Filipina Dating Sites; Tips & Warnings.. Part 2 of 3

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  1. mostly American are scared to met Filipina ladies from Mindanao but those who really go get good wives and have good relationship.why? bcoz Mindanao ladies are real..not for money terms but of course u have to respect the tradition that we have like giving tokens or some gift to the family.but if they ask and u don’t feel that its good then feel free to talk…only one thing I will tell you and it has been proven since long time ago…if you do one good thing to Filipino people  hell! they will serve you as good as they can be…why? bcoz this how we think…people who are good must be treated more goodly.i even wonder why young ladies asking for money.. ehehehe just to know if the guy Is interested. and since its 2014 now…u want to empress a lady then do give it a shot…life is like a want it then stop complaining…as you can see all over the world only Filipinos serve well people especially oldiest…in short the benefit that you get after marrying a Filipina is like having a housemaid,nanny,lover and personal attendant instantly.this is why no matter so many men trying to discourage some guys but those who are experiencing this kind of experiences will always argue as white ladies will not do this to their men..

    1. I found two Scammers in Mindinao, real pretty so it doesnt matter what Island you go to. My strategy was to stick to the career ones but I failed because they just wanted to get out for work . So still have to have your guards up.

    2. Married to a good Chinese lady for 30 years. We tried. White western women are the most stuck up money grubbing fat hairy ( in all the wrong places) castrating bitches immaginable. Any
      Philippina from a good family out classes the damned sow’s every time

  2. What you say is mostly true, i was married to A Philippine woman.
    Gwapa babaye.
    But I have been open and Honest since i am divorced now and i have a few woman that understand i wish to date a few woman.
    So yes I would say a 18 19 20 year old may think this way but ou can teach them to be open and honest about relationships

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      what i have learned that is true is 90 percent of the will marry the first western an that will marry them
      you do a good job in your videos are you staying in Cebu.

    2. @steve o it’s been interesting as i guage different filipinas reactions.  some respond by proving they are the only real choice.  some take a step back and wait for the dust to settle.  and others, you hardly get past saying, “there this one girl…” and they are already walking away.  ha!

  3. One tip I can offer is to stay away from the site called This site is very misleading and, as I have found, unscrupulous. After I made my profile and they took my money I never found more than 10 to 30 women online at a time. Once I went online on a Friday night at 7:30 PM and found only 1 woman online. When I tried emailing them to complain I got no answer. I emailed the billing people to ask for a refund and still no answer. Stay away from this site!!!

  4. Hi, just wnt to say that ur vdeo is so cool and helpful to others,! G0od job, I met my man in a dating site also,we feel connected even though we dnt see each other yet and is almost for a year now, bc we both are in other country,he was in US and I was in UAE for a job! He was been fooled for 5x from a filipina scammer b4,and now Im d one whos paying the price! Sucks so bad! So I dare him to cme in philpns ths cming dcmbr to met me,bc I wll go h0me also to met him,but hopefully all goes well! Bc he is who I desire! May you continue helping to others!:-)

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      What do you mean by hookup girls? Do you mean prostitutes? Or do you mean girls who are looking for fast sex and nothing else?

    2. yes , i’m aware. i lived in Thailand for a while, visited the Philippines a few times and seen them in action. I never let a pretty face get my emotions going -that’s the problem with most guys that visit these places. I’ve been living in Japan for 15 years and the women are SO MUCH DIFFERENT!!
      I guess there are pro & cons when dating anyone.. The scammers in PI are really good- especially because they speak English. It’s easier to feel a emotional connection when the person speaks your language. When there’s a language barrier- you might have a chance to realize you’re being scammed before you get TOO deep in your emotions.

      I love your videos (I’ve watched them ALL), keep up the good work! 🙂

    3. @Chyloe NYC now.. the thing to keep in mind is that, while ‘meeting a girl’ on dating sites is fast and easy.. and you can be sitting across the table from them in a matter of hours, many of these girls are often ‘hookup’ girls or looking to pull a scam down the road.  (they get your trust/emotions going, and then hit you up with a sad story that only your money will fix).  not all, but a lot of them so keep your guard up.  that being said, there are some sweet, good filipinas there too so you just gotta know what you want and how to spot it.  🙂

  5. I now wish I had paid attention to what you are saying.i have been communicating with this
    Pretty girl, and now she has me as her husband. She asked me if we are in a relationship after a few weeks of conversation, she asked me if she is my girlfriend, she asked me if I love her and not wanting to be rude, I said yes,yes,yes and now I realize that she is serious. She asks me when I am going to Philippines.
    What have I got myself into ! How do I undo tnis. She says she is no longer dating anyone because we are together for life. Help please help.

