was tax evasion. Please stop saying they were shutdown as if we are not a democratic country. The franchise hearing went through a due process.
    P.S. Press Freedom is NOT DEAD.

  29. It’s bcoz abs cbn using.fake news against the philippine government ,favoring the some of politician oligarch , terrorism group called CPP NPA and using .. Unpaid billions of tax …
    Media Philippines are most powerful than the president.of the country….

  30. ABS CBN has shitty programs and suck anyway. Their production is a joke. Thereโ€™s been better quality of filming, writing and acting from you tubers.
    Please comment a good abs CBN show lol

  31. This video is very balanced

    If you guys have observe those who are in favor of abs cbn shut down are very rational and are very specific on why-they provide grounds and evidence, like tax,working practices and this are backnup with facts

    Those who are not, have very vague answers, like press freedom etc

    The green guy nailed it its about law and law abidance

  32. Abs cbn was never shut down.
    They were disallowed to use govt frequency.

    It is not a privelege but a right.
    Meaning they have to apply for its franchise.
    Abs cbn has a lot of violation, from tax layering and evasion, to working practices, management foreign ruling and many more.

    The problem with these so called intelligent peeps, they would turn a blind eye out of desperation.
    The govt was on disadvantage with abs cbn tax wise and yet its ok for them.

    The green guy was well informed, and this is not what abs cbn wants pipol to become.


  34. The laws being violated mentioned here were cleared by the concerned government institutions during the hearing.

    The repercussions of this matter is that even an institution is, by legal term at least, when the government decided to cease your operation you need to close down.

    Watching some street participants ignorance of the matter is glaring.

  35. Kung hindi nag kaissue cguro tungkol sa ads nung election di ganto kalala reaction ng pinoy about president Duterte at the non renewal of abs cbnโ€™s franchise license.
    Maraming violations sa law ang ABS CBN so it is only right not to renew their franchise license. Unfortunately, di kagandahan ang timing dahil maraming nawalan ng trabaho sa panahon ng covid.
    Pero masyado ang pag vovoice out ng mga tao sa abs na base lng sa personal matter ang pagpapasara klaruhin nmn ng maayos at wag pabiktima masyado.

  36. Gabby Lopez is a Filipino? The same filipino who renewed his US Passport and voted in the recent US elections? Note that we didn’t even have a dual citizenship law back when he was at the helm.

    In case of war where will Gabby Lopez’s allegiance lie? On a developed country like the US? Or a third-world country like the Philippines?

    Also where is he now? Certainly not out on the streets clamoring for the renewal of a company that he used to lead.

  37. This is not about press freedom this is about their compliance to renew the franchise. If they comply they can have the franchise, if not then why laws are made if not followed?

  38. Yes to Shutdown and they deserve it. Very biased news, Tax Violator, Contructual workers and a lot of violations. Press Freedom is not an excuse here, we can voice out true any social media platform here in the Philippines, come on! we are not banning any social media in our country.

  39. And this is why it’ll take a while for their franchise to be renewed. Playing the sympathy card, accusing the Duterte admin of corruption aren’t going to help their case. The network had violations, simple as that. It’s funny how they talk about corruptions when the network got away with so many since they had the support of corrupted politicians in the past. The only way to get a renewal is to sell the network and have a complete overhaul of management. My take.

  40. aside from the mountains of legal violations, lets not forget how they made the viewers dumb by airing soap operas that were predicated on revenge, poverty, lust, adultery etc., instead of harnessing creativity, logical and critical thinking of viewers. it was good riddance.

  41. On a political note, another oligarch down. There’s a ton of scholarly articles about the Lopezes being king-makers in this country. Lee Kuan Yew called Philippine media, and by that ABS-CBN, as “sensationalist” and toxic. It’s quite holier-than-thou for them to say they are promoting “critical minds” when all they’re doing is promoting one-sided propaganda. Atleast, even Fox News let Bernie in their talks lol. ABS-CBN is a guardian of the shitty status quo right now.

