Filipinas: Trust Him or Lose Him (Jealousy), Part 1of2

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  1. great video henry , I just hope a lot of woman watch this . its so true .they get jealous over nothing sometimes and than u have to spend hours explaining yourself . for me sometimes its so hard to watch what I say to her because its taken the wrong way .  

  2. Pinays are the worst about jealousy… When they go tampo, it’s usually over jealousy… Even if you know you didn’t do anything, it is perceived that way by insecure pinays… I agree with you completely Henry… Seeing other girls includes glancing at one that walks by 100 meter away… lol… 

  3. HENRY….My wife and I have been following your vids for about 2 months…I think this is my first comment here….”WOOHOO…you are right on the money my friend…! When I saw the title, I told my lovely Filipina wife…oh look…Henry has a new video…let’s watch,  Four times I had to shush her and told her…just listen and learn about us men”.  This was one of the best Tampo related vids I have seen that simply and easily can explain the results of this kind of jealousy.  And we have not even seen part 2 yet..!  I wish we were going to visit Dumagette but her family is on Panay Island…Roxas City.    We are going there in two months.  I would loved to have met you and Ned and Michelle.  Keep up the good work.  Now…off to part 2…! 

  4. At first I thought… “Good, finally a video I could let a few of my friends GF or wives watch before she destroys their relationship.” But the truth is… Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. What I mean is… Men are logic thinkers and women are emotional thinkers. This video is logical and us men totally get what your saying. But women.. Sorry, they might watch it and might even say you got good points but they will not change. So, us men have to learn to speak their language in order to get through to them. You have to speak from a point of emotions to address this issue. For me, I have finally found a technique to make a woman stop acting jealous. You can’t stop her being jealous but you can make her stop acting on her emotions. Sorry, I will not post it here but you can PM me and I will explain it. Works every time but only works if you are starting a new relationship. If you have let it go on for years then even my technique will not even help you. 

  5. Right on Brother Henry.  Filed under “word to our Mamas!”

    As I say, rules are made to be bent and broken.  BUT the rules re jealousy and tampo never are.  Just don’t play that!

    And the same applies for the Pinays: Don’t bother asking you BF about the lady he left the disco with at 1am.  Just liquidate him!

  6. Better idea, Brother Danny: Just don’t get involved with a lady that can’t control herself.

    Men acting like bitches is becoming more common, also.  So many are raised by single Mothers and have no positive male roll model.  Treat them the same way.  Just stay away!   

  7. Jealousy is not good in any amount. Jealousy happens when somebody feels insecure, mistreated, threatened, or vulnerable in a relationship. If you feel secure in a relationship, you don’t get jealous. Jealousy is not the problem; jealousy is the SYMPTOM of the problem. Address the insecurity or the things underlying the feelings of vulnerability, and you address the jealousy. 

  8. Henry, do wives act in the same way or just girlfriends?  It would seem that in some of the relationships, the girl seems to be there on a trial basis( the man is trying her out) so she doesn’t feel secure in her position in her man’s life or in his love. There is a lot of talk of there being a huge number of available women and a real possibility that she could be replaced very easily if she displeases him in any way.  That in itself must cause her some stress.  For the  women in the “mutually beneficial” relationships, the jealousy might be an outward manifestation of the fear that she feels, regarding the possible loss of her investment in a western man and the material benefits that he brings.  Perhaps what is missing in the boyfriend/girlfriend scenario is a sense of commitment……….the ’til death do we part” kind of commitment.  (Yes, yes, I know all about the divorce rates (lol) ).  At least in a marriage, the young wife can believe that she is safe in her husband’s love, that he picked her above all others and there is no need to be jealous because she is first in his affections.  Insecurity has a lot to do with jealousy IMO.

    1. @linda brown I see a “rush to the alter” mentality here in the Phils.  I think if couples would date longer and learn each other better before getting married, there would be a lot less Filipinas/Filipinos separated and eligible to date others.  After they realize they are too young or didn’t make the right choice before marriage, they are bound for life by the strict Family Code requiring the expensive annulment that 95% or more can’t afford.   So many eligible Filipinas that I can’t date have been separated for many years.  Ironically, many men have settled with new wife (GF) and have new families with them while the Filipina is left caring for his kids locked down in their marriage.

    2. @My Philippine Journey
      (lol).  Yes just like knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, you need to know when to cut and run………………….

    3. @linda brown i could only observe marriages in the PH from the outside.  i’d say those who are married to a filipina for several years would be best to answer that question.