    1. @ROB NAVAEI i suggest the truth to put this all back on the level.  here are the things you want to communicate to her;  (1)  you have given it some thought and decided you cannot be exclusive to her until you have known her, in person, for a good length of time.  (internet does not count)  (2)  you have decided to begin online conversations with other filipinas.  (3)  you have decided that when you visit the PH, you will meet the main 3 or 5 that you are interested in before deciding on the START of a relationship.  trust me, once you convey this to her, she will drop you like a bad habit.  filipinas hate competing with each other.  they hate a non-exclusive relationship.  if it makes you feel any better, understand that there is almost a 100% likelihood that while she is expecting you to be exclusive.. she is almost certainly talking to other expats online, just in case you never show up.  to think she really is ONLY talking to you is a one in a million shot.

  6. Thanks for your response, I just did not want to be unkind to her because she is so nice and respectful. She is so kind that if it was not for the distance, I might have fallen, but she also is very good at slowly directing me into making a commitment to her which is crazy (from 10000 miles away so to speak). 

  7. Grettings
    I meet one nice and beautiful girl,we meet online in social network ,we speaking every day 1 year, and now in january next year will be 2 year our relationship.
    I deside after one year visit her in real to see if she is real and is all true what she speak,she bring me to her house to meet her Dad and her stepmother and her brothers,and rest of family .
    I want ask is that real relationship ,we love each other and respect each other ,and most important is to we understand each other.
    Can you tell me is that real relationship or you think is not ?

    1. Goran Šmintić hey just wondering how things worked out between you and your Philippina girl. I’m going though same things. Can you give update ? Thanks.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  i spend with her 32 days and she waith me in airport ,and now i preparing her coming to my country to come. Evan she is from poor family and all member like me who i am and respect me like i like them and respect them special her father who is nice and great person.She not comunicate with nobody only with me and her friends, she is loyality and honest to me and nothing hide ,also like im to her. I think i finde real person for me and im happy . We love each other .

    3. @Goran Šmintić yes.  mainly because you have actually met her in person.   you didn’t mention how long you spent with her in person, but i’m guessing no more than maybe a month or so?  that ‘face-time’ is what is most important.  perhaps your filipina is everything she says she is.  and if so, i wish you both well and a wonderful future.  but other men have done exactly as you, only to find out later the girl hid away children she hadn’t disclosed during the visit by the online boyfriend and the family even helped to hide the kids, another local boyfriend or even a husband.  sometimes, a person is introduced as a ‘cousin’ and in fact is her husband.  remember, desperate people do desperate things.  i have no information on your particular situation so i can’t say one way or the other.  i can only say that you will truly ‘know’ her better when they two of you are physically in the same place, spending ‘real’ time together.  that is when things cannot be hidden after logging out from online.

  8. So what u are saying is that, go to those dating websites only if I plan to travel to the Philippines within 1-3 months and when I do it make sure I do talk to more than one so when I get to the Philippines I will have broad range to choose, and of course don’t get caught doing it. Thank you

  9. This is true hahah.. Don’t date with other women , do one at a time.. Hahaha. Funny this is true.. I would not like the guy collecting and select the best?

  10. Not all guy in dating site sincere and true others just wanted to have some fun. If a guy decide to visit Philippines and meet more than1 woman he shouldn’t to say any promises like he’s sincere serious or real and wants only her or she’s only the one etc using flowery tongue bec that’s fooling and once the woman is true and sincere that would be hurt and better not to meet him than to be fooled of course users gold diggers players and scammers are everywhere not only in the Philippines. Meeting 1 woman at a time is better than meeting all at the same time bec if that so better not to waste time. So guy should choose and think good before picking a girl on dating site so no wasting of time

    1. @mcan very true.  in my opinion, online is only for meeting and casual friend.  anything that involves promises or commitment should be after meeting in person.