  42. ABS-CBN was the biggest network in the country but they paid billions less than their smaller network counterpart. And tax avoidance is just one of the many violations. They use their closure as their campaign against the government to say that it violated their press freedom. ABS is like a tabloid network. Case & point, The government would give a press conference and when the conference is over when they go back to report it, itโ€™s all twisted, malicious, & the opposite of what was said. That company was also instrumental to dumbing down the Filipino people. And their reporters have no professionalism, no sophistication, no sense of respect like theyโ€™re brood of vipers. Their programs are funny stupid and have no educational take away for their viewers. The owner is an oligarch that also controls the power company, Meralco, in the country and they charge an arm & a leg on their power bills, more expensive than the States, Singapore, you name it. They basically name their own price & they have done it for decades. They have stolen and continue to steal from people, even from the poorest of the poor. The poor only have money for one bite of food and even that they steal from them. The owners and executives present themselves with such calm innocent looking faces, but once they turn around theyโ€™re like evil ready to devour anyone. Rappler is another news company still operating who is now the leader of fake news. They were sued by a private individual that they defamed and the news company, the CEO, was found guilty. This too claimed in the international media that it was the government that was after them and that it was a violation of press freedom. The last guy said it all, press freedom is very much alive in the Philippines. 80% of the population supports the President and the government but because these media have a platform to be louder & spread black propaganda, that is whatโ€™s being propagate around the world. Everyone, please please please be critical of the news you read and watch and do your own due diligence so that you wonโ€™t get indoctrinated by tabloid medias such as this. They are out to destabilize and destroy governments and the lives of its people so please beware and support only the truth. Thank you Asian Boss for always striving to present both sides. Well done! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Stay safe everyone! ๐Ÿ’•

  43. this issue is politically morivated. ABS is a propaganda machine pushing their own agenda, and Duterte making his revenge because of what they did to him during election.

  44. Abs cbn have 3 victims in political bias 1.Marcos 1986 2.Miriam Defensor 1992 3.Duterte 2016 they never report negative on Aquino especially mendiola massacre,Hacienda luisita massacre,Kidapawan massacre,Saf 44,The backdoor China negotation 2012 they always protect Aquino even its already Bad scene
    Basically Not in the service of the filipino
    But in the service of the Aquino

  45. Kitang kita paden sa mga comments dito andaming tabogong Pinoy/dds. Wala nang violations ang abs CBN CLEARED NA . Sa tax,employees,frequency,being bias etc. malalaman nyo toh kung pinakinggan nyo ung hearing. The only thing na nakakapagpigil sa abs na makapag palabas sa TV is ung franchise renewal nila na hindi grinant ng congress. Ung hearing before madeny ung franchise nila, ang hinaing ng congress are ung pagiging hindi fully Pinoy daw ng management, and d pag air ng mga politician ads nila which are shallow reasons para d i-grant franchise nila. So ano pa iba nilang reason para d i-grant? Nada, Alam naman natin kung ano ung totoong rason lmao wag nang bulag bulagan.


    For the international viewers who just stumbled on this video, ABS-CBN is the BIGGEST broadcasting company in the Philippines. The main reason why the government is refusing renewal is because ABS-CBN aired an advertisement during the presidential elections that painted the current president in a bad light.

    You all have to understand, Duterte is comparable to Trump only he can be very violent. His supporters are also comparable to Trump’s supporters.

    ABS-CBN and their allied stations and businesses are the only companies that publicly shames the government for their inability to produce desirable results. The refusal of the franchise license is a direct show of power given that the network had successfully proven themselves not guilty.

    Im just so pissed that people are so openly supporting this considering the amount of people who lost their jobs in this pandemic. Especially right now that the country is experiencing the worst recession in history.

  47. I think it is better to interview ordinary filipinos, not the activist for all season like Mae Paner. It is not about press freedom, it’s about all the violations the company commit. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  48. The network was not shut down. Their franchise to broadcast was not renewed (i.e. the whole tower/radio waves set up). They are still airing through all other available medium. From what I heard about the issue (outside the whole press freedom/ Duterte is a sensitive mean old fart narrative), the process for franchise renewal started in 2014, (yes, it could have been renewed years ago). But the network decided to postpone/ignore the process when the questions at the congress hearing started getting iffy. They had all the time and resources in the world to get this done. So if I were an employee at abs-cbn, I’d be mad at management for not getting their jobs done. I mean think about it. And who’s press freedom? By illegally eating all their smaller competitors and creating a monopoly, and welcoming foreign investments/influence, who’s press freedom are we talking about? Who has the sole control of the narrative? Not to mention their dodgy tax practices and treatment of some of their employees.

