Filipina Dating Sites; Tips & Warnings.. Part 3 of 3

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  1. Hey r u in Cebu or Bohol and U seem cool and I have been there many times but if u r in Bohol it might be nice to meet u when I get there possibly in Jan and I am in Chciago and I just there to see my babe and then get away from the nonsense here!! etc Get me on my email of,

  2. I will be tentatively still on Bohol in early January, but then I’ll be taking a vacation to the US to visit with family. So contact me and let me know when you’ll be in Cebu as it gets later in the year.

  3. I highly recommend that you meet the girls in public and do not tell them where you are staying. I had girls show up at my hotel room, unannounced and getting them to leave was difficult. They latch onto you because they believe you are the one. Many foreigners have gotten in trouble there in Philippines because the girls was married and the husband found out, others ended up in jail because the girl was underage.

  4. Absolutely agree 100%. I made that mistake back on Mactan and.. never again. Home is like the Bat-Cave or the Fortress of Solitude. Take the women to a hotel in town and part ways cleanly. She doesn’t want to leave? Just check out and get gone, end of story. But if she squats in your condo you’ll practically have to pay her to leave. And if she’s got her stuff there, cops won’t move her out either.

  5. You can end up in jail, adultery is a criminal offense. 14 yr sentence to an English guy, you do NOT want to see jails there.

    Heres a rivet ting Ntl Geographic documentary. Be careful.

  6. Yes, it’s true.. adultery laws here are enforced with prison time. A few guys commenting found that hard to believe but.. hey, it’s a whole other country here. Plenty of single girls around so stay clear of the married ones.

  7. You won’t know if only speaking to her online. You have to spend time here, interview her family and friends over time to sniff out the truth. Chances are low the entire family will hide some husband she has. This is why I’m against long-distance, online dating. You could order a CENOMAR (google-it) which will disclose if she legally married to someone else. But some Filipinas only do a civil service wedding that isn’t registered, so that’s not a 100% guarantee she isn’t married.

  8. Isn’t it kinda risky then considering a possible 15 year jail term? Is the adultery crim only enforced onto men or is it for both men and women who commit adultery?

  9. Absolutely, if you want to be stress-free. Otherwise, you’ll be wondering if she concocts some fake story to the police or her family and drags them to your doorstep at the hotel. If it’s a pricier hotel they’ll have security, but even then you gotta come out sometime.

  10. The adultery charge can be press against either the husband or the wife, whichever is cheating. But only the husband or wife can press the charges, not some family member or anyone else. Also, if the accused can prove that their own spouse has likewise been cheating, the case can be thrown out. For this reason, the private eye business is abundant and cheap here. Keep in mind an unemployed wife isn’t about to send her cheating (bread-winner) husband to jail, so usually it’s the men cheating.

  11. Count yourself lucky. 🙂 Dating here is kinda a high-stakes poker game and these girls are in their own element with heightened skills. No place for newbies. ha! I’m hoping in the next year or so to find the right woman and, yes, get married. But until then, I’m on my guard.

  12. I have found online dating to be the hard you are so right in your first video response is very few and far between. Not knowing about the Philippines what would make so many women want to date a strange older man they don’t know? Understandably the Philippines is a poor country and many women their want a better life. Also so like you said some just want money. My second question is would Filipino women here in the U.S. react the same way?

  13. If you’re talking about Filipina women who were born and raised in the US, the answer to that is they would respond like an American woman. It’s not about race, it’s about social molding and financial incentives. Not all one or the other, but both to varying degrees woman to woman.

  14. A friend of mine years ago told me that Tom Leykis did some sort of talks on dating women but I never got around to finding them. I’d heard of him when he was doing a talk show on KFI in L.A., but he mostly did social or political commentary at that time. Not sure what his views on dating are though.

  15. Exactly. I call them “paper-married” women. The only slight protection they have against adultery charges is if the husband himself can be proven unfaithful also, then neither can press adultery charges. Nobody else can make the adultery charge, only the affected spouses can file it, so meddling family members or neighbors can’t file on a 3rd party.