  9. Henry you are so right on. Whoa this is scary.I have so many stories…The hours of interrogation I’ve gone thru for just interacting normally.The sleep deprivation suffered from defending myself from an accidental glance. You are wise wise wise I could say more but my lap top and cell phone get audited daily..have to go I think I hear her …

  10. Good video topic.  So, lucky I haven’t had that problem here in the states. We took care of all that early in the relationship.  You have to be open with your gf or wife, but don’t “offend” her.   I travel for a week at a time, then come home on the weekend, and my Filipina wife has learned to handle it well.  FOR YOU TROLLS: She’s working, and in a place with all women, so I’m really not worried.  I totally trust her. 

  11. Very well said….i agree….whenever im out with my bf and his eyes are busy rolling from side to side…and would tell him let your eyes be full hahahha。。。。

  12. This is a very well-explained topic. But if a Filipina isn’t going to comprehend the obvious on her own, laying it out so bare and simply that even a two year old could get it isn’t going to help. There are some things that they simply will not get, no matter how obvious or clearly presented. The average (average!) IQ of a Filipino is only 86 after all. Combine this with the fact that Filipino culture relies on their emotions over any other culture on the planet, there’s very little that reason can help.

    Average IQ by nation:

    Philippines the most emotional nation on earth:

  13. Myself, I have no kind of patience for this type of BS. If a girl accuses me of cheating, asking me all sorts of BS questions, etc… And I’v done nothing wrong. I gotta walk. 

    Why? Some may ask (Mostly women ;c) lol) Well, if she’s so worried about what I’m doing, and I’ve done nothing wrong… That automatically makes me think “I wonder WTF she’s doing that’s making her so worried? I know I’m not worried. Why is she”.

    So the only thing they will succeed in doing, is making me think they’re cheating on me.

    I’m what’s known as a “Serial Dumper” lol

    1. @Nick Terrance a guilty person, creating a diversion by keeping the innocent person on defense… oldest trick in the book. but it works, so they do it.

  14. Absolutely I had that problem my wife would’ve made very good detective one time I had a bike accident and within one minute she called me to find out what happened The thing is there’s eyes everywhere in the Philippines

  15. I got a good laugh about this video. One Saturday night years ago, I picked up my girlfriend at 8pm and she was mad as hell. When I asked why, she said one of her friends saw me on the malecon talking to a very beautiful girl from Lima (I’ve been in Iquitos, Peru for the past 35 years) at 7pm. Well, it was true, I had no explanation but the truth. I told her I had met a friend from Lima and he brought his girl along. Well, as we talked and drank on the malecon in clear view of everyone passing by on their motorbikes, naturally everyone saw us and as we took turns visiting the bathroom, more than once, I was left alone with this model from Lima while my friend was taklng a piss. Great story but true. My girlfriend was pleased when we returned to visit my friend and I introduced her to his girlfriend. Any time you are seen with another woman, however innocent, will get back to your girlfriend immediately, so be prepared.

  16. You are a low key OG you are also an inspiration to me. My ex coworker was married to a Filipina and I asked her if she has a friend that she can connect us and she did me and this Filipino has been talking for over a year we had a short break and things got kinda crazy but now we are back talking and I feel very comfortable meeting her now and I’m seriously hoping she is the right woman for me to marry


  18. It is not worthy to invest in a Philippina at all any efforts and only one ☝️ in a million when u can find a good real Christian pinay

  19. Hi I want to make a comment about the (Tampo or call jealousy)I want to tell you something about the Filipina. Keep in mind, in the mind of mostly to the pilipina woman the foreigner or any man did sacrificed him self to find her then made a commitment to her in her mind means that only her in his heart no one else so that’s the tampo get start because pilipina woman already set her self and body and mind that she’s belong only to him that is the value of the pilipina woman culture

  20. My Philipina dont show jelious I ask why not ? She said I do get jelious I dont show it her x was a very jelious man who did not trust her she hated that .

  21. Now imagine being married for 30 years to a woman like that! I was in a living hell! I lost all but my 2 closest friends and became a recluse in my own home, afraid to venture out for anything other than to and from work. Even then I was accused of having online affairs so finally I actually did. It was a LD relationship with an Indonesian girl that lasted over 2 1/2 years and made me realize it was time free myself. I’m now happily divorced and preparing to retire next year in the Philippines and live with my Filipina girlfriend.

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