  49. “LaW Is lAw” nah.
    Everyone who pisses off the president gets doomed.
    You can deny all you want, you can say law is law, but deep inside you knew the president ain’t neutral with them.

  50. Asian boss was very fair in covering both sides of the coin here. Well done, as usual. All I can say is that there are different types of bullies, wolves in sheep’s clothing.Such is the Pinoy way , everything is politics๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ทIt is better and safer for me to just observe what will happen.๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

  51. Careful of reading the comments. Alot of Dutertards bots manipulating us of lies. Its clearly seen in the video from the blurred individuals they are manipulated by DDS pages. ABSCBN paid their taxes, gov. t is just afraid of criticisms. This pandemic hits hard because of lack of govt action, so shutting down the biggest network is a power move so they wont get backlashed by the public. They also can release stupid laws and make stupid decisions without the media poking at them. 7000 cases in one day in the Philippines just few days ago. No govt. official wants that in the news. Health workers dying with 3 dollars hazard pay. Billions stolen on Philhealth. This govt reeks of corruption

  52. As a Filipino American, I remember watching ABS-CBNโ€™s TV Patrol on TFC with my parents growing up. Itโ€™s too bad there was corruption in ABS-CBNโ€™s ownership.

  53. The owners of ABS come from a powerful family that gained political favors and many administrations for decades turned a blind eye to abuse of their employees, shady practices regarding their franchise, tax avoidance, illegal occupation of land, and others. Mourning the loss of what was virtually a criminal syndicate on account of jobs is like mourning the loss of the Mafia because of the many families it supported. Our current political opposition in the Philippines is silly.

  54. From what I understand, President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration has been criticized for a variety of things. Even if this news broadcast company has some violations, they should’ve been fined, and not just completely shut down. People are losing their jobs and everyday people are losing a source for news and this is an attack on freedom of press.
    As mentioned here, if there is some sort of corruption taking place within President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, there will be 1 less major news source that will inform the people of the Philippines. The people of the Philippines should be informed.
    Yes this news company might’ve violated some laws of the Philippines, but I don’t think just flat out shutting them down was the best decision.

  55. I feel sorry for the said 11,000 workers from the network (to which not all are even reported in DOLE for proper documenting) who should be out from this mess ABS-CBN made and should be compensated properly. I also feel sorry for people who’re misinformed about this whole issue as well as to why this big network has been shutdown. And like what that guy said, press freedom isn’t ONLY limited to TV broadcasting. If press freedom is dead in the Philippines, Asian Boss won’t be able to upload this video tbh lol

  56. Press freedom doesn’t include evading billions of taxes and spreading fake news. For many years, ABS-CBN is guilty of those. If it wasn’t for this current administration, Filipinos would never know. GMA 7 and other networks are still on air because they paid their taxes and observed responsible news reporting. I feel bad for the employees though.

    ABS-CBN, Rappler and CNN Philippines are the evil trinity of corrupt medias here in the Philippines.

  57. You should also interview a “normal Filipino” about this issue. I really want to know if they understand what’s really going on. You did not put much effort in this interview you should change the title. They are not the normal people.. what I mean is you interviewed someone that is representing a group or organization. Even if you blurred there faces or covered in mask it’s so obvious. This is the 2nd video that I don’t like next to Lt. Gen. Eleazar interview abot the COVID-19 lockdown situation in the Philippines which I guess now you can assess the true score. It’s devastating.

  58. what i wanna know is why do Filipinos have Western names when they’re as Asian as it gets.
    they don’t even have a speck of being caucasian blooded yet they all claim they have spanish decent lol

  59. Green jacket guy with glasses is well-informed and you can actually have a productive discussion with him. The others, are showing their bias and are unable to see the bigger picture. They hate Duterte and love their Probinsyano…nothing else matters.

  60. may Press Freedom pa kahit wala ng ABS-CBN, besides ABS-CBN is not literally shutdown they can still and are still operating but not in free air.. So Yes, PRESS FREEDOM is alive

  61. Why tho? Is it because of corruption? Is it because of highly abusive practices of benefitting a greedy few at the expense of millions of its loyal subscribers?

