Filipina Girlfriends in the Philippines, Old Dog New Tricks, Lessons Learned the Hard Way Dec 5 2020

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Filipina Girlfriends in the Philippines, Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks, Lessons Learned the Hard Way@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks Lessons I learned in America about relationships carried over to the Philippines


  1. Great video!!!!
    Paul, you escaped, simply put :
    You escaped from your addictions.
    You escaped from your stressful relationship with your kids
    You escaped from the memories of your divorces.
    You escaped from poverty.

    And you have the big advantage that companionship was/is not your big motivator/driver.
    Neediness is like a big, heavy chain attached to one’s ankles.
    You arrived light, made some mistakes, but recovered.
    Stay light.

    At the end of the day, we escape to gain freedom.

    Freedom from the shame of being financially broke.
    Freedom from the shame of not having saved enough for retirement
    Freedom from the shame of not being able to support small children.
    Freedom from the shame of being a drug addict.
    Freedom from the pain of leaving a sick son behind.
    Freedom from the failure of a small business.

  2. My friend you are repeating my story. I too can be alone and happy but so can my now wife. I have said the exact same thing. Women in the west are feminist, women in the Philippines are femin. So true, I believe too many men from the west however are looking for a young piece and get what they deserve. Two week millionaires and horney old bastards will always succumb to the alluring beauty of the Filipina. But remember guys they play the game better than you do.

  3. The reverse can be true My parents are both gone but had a great marriage. They were married 45+ when he died and she was still in love with him when she died 20+ years later. I have a good attitude when it comes to relationships. Mom did drink & Dad didn’t other than a couple of beers when he bowled in a league. Even though I have been married twice the last one for 40 years (it didn’t start to go downhill until the last 10) I don’t think ALL women anywhere are all bad. I make a point not to carry past relationship into the great relationship have with my Filipina GF. She is the best woman I have ever known. We are very happy.

  4. I’m new a new subscriber.Watched maybe 20 videos and enjoyed them.And some of baby May’s Liked them also you 2 have fun that’s cool 😎
    Hope to see more.Stay well

  5. Dysfunction and chaos describes some of my past relationships too! Gotta have good boundaries. I don’t put up with that nonsense anymore. I’m glad to hear you don’t either.

  6. Paul, This just proves that every man is looking for a good woman. Sometimes even the ones that already have a good woman. Lol Filipinas can make great girlfriends or wives and just have a different upbringing and attitude than American or Mexican women. I’m willing to come to the Phillipines and see if I can find a woman that I could possibly spend the time I have left to live on the planet. I enjoy living in other countries because everything including the people are different. I also lived in Las Vegas years ago in the 90s and you’re right, there’s not much for seniors to do other than gamble and play bingo and keno. Thailand, Phillipines, or Vietnam make sense to me.

  7. I’ve lived in California 65 years. Three divorces later I don’t care either. Sounds like we have a lot in common. If I ever get the courage to go over there maybe we should have a cup of coffee.

  8. Thanks Paul, I appreciate you and Mae’s videos. You guys make a great team and couple. I think you have brought out Mae’s sense of humor and she has made you see that you were not looking for a girl friend, but that you were looking for her without knowing it. God bless both of you.

  9. If you can be content with your own company, no one can hold any sway over you. In fact I’d dare say some of the loneliest, sexless people I know are married.

  10. Re: hard lessons. I had an extended stay in PH for 6 years, I was well informed by a close friend from my collage days (who had already been there for 5 yrs prior to my arrival) regarding all of the potential pitfalls a westerner faces in the PH especially concerning detailed instructions on the types of Filipina you must avoid at all cost. Didn’t do a bit of good lol! I had to learn the hard way. Although I do give advice to people who want to go there I do it with a grain of salt. Looking forward to retiring in the PH one day even though…

  11. My line is “I’m just here to have fun”. Total freedom with no drama keeps me unattached. I suppose that’s the way it will be until my power of resistance is overcome LOL Sounds like that is what you have achieved Paul. Good on you!

  12. I loved the Sopranos. Have a wife they knew you had a side gf. Come home late or not at all. Married, living the single life. I have outgrown that mentality. I knew it would happen one day. I grew up, who knew.

  13. Everyone’s listening assignment should be American Woman by The Guess Who. I would say that you got lucky finding Mae, but you were doing all the right things for it to happen. When a golfer hits a hole in one is it luck? He is aiming at the pin . I think if a man wants to find a good woman the Philippines is an obvious choice.