  16. Excellent videos, very enlightening. I plan to visit the Philippines next winter for three months (first time). Might it be worthwhile to start making contacts online maybe 4 to 6 months before the trip? My goal is to have many local contacts available to me when I arrive, and know as much about them as I can (particularly their appearance). But limiting the time I spend on each one before we meet. What if I said in my online ad or initial contact: “no commitment before we’ve met in person, I’m no one’s virtual boyfriend, and don’t contact me if you’ve got a boyfriend, husband, kids, or you’re looking for money.” Could I then avoid some of the pitfalls described here? Also I would ask for her phone number to see if she’s serious, and call her once before the trip. I’m thinking avoid the skype, or just chat with her once and tell her I rarely use it. And then block her, of course.

    As for all the texting, what if you just never send a text in the first place? Why open that can of worms, just call them or leave an e-mail asking them to call you. Could that work? I’m 48 and not rich, and while I’m in good shape for my age it’s hard to imagine I’m going to just show up there without any preparation and have all these girls at my feet. But I’d really like to believe it…

    If is free, is there any point in paying for FilipinoCupid? Are there any other good ones to recommend? Also, is Davao City the best for someone looking for a (relatively) smoke-free environment? I heard there are nice beaches nearby too.

    1. As for Davao, the surrounding area has been listed as a dangerous area for Westerners by the U.S. and Australian government travel advisories due to ‘political unrest’ to put it mildly.  Yes, the beaches are amazing, but they’re just as amazing on the other islands in the Visayas (Cebu, Dumaguete, Bohol, Iloilo) without the safety issues around Davao.  Davao itself is ‘relatively safer’ but extortion of villages is rampant around the area.

    2. One argument can be made that with the ‘pay’ sites you’re dealing with responsible Filipinas who have a job versus the free sites where anyone with a heartbeat can post there.  But it can also be argued that if the Filipina can afford to pay for a subscription on a dating site, it means some guy is already sending her money and that is her ‘job’.  All of this is why net-dating is so unreliable.  Much better meeting face to face there in the PH.

    3. Actually, it would be best to wait until the last few weeks before your flight before contacting any girls online.  Contacting them six months ahead opens you up to them “claiming” you as their boyfriend, insisting you not see anyone else on your visit.  Plus, contacting them too early, they may meet someone else before you even get there, but they won’t say anything to you about it.  So, maybe 3 weeks before flying there is a good time to contact a few girls.

  17. Ok mr. Foreigner i will give you the best advice so you want to marry filipina come to the philippines get to know people and your way around then stay close to where the schools and universities make friends” and i mean friend with college students or grads tell them your life make them understand your situation don’t impress them with what you have in the states or other country instead get to know on personal level they will appreciate you that way.

    1. That is good advice.  This particular video is regarding those who seek a mate on the internet.  And as I’ve stated, it comes with many dangers and pitfalls.  It is much better to meet them in person and take a year getting to know them on a personal level before making any big decisions.

    1. On my next trip I will do this for sure.  I’ve been visiting PI for years and love the people and place.  I think this would add to the quality of girls I’d meet.

    2. As I mentioned, from long-distance the sites are mostly trouble.  But.. once you’re in the PH, you can meet girls in a matter of hours, same day.  The scammers are -less- likely to meet you in person because you’re local and may catch on that they are actually married.  But apart from that, the online sites are a great way to meet women fast once you’re in-country.

  18. Hi, I am your 4,110th subscriber. I love all your videos that I already watched and I’m not able to watch all of them yet, but I’m planning to. I am so impressed with all your information, very informative. I commend you for taking all the effort in sharing all these facts about Filipinas, the facts about them as a whole. Awesome job, keep it up. 

  19. Phaha “go to the mall and bla bla…” it’s not that easy. I’ve been there done that… Most “normal girls” in the PH think that if you look like american you are in the PH for the bar girls and just fuck around.I don’t blame them probably they are sick and tired of kinky western guys. Only the “escorts” and the hookers will be interested in you if you just start talking to them. In Manila if you look American everybody taxi drivers, hotel staff, shops …(even the homeless guys) are trying to advertise some bar with “pretty girls” . 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines My Advice start going to church and you will find what you are looking for.. Good luck and god bless…

    2. What you’re describing is common to big cities like Manila or even Cebu.  But if a guy is looking for a ‘good girl’, any small island mall or martketplace is a great place to meet one.  And they’re not scammers or prostitutes or even girls expecting to meet a foreigner.  There is much more to the Philippines than what you’ve seen in Manila.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Manila does not show anything close to the best of what the PH has to offer.

  20. hi, iv been talking to a lovely woman in cebu, and we clicked, she has had a shit time and me to. she has never asked for money or anything like that and we have been very strait with each other. she is coming here to me in may, to help me in my biss, and we will be dating. we were in the right place at the right time. e.