    ABS-CBN has tons of violations, it includes: bias news reporting; labour-related contraventions and breaches;

    broadcasting for a fee and operating a “pay-per-view channel in ABS-CBN TV Plus, the KBO Channel, without prior approval or permit from the NTC;

    failing to publicly offer any of its outstanding capital stock to any securities exchange within the Philippines within five years from the start of its operations, which is an indispensable condition in its franchise;

    issuance of Philippine Depository Receipts (PDRs) to foreigners;

    and the scepticism and qualms orbiting around the citizenship of the media networkโ€™s chairman emeritus Eugenio Gabriel “Gabby” Lรณpez III, who is also the director and treasurer of the Lopez Holding Corporation, an alleged American. The network claims he has dual-citizenship โ€“ American and Filipino.

  62. I ain’t Filipino but their mixed pronunciations was amazed me. They speak like if you ain’t fluent in english, you can mix with your language morover when they were told that it’s for an audience overseas.

  63. It’s a personal vendetta, he admitted it. Also NBI, and other agencies came out with Documentary proof that ABS did not violate any laws, even with proof and beyond unreasonable doubt that ABS IS INNOCENT, they still declared him guilty. Please do some quick research and know the facts not your feelings, what happened was clearly abuse of power

  64. If the issue was about violations, then bury the network in fines – it will go to the people (supposedly if the government is not full of crony fascists). So, it is intellectually dishonest to close a whole media network for violations. Look at Fox News or CNN, some people and even prominent politicians are rabidly indignant towards them, and yet press freedom and freedom of speech keeps them on the air.

  65. Its an interesting issue. Duterte has made some effective changes to the PI government, yet he is also still quite controversial. The situation with Rappler comes to mind for example.
    The law in the Philippines does not allow foreign ownership of many kinds of businesses which includes the media. Remember that President Duterte was a prosecutor before becoming a politican so he isn’t some amateur with an opinion.
    Regarding media issues in other countries, a good example of this is in Japan where Mr Abe’s syncophant Katsuto Momii openly purged the national news division NHK of all voices against Mr Abe. The news coverage has gone down the toilet, there are very few to no stories critical of the Abe government and they spend significant airtime talking about the weather. Its shameful. The top journalists are gone and NHK is now a government mouthpiece imho.Its unwatchable.

  66. abs cbn kakampi ninyo ang mga oligarchs na kumukontrol sa tubig at kuryente mga cronies ng dilawan aquino mga salot at pahirap sa bansa. bakit hindi ninyo binabalita yung kontrata at pahirap ng mwss at ng meralco na binubuking ni tatay digs? hahaha


  67. I certainly agree on the dude on the glasses. Clearly he knows what’s going on.

    This issue is not all about press freedom. The company has violations and has to face it. Before the shutdown every legal aspects have been reviewed by the Congress. All has valid points to take them down. Clearly they have violations for decades now and finally our government has noticed it! Tax avoidance, franchise issues, some workers abuse, etc. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

    It’s just sad that lots of employees were affected but life has to go on! A multi billion company like Abs-Cbn should at least pay the affected employees to help them start over.. Dont just blame the Congress and the government.

    I like Abs-Cbn, I grew up watching their shows, but don’t expect everyone’s sympathy. For sure the Abs-Cbn management knew this was coming! But I guess theyre just complacent. These people on rally were just people who are against the government. Well you can’t please everyone. But get over it. Just because you’re a big company doesn’t mean you can escape from all the BS violations! I surely appreciate our lawmakers, the Congress for doing a great job. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    ** I don’t mind taking down the press freedom of this company. Filipinos know how you handle News – all biased anyway. CNN and other news outlets are more reliable than this company. Every post or news they make, will trigger hate most of the time. Very toxic.

    But I’m gonna miss the Entertainment side of this company tho, you guys were the best. But life has to move forward. Life has to go on. For celebs, either you move to another station or just stick on your YT channels then. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Imagine a network that paid 1Billion of tax only for the whole 18years compared to its rival network that paid the same amount of tax for 2018 alone. That’s how greedy this network is.

    Note: This is just a tip of their violations. This had been proven through out the congress hearings.

  69. ABS got shutdown because it involved itself directly into politics. I see it as a personal vendetta by certain politicians whom were negatively targeted by the station during the 2016 elections. All boils down to showing who really has โ€œpowerโ€ in this time and day. Not really about press freedom, IMO. Well, that is the mess you get when you get yourself involved in the dirty place we call โ€œpolitics.โ€

  70. Paying taxes is also an act of democracy. Whether Duerte being bias on his own grudge or not, just don’t break the law, pay your taxes, the he wouldn’t have any excuse to bully u. Just saying.

