Filipina Wife: 3 Things To Talk About, 1of2

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  1. Henry thanks for the info btw.
    Bro Iv been around east asia but not the philippines. I wanna have a good girlfriend so I plan on coming to see for my self in January. Is cebu a good place to start you think? Btw I living out in Sweden for the moment.

    1. @funtari It’s safe, but some parts of Cebu (or any big city) you’ll know to stay out of, like the Colon district (aka Carbon Market).. after dark.  In the province or small towns, no big deal.  Just be careful in the big city like you would anywhere else.

    2. Absolutely.  Personally (and take this with a grain of salt).. I am not a big fan of the southern area along Mindanao.  The island itself is fantastic, but the political environment.. not digging it.  My suggestion is stick with the Visayan region which includes Cebu, Mactan, Bohol, Dumaguete and other areas along the central Philippines.  I’m no big fan of Manila either, way too overcrowded and not a good indicator of the more natural islands to be found and enjoyed elsewhere in the Visayas.

  2. I’ve watched most of your videos and I like them but I almost swallowed my tongue on this one. Why do you want to give her parents money? Isn’t that their responsibility? Did they give you any money? Why do we men think we have to provide cash and sperm to our partners? What is wrong with us that we just accept this situation? What’s ”love” got to do with money? You wouldn’t give money to some gold digger in SoCal so why do it there?

    1. The situation “is what it is” in the PH.  Parents depend on their adult children, they have nothing else for support.  That’s how it works here.  If you don’t like that arrangement, the PH may not be the place for you to find a wife because it’s not going to change any time soon.

    2. I think the point to remember at all times here is that one must accept you’re in a different country with a different culture.  To a degree one should accept the practices that are considered normal in your new country.  In the Philippines it’s clear the family is extremely important and it is normal practice to ‘look after’ the elderly parents.  I think if you can’t accept that you’re not really integrating.  Each to their own I guess but it’s the way I see it.

    1. Very true.  A person has to become a bit more thick-skinned and learn to say, ‘No’ when necessary when living in the PH.

    2. Yes it should be discussed, but the new potential in law must be very wary. That is why I recommend help when needed and warranted as long as the help is not abused. As you know by now, due to the virtue of your skin color and homeland you become the target of every con man on the street. Most people are decent but many are not and foreigners are often the target of the less decent ones.

    3. @AmericanPatriot53 It’s true, marrying a Filipina who comes from a ‘wealthier’ family, the parents aren’t looking to the new SILaw for support.  But in most cases it’s an expat meeting and marrying a poorer girl, so that’s when it becomes an issue to be discussed.  

    4. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines By the way, I’m not trying to be too judgemental. I subscribed to your blog. I read your article “Love whats it all about”. Very well written I might add. You are clearly an intelligent man capable of making sound decisions. I do caution you not to oversell the place or the women as so many people get hurt in this game. Just go to Ayala mall and look at the poor little girl walking behind the guy older than dirt. Check out the expression on her face. Worse yet have a look at the guys in their 60s or 70s pushing baby strollers! How many of them are beaming with pride? Not to mention the new life that will no doubt never know his/her father except as a vague memory. The P.I. is great, but every once in awhile newcomers must do a reality check.

    5. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Note also that I have been married to the same Filipina for 25 years and raised 3 children to adulthood (well almost, last ones getting ready to go). I have never had to make monthly payments to my in laws. Why? I married into my own socio economic group. If you are making monthly payments, at some point you must ask yourself, if your wife loves you for you or if she loves you for the stability you represent?

    1. A divorce is impossible in the PH because there is no divorce court, at all, there.  What people try to get is an Annulment.  But the requirements are very strict.  You must prove incest, fraud, extortion, insanity, etc.  People do get annulments, but often through bribes which oftentimes do not work either.  However, a foreigner can return to his own home country, get a divorce there and the PH will honor that divorce for him and his Filipina wife to be single again.

  3. Thanks for your videos i like them all,i,m planing on going to Phillipines next year and i,ve been learning a lot from your channel,thanks and keep them coming.

  4. Thanks for your videos i like them all,i,m planing on going to Phillipines next year and i,ve been learning a lot from your channel,thanks and keep them coming.

  5. Thanks for your videos i,ve seen most of them and liked them a lot,i,m planning to visit the Phillipines next year and i,ve been learning a lot from your channel,thanks.