  14. Great video. I’m financially set, alone, and would like to meet a nice attractive younger Pinay. The problem is trusting what these Filipinas tell me.

  15. My favorite video by far, loved it. I have been married to a filipina for 7 years here in the states. I met her in P.I. I worked at a Hospital at the time and had quite a few filipino friends. I had them screen the girls and once in awhile chat with a couple. The guys all agreed on 1 specific lady. She was a school teacher in Davao. They told me straight up, you will win the lotto if you marry her. I said are you guys sure, she barely has any boobs, she is in her late 40’s, the other girl is prettier. I followed their advice. I literally hit the lotto. I have changed so much, so peaceful, learned what love and commitment really is. I could say much more. We will meet at some point. Again, great video

  16. Hi Paul, ‘love to hear the horror stories’ makes me feel better, super funny
    Just on a side note, you know what I think Mae would love for Christmas, a kitchen island to give her more space to cook, I have one for my kitchen, wonderful, just search on google images

  17. Same here, Paul. Same here. I didn’t get my crap together until I was 46 and I started staying away from the wrong American women. Then, I met my Filipina. The last 5 years have been great.

  18. For some expats going to the Philippines it’s like a kid in a candy store all the women there now I seen YouTube videos and how to meet the perfect Filipina and Providence girl are the best but not always true I seen more providence girls take expats for a ride and then I seen Filipina that live in the big City that don’t need to take men for a ride because they don’t need a man to take care of them but mistakes for any expats that go to any country are going to make mistakes that’s a given its how you bounce back from the mistakes that matter and learn not to make the same mistakes again .

  19. Hello Paul .your rooster is disrespectful and looked the other way the whole show //Always keep some grain in your pocket .he will be more attentive …ha ha .. I Agree never jump from the frying pan into the fire … no matter were you are ….take care ..

  20. I’m about your age Paul. I grew-up with a Mom who struggled with adultery and anger management. I’ve had a few relationships over the decades but never considered marriage. The past couple years I’ve been watching Philippines vloggers like yourself. I’m warming-up to the idea of finding a kind hearted Filipina with some life experience. I’m not rich by American standards but I should be able to give her a comfortable life. Given the changes happening in America it won’t be difficult to leave. However getting rid of all the stuff I’ve accumulated is a different story. Argh.

  21. Woke up this mornin…..

    Thanks for another insightful video on your journey to your happy place.

    Hope your scooter stays in good running condition..

  22. Good one Paul, I refuse to be Tony Soprano ever again myself. I refuse to walk on eggshells in my own home ever again. And I refuse to become involved with an entitled westernized feminazi Karen ever again. Not happening, no way, no how, no interest. Rather die alone.

  23. Hello Old Dog Paul! I just want to thank you for your great content. It really helps me understand Filipinas and their culture better. Plus, It’s just plain fun to watch you and your lady here!

  24. Exellent and Honest video.ty again paul. You hit the nail on the head about everything.btw wouldn t you think Tony woukd have had his wife WHACKED or DISAPPEAR? FROM A REAL ITALIAN GUY WAST COAST USA YES IN NJ.

  25. With all the respect in the world, Mae wants to get married and have a family and you don’t. Its really hard to get over that one no matter how much happy talk you have with each other. I am sure its the biggest challenge for most Older Expats and Younger Filipinas relationships.

  26. Everywhere you go, you always take the weather you. That’s what worries me. I can retire, but all the crap that lies beneath the surface gets on the Qatar flight with me.

  27. I really enjoyed listening to your life experiences Paul. It’s good for men to share their stories and wisdom, especially to the younger men, who will hopefully learn valuable lessons, and benefit from your insights.

  28. Hey Paul, I’m married to a Filipina who’s a total control freak. I would love to be able to message you about it but I know you have a lot of other things going. I hope you remain at peace with life. God bless!

  29. Gotta love being comfortable in your own skin. I to was my own worst enemy, saving broken people etc. Habits will destroy you till you love yourself. Good one Ole Dog ! Thanks much

  30. really interesting part of your story Paul, thanks for sharing, hope you continue to find happiness there, you seem to have found your “normal”, cheers

  31. Hi Paul,,,I was watching one of Mae’s friends earlier,,, Gracie short province girl,,, Mae was her interview,,, Gracie asked her where dose she see herself in 5 years time,,, she said she would like to be married and have a baby,,, I hope that fits in with your plans,,, or one of you is gonna be disappointed.

  32. It was a long journey and many lessons learned but you made it, welcome, hope to join you soon, haha. P.S. In case of a miracle, break the glass πŸ™‚

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