  71. In the US, the entire media,as well as Congress, is controlled by large multinational corporations along with the banking industry and the Federal reserve. There is no longer room for opposing opinions in our mainstream media, especially concerning the corona virus where opposing ideas are censored even in social media. There are a few independent journalists who manage to make their work seen, but very few people in the US seem to be curious enough to search beyond mainstream media to find differing views. I understand that the same is true in Canada and the UK. Freedom of speech is also under attack, and seems to be spreading worldwide as fast as the pandemic.

  72. People in the comments be spouting BS about violations LMAO. Go read the news, why donโ€™t you? Various government agencies already cleared ABS-CBN of their alleged violations such as the BIR and DOJ. There is no tax issue, there is no citizenship issue, they should have their franchise renewed. This is clearly an attack on press freedom because itโ€™s only being shut down because they hurt Lord Digongโ€™s feelings, nothing else. Congress just acted as a rubber stamp for the presidentโ€™s office (as they have with previous administrations), fulfilling whatever the president wants.

  73. ABS-CBN is very influential esp sa masa. They can turn tides in terms of perception ng mga tao towards the administration. They have the power to manipulate the opinion ng masa (in my opinion). The current admin would be in a bad position (esp na malapit na ang election and would want their ’cause’ to still be imposed on post-duterte gov) if they’d continue to live on with that power ABS-CBN has plus the company is a ‘critic’. Nagkataon na maraming violations ang company and their franchise expired so they used this to against abs-cbn. Kumbaga, its more of a political maneuver clothed with non renewal of franchine kase nga may violation. Siguro ABS-CBN should learn how to play cards well with these politicians, naka-one step above na yung current admin.haha

    Anyways, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong. Cheers!

  74. “As a lesson for them to ensure that their media does not cause destabilization to [the government].”
    And he still thinks freedom of press exists? LOL. I don’t think he understands what freedom of press means. He basically wants all media to only air positive things about the government, and make sure it passes through government approval first. Haha. Galunggong.

  75. Duterte _may_ appear to have a personal vendetta, but it so happened that the opportunity presented itself i.e. ABS CBN’s franchise renewal. Duterte and ABS are not innocent. ABS CBN’s time is now, someday Duterte’s might come too. No one is above the law. Frankly am not affected cos I stopped watching Philippine TV, nothing interesting there. But am sorry for those unemployed though.

  76. Most people they intervies are protester wtf! Those people are paid and not doing the research.. only 1 and 2 people are making sense and basing some facts yun iba are basing sa chismis.

  77. Well deserved to shut down that Company. But I felt really bad to those employees who lost their jobs. But I believed all those employees are talented and always think that god removed you from that Company to know your worth… Life is too short to protest!

  78. Duterte promised he would shut them down after they angered him. He and his propaganda machine succeeded in doing just that. So, no surprise. Duterte is acting like the Trump of the Philippines, who would shut down every news station in the U.S. if he could. Our laws, would never allow the kind of totalitarian action such as was done to a ABS-CBN. Donโ€™t mess with Duterte and his worshippers, or theyโ€™ll come after you, too. Thatโ€™s his message to everyone. Period.

  79. 8:53 this guy has no shame at all. The world is watching and the fact still remains that abs-cbn has lots of violations. Even the lot where their network is erected is not theirs. They don’t have land title for it. Their franchise has long been expired since 2014. Why are they not renewing? Because they still believe that they control the politics. Little did they know that one Duterte can bring a lot of changes for this country. Changes that favors the common Filipinos.

  80. The management should be blamed because of the violations they commited. The government is just there to impose the law. Personal vendetta is not a valid evidence to revoke a franchise.

  81. GMA Network has paying the full of taxes while abscbn has (didn’t not/unwell) paying the full of taxes. that’s the reason to why abscbn has getting shutdown

  82. Abscbn is killing other small cable channels because of their freakin black box. Channel 2 (abscbn) is a free to air frequency and you still have to pay for it in their black box. Aside from the tax evasions, that’s the problem. Attack on press freedom? More like corporate greed.

