Filipina Scams: Loan & Load – Philippines

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  1. It comes with the territory. But there are plenty of good-girls to be found, especially in the province areas. I know several. But as far as general population, I’m always skeptical of someone so intent on becoming a ‘close-friend’ so quickly.

  2. He’s walking on thin ice. All frickin’ day he’s got.. but he waits till I’m recording to talk to the rooster across the way. One day.. somebody gonna have a bad accident that ends in a soup pot.

  3. Actually, I’ve run into this more in the States, which even then was rare. But here, pretty much every Filipina I’ve met is really big on hygiene and brushing their teeth. The toothpaste and soap aisles here go on forever. I’m not kidding. There must be about 50 different soaps, plus lotiions and about 40 types of toothpastes and toothbrushes on display. Hygiene is actually a big deal with most Filipinos I’ve noticed.

  4. Hmm, interesting on the eyes/nose thing.. could be. (??) I haven’t noticed any rice field burning and I’ve seen rice fields both in Bogo and central Bohol. Now, on the other hand, most people will either burn their trash or dry leaves around 5pm to keep the mosquitoes away. That’s a regular thing. Even I will start a bonfire with leaves if the mosquitoes are especially out that night.

  5. Filipinos are BIG with hygiene! Evidently that even when abroad in the winter months, can’t leave the house without a shower! Everybody gets texts asking for cellphone loads, random easy money cons. And Henry, you may also call loans and loads as a we call it at church, LOVE GIFT!

  6. Righf on Brother Henry! On target. You give these bitches “loads” and they STILL won’t text you! That’s because they just SOLD every last Peso of that load you just sent, shit for brains. LOL. In other words, what you send, no matted what it is, is NEVER enough. You send 100, she needs 200. You send 1000, she needs 2000. Do not send money or loads to these HO’s, guys! You are NOT a human ATM machine. LOL!

  7. Agreed on that stretch..yet I have found that the bad breath issue
    is quite extensive. Eating meat proteins with binding/glue rice, with next to nothing for hydration on a continual basis
    equates to stagnate rotting GI tract. Not to be rude but I refuse
    to date a girl with halitosis..

  8. I don’t blame you, I’d take Thailand over Manila area in a heatbeat. Manila is a cesspool.. no two ways about it. But the Visaya area of PH is fantastic and lots of beautiful women. It’s a personal thing too, if you prefer the Thai look over the ‘mix’ Filipina look. Some guys prefer Japanese or Korean. There are trade-offs too. Thailand is not as English-friendly as the Philippines. Prices are cheaper, but then, Cambodia is cheaper than Thailand. All depends what you want.

  9. Mark, you cannot judge the Ph by Angeles, that place was built and maintained by Americans taking advantage of very poor Filipino girls . The sex industry is alive there and also In thailand but the looking better is not so true. There are diseases (some bad) in both places , the thai women have a rep of sleeping with anything you can imagine. I hate to say that because they are beautiful. But sex tourism is not gonna make you feel good but only a minute or two. There is no satisfaction,

  10. I can’t put links here, but I did an article on the HIV rate (which is rising in the PH, btw) and I have links there showing that Thailand is far more risky for STDs/AIDS, etc than the Philippines. You can get the article by searching Google for “Cybercrime Law, HIV/AIDS & Sex In The Philippines”.

  11. Wow…this reminds me of  how my aunts and uncles in the Philippines would ask me for loans. It’s kind of annoying because I’m a student. Thanks, man. You are amazingly blunt. 

  12. ahh man, nice video. lol at the last part about that chicken being for dinner. but anyways, i saw your previous videos and i must agree about the “loaning” part. i loan my ex-filipina gf money for a phone, and also a gas bill. never seen it back.

  13. Also watch out for the family of some of them. There can be skanks that are looking out to score big for a mom and dad issue they have. I should know this one because I was suckered by one all the way through a phony marriage and greencard. Thing is this worthless skank should have been deported but not happened because she hooked up with a daddy warbucks who helped her claim refugee status only to go back with her daddy warbucks to her Provence two months after receiving the greencard based on a fraudulent asylum petition. So beware of the family as well they can be in on it.

    1. For cell phone accounts here, the way it works is you buy the phone and then separately buy ‘Load’.  This is basically credits to use the phone.  So, a text might be say 1 or 2 pesos depending on whether it is in the same network or not.  Voice calls are by the minute.  They also have ‘promos’ of a certain number of minutes/texts for a set number of days.  It’s not like the USA where you have to lock in to a contract.  You can change carriers at any time buy simply buying their load and a very cheap SIM card that is about 25 pesos.

  14. The truth is when Filipinos loan money from you even has a job or no job THEY NEVER PAY YOU cause they will just simply say cannot pay you yet cause I got sick, I paid rent or whatever bullshit. The point is, they will only come to you just for money and never pay you back and if you dont lend them money they get mad and talk to you. Thats how Filipinos are and thats the reality of it in that country so when you want to get married by a Filipino, marry a woman that has the same level as you.