  21. You were right. I checked out the site, then joined,many friendly women on there that are nice unlike American Princesses. May get me a foreign wife after all,worth a shot. I’m partial to dark haired women anyways.

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  23. very nice henry very interesting, I and my fiancee from Australia got to know each other through dating site and we haven’t meet yet but this august he will come to Philippines to meet me, and we’re both thank you so much for your daily work, your uploaded my fiancee just check it and watch all information from it thanks again god bless you always

  24. sir you really have a very good description of Filipinas the good thing is you are not jugdemental you know and talk as if you have known Filipinas all your life,thank you for telling the good side and expalining why and everything too.

  25. So where is the honesty and morality here on this kind of dating. Are you buying women or love or just having fun ? Because I don’t call them dating I call those just one night stand . Dating is meeting them and get to know them.why do you keep mentioning spending money do buy those women ?  It is sound creepy to me…

    1. @Luzviminda R. Pew ‘Dating’ is much different from ‘Courting’.  This video is on Dating.  In the PH, ‘dating’ is nearly non-existent in practice, but for the Western world dating is the first step in getting to know someone.  In the PH it is expected that two people quickly move into an exclusive relationship, even marriage, before actually knowing each other very well.  This is a gamble and, with the many filipino men who abandon their wives here, that method of jumping quickly into marriage does not seem to be working out very well in the end.  Getting back to ‘Dating’.. it is also up to a Filipina to either agree or disagree with the dating terms.  If she does not want to ‘date’ then she should let the foreigner know and each go their own ways.  But if she does date and is aware of the terms, that is her making an adult, conscious decision for herself.

  26. If you’re respectful and have  a desire to get married and not just play with girls (sex) you don’t find a Bargirl = “hooker” but find a good Christian girl she will marry you and if you treat her with respect and LOVE. She will never leave you and have your back to the gates of Hell. I am speaking from experience. I have been married  for near 3 years and I lived in the Philippines for 4 months and visited it 2 times. My wife is MY EVERYTHING . I made a lot of money and dated very nice ladies, but I was not happy. Lost my money in the Washington State Construction fall 2010. So I went to meet  Filipina girls. I was very picky I was 42 when  went to the Philippines. I took a while to find a pure lady that I felt comfortable with. If you find a poor street girl be careful they can be GOOD and sneaky and the best Actresses to trick you. GO to a CHURCH of your faith and ask the Leader of the Church to help you find a good Godly women to marry . They will help you, and your MUCH safer to get a wife that won’t DIVORCE you after the 3 year mark and find a younger man. They have to be married  to you for 3 years and after that they have their green card and can divorce you and take ALL your stuff. I will say all of my friends ONLINE and local that married women from all over the world especially europe Russia ukraine,  are divorced after 4 years and lost their house and stuff. I dont know anyone that was screwed over by a GOOD Christian  Filipina GIRL. I know over 50 Filipina girls  (my wifes friends )  That are married and none of them are having problems in the USA. Men for 45 to 75 Women 20 to 45 . I know a couple that is 56 man 20 women happy marriage. We are 45 and 35.My wife has a ton of friends and cousins looking for nice Christine guys in the USA . Let me know if you’re a good guy. ( we will do a background check on you before I refer you  one of my wifes friends or cousins. We live in Washington state if you want to meet us in person let me know. If we feel your a good guy we will meet with you and help you find your soulmate. God Bless the Philippines and true LOVE. 

    1. Well sounds like you got a bad one at first you’re really lucky she did not know the GAME or you would be paying for her. Some will walk away I have heard of this BUT like I said I know 3 men that are paying the price. Sounds like the 2nd one is great , like my wife. Mahalo Brother

    2. Your so wrong, you really need to educate your self in this area. I know 3 guys in the Seattle area that are paying FULL rent,car payment, health insurance and any other living expenses directly out of there check to Home Land Security. There wives left them after 3 to 5 years. They all 3 have spent a ton of money on Attorneys and can NOT find any loophole to get out of it. SO you need to make sure you really find a good one and DON’T rush in to anything.   

  27. Wow.  Great information.  I had already looked at some of the websites and everything you said is true.  I am still in the USA and thinking about retiring next year and visiting the PI.  I emailed a few girls and they won’t leave me alone.  Thanks,  John

  28. I went on FilipinoCupid. Logged on this morning and created a profile. Within an hour, I got 100 emails (Which I can’t read, because I’m not paying!) I have 213 emails right now. 30 of these “girls” made me their favorite. 20 of those 30 were brand new accounts with GORGEOUS pictures. Bahahahahaha! Are American men THIS Naive??????