  83. A free press is only as good as they are truthful. Far too many corporations call themselves the press, when in reality they are political propaganda arms! As such, they qualify as combatants in any violent action in which they are involved. They have ruined their special relationship with the people, by lying in order to manipulate those same people!

  84. Early comments from the leftist. hahaha… Simple, you break the law, you pay for it, and you pay for it big time. That’s that. You can only linked the President if only there were no clear violations. The biggest broadcasting ABSCBN 2019 tax 500+million pesos, While second largest and maybe half the size of is GMA 2019 tax was 1.2 Billion pesos. Do the MATH guys. The interviewed people wearing black shirts are pro ABSCBN and clearly the FREEDOM of PRESS is still alive. Can’t you hear their dissent in their comments? Now they talk that this is about Press Freedom? These people are blind, and to all who believe the lies of these people. You can even curse the President for all I care, But that alone is a clear proof of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.
    PAY YOUR TAXES RIGHT, that is the message of this whole scenario.

  85. I don’t get the “freedom of speech” thing they are spouting, I mean, I feel little to none effect of closing the network in regards to that, Its been a month you know.

  86. If the Philipine government curtailing press freedom why they are visible to different net platforms??????????.They are being shutdown because they violated the LAW.LOUD AND CLEAR..DONT BIAS TO YOUR ARTICLE..DEEPER RESEARCH PLEASE..NAGMUMUKHA KAYONG IDIOT…

  87. This is why independent and grassroots media organizations are so important for the dissemination of news. State-sponsored media will always be tied to the pursestrings of government bureaucrats, which makes them more likely to pander to their ideologies.

  88. So Basically,
    ABN-CBN is like the
    BBC(British) but it’s for the Phillipines

    ABN-CBN is like the Republic Times of India but it’s for the Philippines

    ABN-CBN is like the ABC – News24 (Australia) but it’s for the Philippines

    ABN-CBN is like the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) America but its for the Philippines

    ABN-CBN is like the ะšะพะผัะพะผะพะปัŒัะบะฐั ะŸั€ะฐะฒะดะฐ (ะšะพะผัะพะผะพะปัŒัะบะฐั ะฟั€ะฐะฒะดะฐ)(Russia) but it’s for the Philippines

    ABN-CBN is like the KBS TV (South Korea) but its for the Philippines

    Ahhhh…… I wanna write so many but I have to study for Medical exam
    Anyways all of you Guys take care and stay safe!!!!

  89. People blame the government for the network’s shutdown, but they completely ignored the fact that the network itself should be held accountable for their employees unemployment. They wouldn’t be shut down if they hadn’t commitment violations in the first place. I understand that they blame the government for being harsh on implementing the law on the network, but the network is equally responsible for what happened.

  90. Even if it was press bias and corruption, it shouldn’t warrant a shut down of press or media. In a democracy, The government sues the company and brings allegations to an ethics court to determine any wrongful doing. In the end, it’s up to the people if they think if it is warrant press bias against the president. That is why they taught cross-referencing in school and to always produce sources.

  91. It was forced close by the PH gov’t because of so many violations and corruptions. Their press freedom didn’t deprive by anyone else. They can still and freely deliver information towards us in just another form of platform like social media. Is is true that ABS-CBN is a political king maker but it’s not the main reason why it didn’t get a new franchise.

    Majority of Filipino people are in favor of their closure.

  92. ABS-CBN deserves to be close cuz their franchise expired already & they haven’t paid their taxes accordingly. Their news is BIAS also not Neutral. That network is not doing any good for the Filipinos in general cuz only a few selected benefits. The rich gets richer & the poor poorer. โœŒ

  93. Thank you so much for getting the peoples view on this important matter. I was not shocked by their answers. I was impressed by how much attention to this matter at hand. Smart smart people who care about their blessed Philippines. God love and protect them always and forever.

  94. Before the congress hearing’s abscbn franchise was already expired too many violations was committed. Labor tax avoidance dummy block time etc. Press freedom is not an issue. No one is above the law.

  95. Its so funny this people who said the abs CBN violated the law.they are deaf there newspaper paper is Facebook its loud and clear even the bir coa and any government agency testified ABS CBN did not violate the law.but because duterte since the beginning want to closed the ABS CBN and his minions do it. .the reason why the Philippines logged behind his neighboring country because of the leader and thier minion.