  15. only 1 time I was paid back on a loan ,, my best friend Leo in Manila (friends for 12 years ) loaned $500us for down payment on a condo for his son ,, it took 5 months to get paid back but he did give $100 a month ,, but any time I give out money to a friend I expect never to see it again ,,

  16. From my experience this is prevalent in the Philippines. Even though this does happen everywhere, including other countries for one reason or another it seems to be rampant there. There are people with principles and actually do pay back a loan, but they are not as common. This type of scam does not happen with just Filipina girlfriends, but among anyone and especially relatives.
     If you are not aware, tenants who rent property are the same way. Many of them actually have the money to pay, but instead don’t pay and either spend it on other interests, gamble or invest. One example I know of is when one lost the money, she just said, we don’t have any more money, because we spent the rental money on something else, instead of paying the rent.

     My thoughts are just don’t lend money and try to evict the deviant renters, but even that is quite the ordeal.


  17. my friend back in college never paid back what she borrowed from me and I rarely do it.. turns out she also borrowed from other people and never paid them back.. how opportunistic

  18. I met a filipina girl online dating sites. I knew her for four years now. I have been supporting her financially and it seems nonstop of problems. I used to skype but not anymore however she would send a current photos of herself when she has a chance to do so in messenger. I have saved all her photos approximately more than 100+. I chatted with her through messenger twice everyday. I need your opinion of what you think about my situation? Next year l will fly out to meet her.

    1. @2uN5aRaT if i understand you correctly.. you’ve never met her in person, but are sending her money. the vegas odds say that most likely a lot of what she’s told you is not true. but you can’t verify anything from a few thousand miles away. for all you know she’s married. she doesn’t even skype with you anymore. again, odds are she is skyping with some other man and repeating the bonding cycle she did with you.. hoping he will send her money as well. that’s the predicament you are in.. you have no way to know what’s really going on. if i had to guess.. the day you show up in the ph either she won’t show up.. or she’ll be there to absorb even more money from you. if this is REAL love, will she love you if you stop sending money? hmm. that’s a decision only you can make at this point.

    1. @may myat Aung that’s because, in their mind, “you can afford it” and they never had any intention of paying you back from the very beginning. a person with zero income, who has no money today, has no way of paying you back tomorrow. otherwise they’d just wait til tomorrow and use their own money. lesson learned… either get collateral to hold (their cell phone or tablet) which you get to keep until you get paid back.. or learn to say that magic, money-saving word, “NO.” 🙂

  19. love your videos I have had a home in Cebu 25 years and learned long ago to never ever give anyone money and never even allow them to ask without a hell no and never ask me again!

  20. Thanks, was sceptical on a dating service (Christian Filipina) and was wondering if it could somehow get manipulized or whatever. A greats heads up on what to look for.

  21. Someone’s going to end up as dinner “eyebrow raised” lol Again as I stroll around your masterpieces of info video I can only say thanks from myself and the others that learn here instead of the real-life lesson that’s bites back!Get well soon the 2 of you ~ P

  22. I believe about 95% of loans to friends and family are never repaid. Funny story: a local filipina acquaintance in the US asked me for a $200 loan. I said no (as a loan burns the friendship when not repaid). Then she said I wasn’t reliable and she couldn’t depend on me. Pretty ingenious, huh. Maybe that would work on a (naive) guy hoping for a shot at a date. For me I just thought she’d had a character issue and moved on. She was very cute and she did me a big favor by showing her character before anything started.

    1. is their a business scam too. THIS Philippina wants 60k pesos to start a business. She has no job, 4 kids. She is doing the LA Cafe thing. You know what. I first met her for only 2days . I am now back in the states, and been texting and phone for a month now. if life is soo hard, why she no work a job , and do the LA Cafe thing some nights. That’s my opinion. Am I write or wrong?

  23. Ok, you can load or borrow to a Lannister, …. a Lannister always pays his debts lol
    Now, Filipina… i passa a load already , and when i needed back some , i never saw 1 P back/ If you guys feels like a wallet to them, it’s time to move on.

  24. “Later”
    That word “later”.
    “Later” means “I will attempt to put it off until you forget. No matter how long that takes”. That’s true the world over, no matter where you go.

    1. ‘load’ can be used to buy a ‘promo’ or used on a minute-by-minute basis. the promos are good for a day, 3 days, a week or a month.. depending on how much you spend. i spend about 90 pesos for a week’s worth of 2Gb data and texting through Globe. (roughly $1.80 usd)

  25. i went to phil. for 2 months last year to see my girlfriend. we stayed at her parents house. 2nd week i was there her mom borrowed 2,000 pesos and payed it back, 2nd time was 1,000 and payed it back, 3rd time she never payed back. i told my gf and she did not know she borrowed the 3rd time…she talked to her mom about it and i was payed back finally. i was a american banker visiting the phil……grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  26. I wonder if they pay back loans among other Filipinos? I have seen many Vietnamese loan money from each other and they always pay back.

  27. Someone should tell these Filipino rosters that they are supposed to crow at sunrise not 3 AM or 12 PM. I also get Filipino woman asking me for money on-line all the time. I don’t really know them either. I believe it may be the all Americans are rich think. The only one I have given money is the girl I have been for the last year and she didn’t ask for it. It was my idea.

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