    I have lived in PI. I am going back to live again. I am wealthy by American standards. I’m young too. WAIT UNTIL YOU GET THERE. 

    You will get burned, hurt and broke if you are not in country.

    Be smart and watch your back. 

  29. “You approach a girl 18,19, 20 in the the U.S and she might call security! You approach a girl 18,19,20 in Philippines she might see opportunity!” LOL

  30. Hi.  Thanks for the many informative videos!  I was wondering what’s involved in a U.S. citizen marrying a Filipina national with plans to bring her to the states to live.  Thanks for any info.

  31. Hi Henry,
    Tanks a lot for all your interesting videos about The Philippines.
    I have one question referring to the issue of dating:
    Lets assume that I meet a girl in person (a girl I know form a dating site), just for dinner, having a drink or whatever. Are there any financial commitments involved?
    I mean apart form paying for her meal, drinks etc. do they expect any money from me for lets say the time she spends with me since I dont want to go out with an escort lady.

    So are there any financial matters I must take into account when dating a girl?

    1. Thanks for the quick reply. It’s good to know where the limits are when dating a girl (maybe as a first step to a relationship). I really appreciate all the tips and warnings from your videos. They’re very beneficial for me since I’m planning to move to the Philippines next year when my retirement begins.

    2. @Georg J the short answer is, “no”. if she’s just a dinner-date, picking up the tab and ‘maybe’ 50p for her transportation home is the total obligation. giving money beyond even 300p (about $7 usd) is not a good practice to begin, it will only escalate dependency and ruin the possibility of a relationship. and this is presuming she wants a relationship. some girls.. they want 1,000p or more but there is an expectation of a home visit implied. but those are not girls you ‘date’.. those are girls in a ‘business’. as for being in an exclusive relationship, i personally give my g/f money for her parents and cover various expenses. but that’s only when in a relationship, not just ‘dating’.

  32. Hey Henry ,
    Thanks a lot for sharing all your interesting videos about the Philippines,
    It’s really helpful .. great advice ,
    I mean can’t tell you enough , how much I enjoyed 👍 ..
    I’m planning to visit the Philippines soon ,
    So looking forward to catch up with you mate .
    Cheers 🍻 .

  33. Excellent. The best advice for everyone thinking of building relationship across the seas. Unbelievable that some on here are not listening. Thank you for this. For the one that chose to listen this will save so much grief. For all concerned.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines me too and people can be anyone they want online that’s why Im always trying to ask questions because you may never know anyones motives. 

    2. @imaginejazz when online, it’s literally impossible to tell if the person is telling the truth about their adversities (and need for money). but the track record has been that most times it is a scam and women with real problems are out working to make money, so they don’t unload their problems on foreigners online. bu the scammers know that many foreign men are widowed, lonely, divorced and are a sucker for a pretty face. your dad needs to pull back a bit and understand that many of these women will finish chatting with him and then cook dinner for their husband. after that, they go to western union and pick up money from several ‘suckers’ who sent them money that week. it happens far too often. i wish him the best.

  34. Pinalove is crawling with scammers. Last week I sent 4 emails to them asking them to delete the profile of a ladyboy, pretending to be a female, and who is in any case a professional scammer. I gave them plenty of details to establish my bona fides. They didnt respond and her/his profile is active now. There is even a section just for ladyboys on Pinalove so what this person is doing is inexcuseable. The profile is that of micaislove27. Totally 100% male and f/t scammer. Avoid.

    1. @Magister Ludi not just pinalove.. all dating sites are notorious for people scamming for money. real females, ladyboys and even expats have scammed filipina women for money using dating sites.

  35. “… don’t say I didn’t warn you.”  Hahaha!!!  That was a totally hilarious ending to this segment!!!  That’s why I watch your vids!!!!   Thanks for the advice!!!

  36. Thanks for the video it was very helpful…..just wondering if you have any suggestions on what part of the Philippines would be the safest and friendliest to visit

  37. I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover chat date try Panlarko Magnetic Dating Planner (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.

  38. You were into statistics before you moved to the Philippines? 😉 Thanks for the heads up! I am leaving for the Ph. in April so I’ll take your advice into account.