  6. I think giving $200 or $300 to support the parents of your girl is fine.  The problem comes from the girls not being able to stay on budget and more and more relatives that wanting to feed on the same tit.  This is a common problem with Filipina / foreign relationships.  It was the first nail in the coffin to end my LT relationship.  Many of my friend’s relationships ended for the same reason.  The monetary demands just keep increasing because foreigners are all rich!

  7. your videos are good , I love my Filipina wife , she is not your typical Filipina, she wants 1 child , she will welcome twins , but she only wants to give birth once, yes she wants to help her mom and dad, we had already discussed this before the wedding, only her father asked me for any money ever, and that was our wedding day , he asked ” can you kindly produce 5 pesos for a light bulb” and I have not been asked for anything since.

  8. I couldn’t agree more.  My wife is learning fast how the rest of the family is starting to get hand outs from the parents.  We agreed to support the parents, but not the sisters or their husbands. So, lucky she doesn’t want kids yet. LOL I have two grown kids, but have considered one more in a couple years. 🙂

    1.  Sorry, ma’am. he should help. I know a filipina here in the US married to a German man on 10 year green card. Same, no money to family. I think it might be a German thing.

  9. 3000 to 4000 peso in the province.   Think in peso, not dollar.  my wife’s family is in the province, i asked her “what is a good amount for them? She said that amount.  Again, I had to change my thought process from dollar to peso.

  10. Hello Sir. Thank you for this very informative video. I understand that many filipinas financially support their parents and siblings even after marriage. However, i just want to make it clear that it’s not an obligation to do that and it’s wrong to make it a practice to send them money everymonth. Most of the time, it is the filipina daughter or son who sends money without the family asking for it. One reason why they send money is because of the sense of pride of having to give something to your parents. It’s the feeling that finally, you have the capacity to provide money for yourself and that you are not anymore dependent to them. Also, many parents send their kids to college without expecting anything in return. They don’t oblige them to payback their expenses during the period they were in school.

  11. Hello! I understand the concept of having to assist the girl’s family as a means of providing a more comfortable life for them after they quit working.My question is does my age which is older than her parents from the get go, become a problem for her or them down the road? What happens if one parent or both parents pass on? Does the family payment continue on after they pass on? What is the life expectancy of people living in the Phllippines?

  12. Far and away your videos offer the most useful information for men contemplating the mover to the PI. Just wanted to give you that feedback…

  13. You ought to write one warnng filipina’s to what to watch out for in American and otehr foreign men. To dudes that don’t take any time to learn the culture and language are not planning to stay no matteer what they say.

    1. @Will Hart i have a series titled, “advice to filipinas” and i do exactly that. not every guy who gets off the plane is going to be up-front about his intentions. it’s best for all that he is. if he just wants short-time fun, there are girls up for that.. no need for men to be lying to filpinas about a relationship. but guys do it all the time and hurt a lot of filipina’s hopes that way.

  14. U don’t or not mandatory to support to get filipina girlfriend or a wife. Find love not finding a man to support the family. Finding a man to settle down and make a family.

    I disagree this it’s unfair maybe they might thinking if u want filipina wife u must support the parents. It’s a NO NO NO… if the girl asking some support…u must quit from that relationship it’s another way around…u r in dating site to find true love.

  15. Hi Henry. I know that this is an old video but I was wonder if you have done or considered doing a video on dating within different social levels in the Philippines? Almost everything I have found on the internet only speaks about dating poor women. I know that many of us foreigners specifically target poor women and thereby get them to trade their beauty and youth for our money (then we complain about it and call all them scammers); I also know that man of us western men avoid the affluent women because she will not be impressed by the money of a foreigner when she has her own and therefore he will need to have more than just money to have a chance with her.

    Anyway, I would love for you to speak on this subject one day.

  16. I have a quest please.

    Every time I start chatting with my filipina the first thing out of her mouth is “Have you had dinner yet”?

    What am I missing here?

  17. Great video. I don’t have that problem. Ne’s mom & dad have a lot more $ than me. I am 66 & she is 44 & the odds of her getting pregnant are not really good. She has 5 girls, all but one is an adult, she would like a baby but I believe it is with me she wants one. I don’t really think she wants more kids.

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