Filipina Girlfriends in the Philippines, Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Keep the Faith!

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Filipina Girlfriends in the Philippines, Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Keep the Faith!@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I interview two lovely friends of Baby Mae about a you tube channel they are about to launch

Des and Lez

Baby Mae


  1. Fantastic Paul very lovely ladies, yes its a time to give, to help others, more then ever before. We are in perilous times and we need to all help each other, God bless them. I will sub them.

  2. I don’t want you to give me anything. I just want fame and happiness. I thank you Paul for introducing these beautiful ladies. The world needs more women like these two.

  3. Expat Vloggers have started a pandemic on Youtube….Filipinas with nothing to do….PLEASE make an effort to produce some quality content…..Best wishes, Good luck

  4. In addition to being good Christian ladies both of them are clearly smart and attractive. Leslie in particular has the face of a model. I wish them many blessings through their channel.

  5. Yes i agree don’t ask for things its like a blue light to the haters lol !! just be yourselves show us what you are doing then take it from there !!WARNING NO COOKING OF CHICKEN!! HAIL THE cHICKEN !!! :)) nice looking as well !! i know sorry but just thought i would say lol !!!

  6. I said this earlier on another channel.

    These are two beautiful women & obviously very caring.
    I look forward to following your channel ‘Dez & Lez Volg’ & I wish you all the very best, now, the channel & your future.

    Thanks for sharing Paul.

  7. Hi Paul and Mae
    Great seeing you two again, even if it’s by your vids. I’ll check out Des & Lez vlogs.
    So are you still working on a new idea for your content ?
    Or is this it, lol
    Take care , hope to see you next year. Chiron πŸ˜ƒ

  8. i liked the advice you gave these ladies – don’t ask for money on your You Tube channel. To my knowledge you follow your own advice. It keeps me subscribed to your channel…

  9. Nice to see a video on this topic Paul and Gods Best Blessings be with these fine young ladies..They do what I do but my focus is mainly on the elderly citizens and sick children in hospitals who have serious problems..Together we will make the Philippines a much more LOVING AND CARING country than it already isπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  10. Congratulations to these two ladies for thinking with their brain and heart and not their bodies to do something different. They are beautiful inside and out.
    I will subcribe. Thanks Paul and Baby Mae.
    I will subcribe.

  11. Hey Paul my friend, what a great interview with Leslie and Desiree. I really like the message that they are wanting to get across. I will definitely check out their channel. I wish these two beautiful young ladies, much success. God bless you and baby Mae always my friend.😊 😊 😊 ❀️ ❀️ ❀️

  12. Christian girls are allowed to wear sexy stuff, just not to sexy. Always happy to hear you aren’t going to ask for stuff and will probably give back to the community and help improve the blight of the innocent, like the children, which makes life so much better for you and them. These crazy times will improve and Paul’s unsolicited advice is great, best wishes for your future.

  13. As a runner..maybe an idea to have a Fun Run to raise some funds and some small prizes….just a thought. Maybe there would be a liability issue, I am not sure.

  14. OK I have to admit it, I totally misjudged these two. I’ve seen them on two or three of the Valencia Youtubers channels now, and I figured they were just another pair of pension chasing Filipinas, starting a YouTube channel, based on their friends successful channels. I am aware of the collaborative, multiplying affect, that piggybacking on other channels can have. However, now that I saw this interview, I am very happy to admit I was wrong. They seem like genuinely good people, and praise God they are Christians. I love the fact that they want to help out others in need, especially the children’s ministries. I also have a heart for that. I have already subscribed to them, and will be keeping a close eye on them. I wish them tremendous success and may the blessings flow through them to help the people in need!

  15. I created blessing bags. Toothbrush toothpaste protine snacks cookies small treats and a little money for a warm meal and 1 pair of socks blanket and bottle of water. Very helpful for poor or homeless people

  16. Yes Yes Yes! diversity in youtube channels. There are too many me to channels doing the same things. I realize that people are limited by the pandemic but this is a chance to reach down and find that creativity within….

  17. Hi Paul – Nice Video and Beautiful Filipinas !!! Its nice to hear what some of the Filipinas are doing there to have a positive impact on the less fortunate. I also enjoy the outdoor backdrop – it is so nice to see people outside and moving around over there !!! Looking Forward to your next Lovely Filipina Interview ! ! ! !

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