  39. MAN YOU ARE AWESOME. The way you can articulate and communicate various different issues and ideas from the Philippines. You definitely have some broadcasting skills in your background.

  40. For Westerners and American men that have been turned down by the obese , feminist, Sex in the City materialistic attitude women here in the States. The things you say are dream the most of the men here.

     How many men are going on years of marriage here in the States. To be with a woman that will only have sex with him on his birthday and then nagged, aggravate him about the various things. The life you portray in the Philippines seems wonderful .

  41. I have always said that…”In the Philippines, you need to have your shield of lead to protect your heart.” Can’t tell how many women I have come into some kind of casual contact with and felt I could have fallen in love. Right then and there. They are just that sweet and caring. Every man needs a shield of lead for personal protection…

    1. +tom kinsey “A pretty face, don’t make a pretty heart. I learned that, honey from the start.” — Robert Palmer; “Bad Case of Lovin’ You”

  42. I was looking around for dating sites, and I found your video. I’m a Filipina, and I haven’t tried signing up for dating sites to date a foreigner. I really like your 3part video. really informative for men who are interested to meet with a Filipina.
    It’s true, there’s no difference with dating and being in a relationship. it’s the same here. So you just have to upfront with what you want. Be careful too, some Filipinas date foreigners for money, so be careful.

  43. So I Skype with a lady for 6 months before I get there, I meet her at Manila International when I get there, if she is my Cinderella then wonderful! If she is not? Oh well. I walk away and go to my hotel room and get back online! Let the games begin! LOL! 😉

  44. BTW what do you think of Christian Philippina? It’s a pay site and definitely NOT CHEAP! Cheapest package is 3 month membership for $247.00 0r 3 monthly payments of $99.00!!! Crazy!

    1. I hear ya Rick… I was actually just looking for a friend to help me out when I first got there to show me around, Apartments, the cuisine, sites etc and actually get me local prices instead of touristo prices. But as you said, after a few weeks or a month of Skyping they are already in love and have put their claim on you… As you said your better off just waiting till you get there. I am in the situation to where I plan on going to the PI for the first time this Spring and I must break someones heart already by cutting off our “cyber relationship” soon…

    2. which is why i have a very low rating for online dating sites to find a relationship. if all a person wants is short-term company, it’s a gold-mine of contacts. but for a real relationship, the best thing really is to meet them in person when in-country. it’s much easier than meeting people in the west.

    3. Thing is, none of the Filipinas get paid subscriptions… The Americans,
      Europeans etc are the ones that end up paying to chat… Your scammers
      are still there…

    4. they are a bit pricier than most sites. i believe anything over $30/month will weed out a lot of the scammers, but not all. it’s a step in the right direction though.

  45. You do an incredible job of being completely honest with your experiences and what you know. It has been very insightful because I know a lot of good guys who want the real deal. I looked at the Christian dating site one, and yes, their prices are just crazy, but they claim they verify every single member to ensure they are good girls who want the real thing.

  46. Even the good girls have a plan to help out their family once they find a foreigner. They’re smart. They won’t ask for $15,000 up front, they’ll just whittle it out of you $100-200 or so a month.

    1. In 15 years, we’ve probably sent $100,000 over there. We’ve supported the parents the whole time and sent several of the 9 siblings to college, remodeled and expanded the parent’s house, etc. All while we have nothing saved for our own daughter’s college. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, it just is and westerners need to know what is expected of them at the outset and set limits and stick to them. If not, you will be supporting a huge network of people who will do absolutely nothing for you in return.

    2. if you think about it, that’s not a bad thing. most elderly people in the PH have zero income for their old age. their only hope to avoid literally starving to death is their children. so if a filipina is willing to turn her back on her own parents in their old age.. why would that woman be any more charitable to her aging expat husband? however, a filipina who takes seriously the responsibility of caring for her aging parents is a woman with a heart. she has compassion and will love her husband equally in his old age. after four and a half years in the PH what i’ve seen is that maybe 10% of the women are ‘scammers’ (about 95% of them are online). and we hear about those horror stories all the time. but i see far more good women than bad. women who do love their parents enough to work overseas or at a low-paying job to put food on their parent’s table. so i see that as a positive thing.

  47. Thanks my friend for all the valuable informative videos .i watched all your videos .you exposed the mistreatment American men facing in their married lives by controlling feminists protected by unfair laws in favour of women . Your insights much appreciated .you always hit the nail on the head.

