Filipina Scams: The Medical Emergency, Part 1of2 – Philippines

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  1. Gosh…sorry to hear about this scamming thing these girls is disgrace to my country philippines…omg..just be careful and everyone should use their brain..

  2. It happens, just as there are people in the USA who scam people out of their money, often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars via real estate tricks or construction. I recognize it is not ‘all’ Filipinas doing this, but only a portion who resort to such practices. Overall my experience here in the Philippines has been fantastic and it is my new permanent home.

  3. I understand what you mean Henry..but when i hear from foreigners that filipinas are scammers i really hate those filipinas doing such a thing like this bcoz i really hate when people don’t flex their muscles and just want to get the easy money..i hate my fellow filipinos doing this to foreigners we usually taught to be a good human being..they are disgrace to other filipino that is good and doing a decent job…it’s really sick..

  4. Now that ive watched this, i think i got hit with this one about 2 times now with other filipinas ive dated. I only lost about 40$ or so but thats money that couldve went towards junk food and other useless crap we americans buy :u
    To be honest, id rather just be asked upfront for the 20$ and know its going to clothes or something instead of all these lies. I dont mind giving that 20$ just be honest and dont try to milk me.

  5. Henry, Thought you might like to know a twist on the Medical Scam. This involves knowing someone online for 2 weeks only & their dog bit the neighbour. Now the neighbour is insisting on having Rabies shots. $40. should cover the bill. Also, please point out that many will try for a small $ amount to start off with as you say $20. but a week later they will try for $50., $60. or $100.

  6. Thanks for the update on that. Yah, the stories get really creative. I had one girl mention in passing she had to get home to her little boy, only has one child. A week later said her daughter was sick and needed meds. Hmmm.

  7. Like once she gets the money it is gone.” Totoong totoo. Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord. Romans 12:19

  8. a Filipina stole my check book and stole my things out of my house and sucked my account dry . American men should know this there is no such thing as a former mail order bride once they get in America they suck there husband dry to the point he either dies of a broken heart suicide or bad health she will move on to the next provider it wouldn’t matter to them if its your friend or your father or brother .. not all but many I grew up next to a Filipino family I learned so much and listen to them laugh about the scams they do its incredible and me armed with all the knowledge thought it couldn’t happen to me .. so to other guys out there your new in laws want to retire at 50yrs old or younger watch out .. and pinay luv comes with a expiration date  all of them on that in the other side there no luv like a Filipinas love never get into it with a mail order bride in America the law here is to protect women and you will end up in trouble ..not all I still love Filipina just smart as they are now

    1. While there is no 100%.. it is commonly agreed among the majority of expats that bringing a Filipina to their home country has a very low success rate and usually ends badly for the expat.  Suddenly she has access to many young (rich) men (in her eyes) and bleeds out the ‘old’ guy before moving on.  It happens, no doubt about it.

  9. You’re videos started off all golly gee Filipinas are perfect. Now your showing the other side which is very important too.  My fiend has been scammed out of thousands of dollars on these scams.  

    1. Hopefully as I spend more time there I’ll find one of these good girls that aren’t pressured by their family to keep asking for more money.

    2. Absolutely.  The ‘good girls’ are truly amazing in their love and devotion.  Oustanding women.  But.. the scammers, damn, they know what they’re doing and are good at it.  Which is why I figured it was time to cover the other side of the coin.

  10. feel sad about how other Filipinas were taking advantage of the foreigners, well to the foreigners please do not be blind in just looking on the Filipinas physical feature that will let you get caught in their web.

    1. People all over the world will take advantage of you if you allow it. I had 2 Filippa friends when I visited. One I knew since 4th grade and the other I meet on a dating site. The one I knew the longest was kind of a leach, the other one was an angel with good morel values. The visit was worth while and we are friends even today on Facebook. I love it there except for the heat.

    2. yes, and same advice for filipinas.. not all foreigners are good men.  take the time to know them, observe their character and habits.  are they demanding or rude to others?  do they respect elders? etc.  it is better to have no man than a man with rotten character.

  11. Keep up the good work. I have an embarassing confession. I have been a 5 star Sucker as I have been Scammed of More than USD 5,000 by a woman who has corresponded with me for more than a Year. …  That was a Big Blast on my Self esteem . Believe me what you have shared here is very real . i applaud you for exposing some ploys. I have experienced quite a few other ploys as well. 
    Lucky for me I finally found my soul mate and she is carrying my baby now. I will be migrating to Cebu and starting a Restaurant there. So i guess in my case there are also Happy endings as well.  Your sharing on the Siblings as well as the Father and mother in laws have left me with more clarity. Many thanks to you.Sincerely. Chin

    1. Long distance net-chatting builds up an illusion of ‘bonding’ that is not based on reality.  Women know this and use it to play on the good character of a man in another country.  Often they won’t actually ‘ask’ for money.. but simply drop repeated hints about how some catastrophe has occurred and they don’t know what to do… then they wait for the man to come in and save the day from an emergency that doesn’t even exist.  They’ve done it before, they know the game better than most men new to online dating.  it’s why they keep doing it.. because eventually it pays.

  12. Pay close attention to this video and set your own tolerance level for this kind of behavior before you start dating . . My experience  has been that, once you are in a relationship with a beautiful woman it can be very hard not to rationalize giving in to her demands from money, etc. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself handing over money even when part of your brain is telling you its not a good idea … just have to be philosophical about it I guess.

