Filipina Wife: 3 Things To Talk About, 2of2

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  1. Well said Henry.  I don’t know if it’s not selfish and unloving for very much older men to marry these very young girls.  Gentlemen, bear in mind that all young wives “grow up” and you might find a very resentful and unhappy woman on your hands if she ever feels that you took advantage of her lack of experience and sophistication when you married her.  Great idea to secure a financial future for her and your children when you die, that at least would be unselfish and loving.

    1. …this says more about the selfishness of western’s expats than anything else…this is not even a point of discussion for most non-western cultures…it’s more of the norm…

  2. I totally agree & well said Henry.Yes, Filipinos don’t really know what “privacy” means.It’s the culture that is different-very close family ties & live in community w/c is not bad but if you don’t want to be envaded everyday with families, relatives & or neighbors, and your house looks like a train station where everyone comes and go it’s better to take some distance.

  3. In reference to video 1 about contributing money to the family, does the amount of siblings the parents have matter in the amount that one girl would give. In my case, my gf has two sisters and a brother, some married to Americans. 

  4. Henry, I enjoy your well presented, rational, insights into life in the Philippines, Filipino culture and Filipinas.  Your objective view is a welcome contrast to the negativism of so many bloggers.

    It seems many of the negative write-ups are the result of bad choices or going in with an  expectation of  being cheated – an expectation that becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy

    You go in expecting to learn and enjoy.  And that becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy for you.

    Keep up the great videos and enjoying life in the P. I.    

    1. @OuLi He i know of one ‘vlogger’ who won’t even show his face in his own videos because.. even though he made every mistake in the book, he blames the PH for his bad experiences.  and he has an irrational hatred for any other vlogger who is enjoying themselves here.  most major channels have banned him.  he returned to the usa and still bashes online from there to anyone who will listen.  all i can say is that those who fester a bitter attitude like that can’t expect things to ever get any better for them.

  5. I would like to add this to all foreigner who wants to marry a Filipina that born and raised there. I am also a pinay who migrated here in US at the young age. But totally still have our traditional courtship. The reason why pinay want to meet their parents right away is bec. of the reputation if you meet a decent girl not from the bar,you should court her in her house so that the parents will know that their kids will be ok not to be taken for granted. And if you still want to date someone don’t give her the idea of she will be the one you wanted to marry just be friend with her 1st bec. if pinay committed her self she wont be dating anybody bec. of her faithfulness. We don’t give away our self to anyone in just dating not like in western culture is part of dating and get to know each other. 

  6. I am not looking to party over there. Just seriously looking for the right woman and not necessarily very young either. I would be okay with a single mom since there is little doubt they are going to be serious and sinere….

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