  48. Lol, dude yer funny. And you sre 85% correct on a lot of it. Whst would you suggest as the area in the Phillipines to go to , to meet these beautiful girls.
    And do you do like tours?
    Thanks for your entertaining insite

  49. I ‘m glad I found your advise on dating. Makes good sense. I prefer Chinese girls, but there is probably going to be a language barrier. The website I have been viewing is Hundreds of beautiful women. I have not paid yet, and I won’t be able to communicate with them, but I have written down each girls ID number so I can find her easily and read her letter which describes her wants in a man, and most of them are very sincere when they describe what they are looking for in their future husband. I don’t think it’s made up or a scam. I do know that the site gives constant feeds just about every time you click on a girls picture, here comes another one. OMG I can’t believe I am experiencing so many beautiful women. man, I’m telling you, I got the music on while watching these beauties, and I’m either going to marry 20 of them or something, lol. Seriously, because it is really too hard to make a decision who to pick. Some of them have high professional careers and want to take care of you if you become their husband. Now that’s hard to believe, but if it’s true, well then I’m moving there! lol I would take your advise which I had thought of also, and just go over there, and then make the contacts. I don’t want to be the one that emotionally hurts anyone of these women. It has been very intoxicating to view these women. If and when I do go over to China, i will try to find the ones that can speak some English. While on the their website, everything is in English and probably interpreted for them. I do see young girls in their 20’s responding to my picture, and since I’m an older guy, there is no way i would pick a young girl,even though they are determined to find their love, I just won’t do that. I have found beautiful women in their 50;s and 60’s, and they are gorgeous. I have every bit of respect for these women, and I will not lead them on. I feel so sorry for a lot of them not finding a man. However, if their site is honest and practical information, then i would let a pot of guys know about the site.
    Thank you for the advise. It will save a lot of time and pain for everyone. Cheers, Gordon

  50. I wish I saw this video earlier, you are 100% correct, I’ve been talking to this filipina online, same day she wants skype, my phone number, and wow drop dead beautiful she is, I’ve dated lots of American very pretty women, this phili girl is a 14 , but she is very angry because I talked to one girl, who is a 6 compared to herself. But said I told you I don’t like guys like other girls, all I said to the other girl was hi I’m doing great thx, then how are you. Wow , big mistake! I never thought a 14 on a 10 scale would ever be idk , jealous , I’m hers or I’m not she said.

  51. i have small issue glad if u could answer appreciate it why are so many phillipines women so eager to meet men in usa? arent there any men in philliphines for them? is there a disorder there where there is a ration of 1 to 10 women ratio or something – its like every women who message you is phllipino?

    1. with the economy the way it is in the PH, retired expats have a stable income while many (most) filipinos are struggling to get by. only some can save money or afford college and a better job. so for filipinas, finding a husband is more about security than how handsome or young a man is. ‘handsome’ don’t pay the bills. filipinas understand this. and it’s not a wrong thing. they are concerned for the future of their babies. it’s men who choose based on looks, not women.

    1. in my opinion, neither unless you have a truly, truly good and mature woman. so many get tempted in the West to divorce after being hit-on so much once they get there.

    1. a very good idea. but guys who have no intention of keeping with that faith are just making problems for later by pretending just in order to get a girl from there.

  52. Henry, I wonder if you’re still responding to comments on old videos. Would you recommend having a Filipina that one might be involved with checked out by a private investigator? If so, do you know of any reputable firms that might do work in Manila? Someone recommended that to me just for peace of mind.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea ok, great advice and that makes perfect sense, thank you. Yes, there was more than one Facebook account, along with multiple Instagram accounts, but I’ve discovered that seems to be the norm with Fillipinos, in general. Geez, one is almost too much! Thanks again!

    2. i don’t know anybody i could recommend. personally, i just don’t see it as producing much if done in person. filipinos are not going to give negative info about a filipina to an investigating expat. and a local filipino, it’s more likely he will quickly figure out that the longer he strings along the job, the better for him. you can learn plenty by going through her FB and finding any other account she has, if she has one. lots of info you can pick up from there.

  53. Reekay, Great video. I just one question. Why the dating websites are full of scams.
    The Filipino dating sites are infested with gold diggers and scammers.

  54. You’re telling the truth, once they finish your money get green card they start giving you attitude especially when they know you really love her you give they don’t give they are the worst people in the world they can kill yo be reach

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