  96. Most of the Pilipino people are happy including myself for not giving the ABS CBN an another franchise…They’re just using their Network for their own interest…FAKE NEWS MAKER,CORRUPT, GREED OF MONEY AND POWER are the main reasons why they were closed.
    Hello! There are lots of Media Network in the Philippines that people can watch news, entertainment and sports…they were just self entitled that they are the best and no.1 network in our country that without them Pilipino people “will die”.

  97. The guy with his face blurred actually makes a pretty good point about press freedom and the shutdown of ABS-CBN. Both really aren’t mutually exclusive and the shutdown of the company doesn’t mean press freedom is dead. There are other news outlets through other mediums and those, to my understanding, are plentiful still. All the blame here really comes from poor management decisions by those who call the shots at ABS-CBN which snowballed into this whole catastrophe for their 11,000 workers. Is there another point of view here that addresses management problems/shady or unlawful practices that the people in this video didn’t go into? I wanna educate myself on the issue as much as I can.

  98. Duterte is not a national president. he’s a local thug. He’s only a mayor president. he’s petty, vindictive and insecure. he uses fear to distract people or to goad people into submission. people think he’s destroying oligarchs, but what he’s doing is just replacing them with his own cronies.

  99. I really watch all the hearings of the ABS-CBN franchise renewal issue in the Congress, and I can say that they really have a lot of violations, but at the same time I feel bad to those who lost their jobs.๐Ÿ˜ฟ

  100. Funny how they disregard the experts and other government agencies. And justified how he knows the law more. Just like how they are relying on him and the military instead of giving support to our frontliners and scientists. What you call blind followers.

  101. Why is press freedom such a big deal sa abs-cbn shutdown? Meron parin namang mga satellite media yung abs-cbn pagdating sa news ah.
    Excuse nalang to ng mga coco martin and vice ganda fans. Kunware press freedom yung maaapektuhan pero entertainment nila talaga…

  102. be it in private companies or government sectors corruption will always be present. But government will always have the upper hand because they have strong people backing them up!

  103. As a Filipino I wonder if someone can understand this without the subtitles LMAO. I feel like it’s so easy, most of it is just English words with extra enunciation.

  104. Correction: The network was NOT removed nor shut down by the government; the network failed to renew its 25-year franchise. Also, due to its numerous infractions and violations, it failed to earn a NEW franchise from Congress. A franchise is NOT a right; itโ€™s but a privilege. Too bad, good employees have become a collateral damage, but hopefully theyโ€™ll get absorbed by other networks. ONLY the independent Lower House of Congress can grant a franchise. Not even the Executive branch has the power to do so. Most, if not all, of the comments made in this vlog are b.s., and the interviewer was leading the interviewees and wasnโ€™t neutral at all.

  105. With how abs-cbn manipulates the truth, they had it coming to them.
    Take Will Dasovich which did nothing wrong in his “talks” with Nas Daily, they took a line from which he said and made it seem he’s attacking abs-cbn, and then there come’s the toxic-filipino culture where they only react and go with the flow without watching the entire video, immediately assuming that Will Dasovich is making an enemy to the franchise

    Take Yolanda (Haiyan), all the billions of dollars given by foreign governments seemingly disappear in thin air, pocketed by the olygarchy during the aquino administration.
    Although I feel bad for those that lost their jobs.

  106. Philippines, Province of China, according to this administration. So of course they’re copying Beijing tactics. Say something bad about Supreme Leader, and you get shut down, jailed, and silenced.

  107. No one oppressed press freedom in the Philippines. Coz we still have few channel who does news. Donโ€™t blame it to the government when in fact itโ€™s ABS-CBNโ€™s fault why they were shutdown.

  108. We had 12 days of hearings and I doubt people really saw the hearings based on the comment section. It’s not even about press freedom! Lmaooooo ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  109. ABS CBN they deserve to shutdown ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  110. I’m not even Filipino but I remember watching ABS-CBN growing up because of my friends. It’s the main network in the Philippines, millions of people watch it both inside and outside the country not just for news but entertainment. I really hope they’re able to work something out.

  111. Can u please make video about these?

    Anime studios during pandemic era
    Taiwan during pandemic
    Vietnam during pandemic
    Rural Indonesia during pandemic

  112. Any Duterte supporter who is OK with ABS-CBN shut down while thousands of staff are laid off needs to check their moral compass again.

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