  13. hi henry,is it very costly to have cancer treatment in philippines that amount up to 20,000peso?there’s this girl i knw from online that are asking me for money for her mum’s cancer treatment.
    hope to hear from u soon.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines hi henry,u’re dead right abt this girl i told u abt that asking me for money for her mum.
      when i ask her to give me the details of her mum and the hospital her mum is staying,she refuse and insist that i must send the money to her only.
      thank god for ur advise and it really turn out that she just only wan my money only.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines thanks henry for the just that this person kept saying she need the money for this and that.and its true that i’ve nt yet meet this woman yet face to face.i don feel the peace when she’s asking for “help” from me.

    3. @vincent tay if you have not known this woman IN PERSON and established a relationship.. again, in person… DO NOT send any money.  99.99% chance you are being set up for a total scam.  i would not even continue conversing with her.  women seeking real relationships avoid asking for money.  women asking for money from a total stranger they only know on the internet are usually scammers. so, go with the odds and move on to a different girl is my suggestion.

  14. Hi Henry, I’m dating a Filipina who’s currently in Taiwan, as am I. Found her through a dating website. As usual, Filipinas have some financial crises going on. To cut a long story short, we ended up in the sack a day after we met. A few days later was Valentine’s Day and she basically demanded a massive teddy bear and a bouquet, which I conceded. Being winter, it’s cold here… so guess what, I had to buy her new bedding and a foam mattress. She’s picky when it comes to what she’ll eat as well…”I don’t like this, I don’t like that”. And basically demands that I take her to scenic spots all over, even though she knows I’m between jobs. She’s already making plans for me to leave Taiwan and join her in the Phils within the next year or so, even though we’ve only known each other for less than two weeks. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I know it’s a stupid question, but what are your thoughts?

    1. @Steve A Guess what? I have been on and off with her for months now and spent a considerable amount of money, heartache and effort, stupidly following the wrong head but now I’ve HAD IT! Fuck that shit, HAD ENOUGH!!!

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Wow Henry, thank you so much. She wanted me to take her AND her friends to a flower farm about an hour’s drive from where I stay and this morning my car conked in. I messaged her and told her, and also mentioned I would have it seen to as soon as possible, expecting perhaps some sort of “oh no, I’m sorry about that.” What I got was “it’s ok, I understand, don’t bother.” She is really good in the sack though. Ah well, time to ditch her then. Much appreciated, and I do love your videos. Thanks so much. Which brings me to the thanking part. I’ve never heard her say thanks for anything I’ve done for her or the money I’ve given her. Thankfully it hasn’t gone too far for me not being able to nip this in the bud.

    3. @Braai Meester i’ll do my best to break this to you gently, but clearly. “this woman is using you.” you’ve been generous to her figuring either (a) she loves you and/or (b) the sex is great. trust me, she doesn’t love you to be using you like this. she sounds like some of the ‘player’ filipinas i’ve come across who are basically looking for a “dumb foreigner” who doesn’t know how to say ‘No’. once they find one, they bleed him for all he’s worth and drop him when either (a) a richer/dumber foreigner comes along or (b) you run out of money. a woman who is really in love will want to spend time with YOU, not your wallet. she’ll go for walks, have long conversations and is not picky about only eating “this or that”. my 2-peso advice… drop that woman like a bad habit and find yourself a sweet, caring filipina by walking around the local merkado and vegetable stands. you’ll come across a much humbler, sweeter woman that way.

    1. +kevin love Some do, some don’t, but as long as u from USA they still like u no matter if you black or white, they love people from another country.

  15. What a shame you put your own people on blast! Why dont you talk to your corrupt embasy or government and tell them to get their act straight on giving people tourist visas! I went over there to see the one Im dating and she is a sweetheart granted I actually met her and still am talking to her to this day! I see what oyu mean about the whole money situation. Maybe if you would make more videos expoliting the corruption and helping people get jobs there and find work or create something to help them! They wouldnt have to ask others for money or help! Youre people are suffering and this isn’t healthy way to help them!

    1. +fmanification the objective of this video was to inform incoming expats of things that go on in the PH which they may fall prey to. the goal was NOT to end corruption or fix problems in the PH. that has to be done by Filipinos at election time. i’m not filipino so since i can’t vote, i choose to give incoming expats a heads-up before they learn the hard way.

    1. it hasn’t come up as an issue expats ever mention. but since people are people, i imagine it happens. i do know of one expat i spoke with who had sent $15,000 USD to a ‘filipina’ he’d been talking to and planning to marry. he got to cebu and it turned out ‘she’ was a ladboy. (bayot). ‘she’ wanted to stay together but that was a big shock to him. he asked for his money back, didn’t get it and ‘she’ disappeared.

  16. Western Union went the other on me. I paid them to send money to my GF (Ne) from the states and they called me back later and wanted to no if I ever met her in person and told me they couldn’t be responsible if it was a scam. I was bait for working as bait for scammers for a while and I could spot one a mile away. A scammer is not going to spend 10-12 hours a day chatting you for $75.00. I told I never thought they were responcable for the money and to send the damn money. She has never asked me for money. It was my idea. Spesking of scams when I paid there send rate I ask if she would get the full $75.00. They said of course. They forgot to mention the exchange rate was lower then the current exchange rate. If they would have I would have sent enough to confencate. What U said is true and U have to be causious I must be the 1% you spoke of because I was right, Good vlog.

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