Filipina Scams: The Transportation Scam – Philippines

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  1. That’s very bold to ask money from a stranger. In Manila, there are a lot of government and private assistance to people like her case. You know right away it’s fishy. If you know the offices, addresses and telephone numbers give it to them. TV corporate like ABS-CBN and GMA would help people in need. They too knows if it’s a scam or in dire need. They’ll even fly your parents/relatives to Manila to pick you up. Not money.

  2. Nice. I like how quickly she dropped that on you. The thing is, for the guy fresh of the plane, they have no idea this is a scam. Even the guy that thinks he is sharp maynot see through this the first time it is encountered. If i didnt watch this video, i couldve probobly got hit with it too.

  3. I have no doubt plenty of guys did not figure it out until they spent a few hours at the pier waiting for her to show up. One girl tried to scam me on this through an online site years ago, saying at the last minute she was robbed and needed help to get home. I did an IP trace on her email and found out she was logged in over in Nigeria, not London as she had told me.

    1. Nope, just another rumor.  ha!  I’m still single, although I do plan to begin seeing a certain Filipina in March when I return after the holidays.  🙂

  4. Really enjoy your videos, Henry!  I hope you’re still there when I get out there one of these years – seems like it would be fun to hang out with an articulate guy like yourself.  I’ve heard most of these scams when I was in Peru, South America but it seems more common in Philippines.  Women who scam older rich foreigner guys are called “Britcheras” in South America.  Seems like certain tactics always work.  Gotta have critical thinking to keep your money at any time, but in this time of internet communication you really have to keep your wits and your money.

    1. I plan to be in the Philippines for the rest of my life, God willing.  Right now Dumaguete seems to be the ideal place for me right now.

  5. Henry i am so glad i found your yourtube you have taught me so much regarding life there, good things but more important the bad things to look out for thank-you again for all your video`s they are such a great help .

    1. @Sirious GA i once received a reply to an online singles ad from a filipina, supposedly she was in angeles and when i mentioned i lived on bohol.. what a coincidence, her family lives on bohol and she hasn’t seen them in years. her idea was that if i would only send her 800p via wire, she would come to bohol, live with me for 3 days to do “anything” and then she’d go see her family. yah, right. that would have been 800p better spent tossing it into the wind. but i’m sure she throws that offer out there because eventually some desperate guy will send her the money and wait like an idiot for her at the pier to show up.

  6. How does anybody with half a brain fall for these bs stories.honestly the stories these girls tell me online are laughable and I always give them my standard response which is “I can send you about tree fiddy”.they always get mad when they find out I mean 3 dollars and fifty cents and not 350 usd.anyways your vids are very informative and eye opening.keep it up!

    1. @Bill Lee i’d say it’s a combination of factors. underestimating young women, for starters. 🙂 add to that some loneliness and/or being out of the dating game for many older men.. it’s a perfect storm for this sort of thing to happen. it’s best to get educated quickly and make decisions slowly when interacting with younger women here in the PH.

  7. Hi Life. I watched some of your videos and I pretty like them but your website: WOOWW!! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!! It’s so hilarious! I’m about to read a post about all the scams that we can come across there lol That is really unbelievable but I think that the first thing we need to know about Filipino people is really simple: Do never underestimate their stupidity. It is so great and unlimited! Based on what I saw there, the Philippines is the official HQ of the human stupidity on earth. If I would start to mention stuff I saw and heard there, you would probably believe me but someone who never been in the Philippines would never believe that. He would take me for a fat liar. The stupidity in this place really exceeds our imagination. But I took a lot of pictures as evidences when I had the opportunity.

  8. I would like to talk with you, about what is happening to me just would like to 
    get some advice and your perspective on what has been happening with my 
    issue i leave you my phone # please call 303-515-0960 USA I would like to talk
    thank you Eddie.   not all are scam but this might be not sure.  your video’s are very good just found you today I will watch more.

    1. @Jekyll Mandrake i will try to give you a call tomorrow. what i can tell you though is that sending her massive amounts of money is a complete sign of a scammer. $6,500 usd (279,500 pesos) is more than most filipinos ever win in a weekly lottery. whoever this woman is, she has played you big-time and you need to drop her.

    2. @Jekyll Mandrake i will try to give you a call tomorrow. what i can tell you though is that sending her massive amounts of money is a complete sign of a scammer. $6,500 usd (279,500 pesos) is more than most filipinos ever win in a weekly lottery. whoever this woman is, she has played you big-time and you need to drop her.

  9. Henry how does one tell the difference inbetween a scammer which are someone that will just promise you one thing but will not give it to you and a visa or citizenship scammer who is a local filpina from a poor family that just want a better life for herself who will take off as soon as she has gotten her resident permit or her citizenship ?

    1. +Christopher Reyes true, filipinas do not have the market on slow-scamming some older man to being their sponsor, only to disappear or file for divorce. “russian bride scam” will turn up a lot of hits from Google. but game is the same.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      Okey thanks it is just that I have heard of these horror stories about russian and slavic women that has played elderly men like a fidel just to come to erurope and that has taken off sometime later

    3. +Christopher Reyes it’s more like a woman of good intent versus one of ill intent. if what you want is a woman who really loves you, be patient and verify she is who you want and whether or not she is who she says she is. whether she wants just a passport or a better life.. without real love, neither is a good choice. focus on her character (or lack of it) first.

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