Filipina Survival Story, Challenges Growing up Defeated by a Remarkable Woman June 29 2020

Filipina Survival Story, Challenges Growing up Defeated by a Remarkable Filipina Woman. June 29 2020@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. A lot of stories like that! In the Philippines. Hopefully you’ll listen to my wife wonderful story of adversity and success when we are there next year.

  2. she look as grounded person and good value, she seem calm and so smily, i definitely wanna met her as diving teache when im there, ,i wanna be in touch,bye old dog and keep going on a awesome informative content thumbs up from canada sir

  3. Paul, I mentioned this to you before but I would like to get to know Ann better which means I would like to chat with her online. Please ask her if she would entertain that idea. She can contact me through this comment.

  4. I see a tattoo of Fortitude, strength and appreciation for what she has overcome and accomplished on her chest; also. (In a nice way) She is only just getting started and I love her spunk.

  5. The strength of character, resilience and spirit of Ann is incredible, and puts many of us to shame with some of the things we complain about, and the easy ride that we have had. She’s a great girl, and I wish her all good luck in her future. Thanks for the inspiring story Paul.

  6. For anyone still confused as to why so many guys choose to retire and or live in the phill, this is a prime example why. Ann is attractive, and down to earth. And she has some grit to her as well. Cant wait to get back to the Phills…

  7. Outstanding interview! Ann is a testament to survival and what I call the X-factor, some people excel beyond the cards life dealt them. She is smart and beautiful, I wish I was younger!!

  8. Sounds like four years old ended up with romatic paralized me…took me a long time to be able to get around….fact is will power..great strength girl….stay always strong..great video again…

  9. Great Interview Paul. You are right, Anne’s story is one we can learn from for self improvement. Anne you are truly an inspiration….thanks!

  10. Baby May lines them up, & (dresses them up) and you knock Em, outta the Park…!!! The Dynamic Duo … two are on your way to 50,000 Hands Down. ..!!!

  11. Philippines as soon as a can the passport place is closed and they are 1.5 mill backed up lol. Anyways when I can ill let you know I will need some help on a fue questions. Takecare good move be safe

  12. Great Story..
    When people ask me my opinion about the people of the Philippines. I tell them they are friendly and tough.
    They love kids and it’s normal to come from big families, where they learn bonding loyalty and love and respect towards others.
    And finally ” Good and Bad Everywhere ”
    Thanks Paul for a great vlog.

  13. I thought she had a bf . That’s what thought seen in a previous video . But she is so nice and yea get your diving business. U will do well your awesome

  14. Ann is GREAT!!
    Expand on her racing career. She raced for 7 years. Lots of wins?
    That is one tough sport.
    Also, she had a career ending injury..
    That is WILD!

  15. Good day Paul. Ann seems like an incredible person. My dream was to come to Phil and learn to dive. I’ll sign up for lessons! Ill be coming as soon as COVID allows.

  16. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 10 out of 10 once again! Hats off to Ann & Paul. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺 🦘🦘🦘🦘

  17. Thats a hard way to start life. My brother was a spina bifita baby. He never gained the ability to walk, so i cant relate per-say to not being able to walk, but i do know what its like to have a family member who was handicapped. Is there a way for someone to help with a little money to these women which could use a little help financially. It wont be much, but every bit helps. The Philippines is hard with little work and little pay. Life is hard in the Philippines. Best intentions and wishes to help how i can.

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