  11. I find it so negative…in your statement you go to the Philippines to meet her (The filipina) and to know each other… and you are not allowed to meet other Filipina girls…. so why you go to the Philippnines to know her than you have the idea to meet  the other Filipina girls….. i think its not  proper to treat a woman like that….

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines On point! When these women want you to commit even though y’all haven’t met met in person I tell them no and it don’t make sense to me.

    2. @Grace Voorn it is not negative. it is simply the difference between american dating and PH dating. we prefer to actually know someone BEFORE making any commitments. that is why we get to know several women as friends first. we don’t expect and are in fact hesitant to make commitments with a person we’ve only known a few days. so, it’s not about being ‘negative’.. it’s about different approaches to commitment.

  12. I SHOULD’VE LISTENED! I am a living testimony that your advice WAS solid and I should’ve listened.
    At first I was trying to be polite and answer the emails. Fast forward: I had planned a scouting mission to the Philippines, and now my schedule has been moved up. LOL
    Philippinas are sooo sweet (and may I say, “stunningly gorgeous”)  that you’ll be all wrapped up before you realize that someone should’ve gotten the number of that truck.

    1. @mlmontalvo ha!! i’ll say it, “i told you so.” 🙂 well, at this point all i can tell you is, when you get there.. do not make any commitments until knowing them in-person for a year. online, they can hide anything, even a husband or filipino b/f. remember, “make no commitments” on your trip. otherwise you’ll be announcing your wedding date in a future post. 😉

  13. Um…. that is a bit creepy… O.O holy. I don’t think girls would be a stalker type especially filifinas. More like their doing that because you are a ‘ foreign ‘ with money. Obviously….. So basically saying if your no foreign all of them will freaking ignore you cuz your not a fish from the pond of salmons. But then again…. I wouldn’t deny the fact that someday I would rather marry someone who have blue eyes. Just cause who wouldn’t want a mixed child of their own lol. Oh and you guys probably know this but. Love and money is no different because if you don’t have that. Your family will starve to death. But still, in the end no matter what, your wives will still love you. So I’m just saying it’s a necessity in life. Not because they wanted jewelrys and all that crap. Cycle of life in simple words lol. If you didn’t get my ‘ so called ‘ explanation.

  14. awe! that hurts a bit, im a filipina too. What you say is true but not all coz i never did this ever,i work hard for me my future and for the future guy (if incase there will be and my family) never ask someone for money, i was actually the one who was scammed… i know the feeling of being scammed of a foriegn guy, sad when when you were actually true to the person and waas scammed.

    1. All poor countries are like this , I promise I not lie to u , if UK was poor we be the same , even in UK don’t trust anyone with ur money but I can’t even talk to a Philippine women as after a while say a day or week or if good a month they will say they have a problem , you know this as even in London we all get problems with money right , if UK baby born their it would be the same , it’s the country that needs sorting out , but the looks of a Philippine women are outstanding those eyes and brown skin don’t like the whitening cream most put on ,u have to be more careful their if u want a wife as they have be brought up thinking forienger are rich rich rich , reality doesn’t make us bad it’s true most is bad never put her name on your bank account or a Philippine guy until u know them most of your life and never think ur a brad Pitt like she can’t replace u as she can at any time once she is in ur country ,

  15. Your points are right on! Take it from me… Listen to this guy. I have stories I don’t have time for. I Love the Philippines and go there often.. Married and devorced. (She had 2 kids I didn’t know about…. That wasn’t the problem) Go there and spend some time if you’re interested. I still plan on retirering there in about 5 years. Then I will take my time. Great advice… Thanks for posting!!

    1. they don’t speak spanish, so…..sound good they are young and I am old, but not a chance unless the lady came here and I can host her with me but…if she says” pay me fare to meet you”….it’s will be the end of our conversation online

    2. It’s true , every time I message a Philippine women in the Philippines after 1 day or 2 they tell me they have no food and how are they going to survive or they need help for study and at the end when u find out that they have another guy or many their reply was , I’m so angry I’m going to send all ur money back to u , but that’s just a feeling for them to feel good , then they say I had no choice I needed to eat , all poverty countries will do this if we was as poor as them most of us will do that too , but what he is saying is 99% correct , that’s why the government their needs to be sacked and that country run like a business not not a scam , Ghana also has this problem , don’t take it personal as no girl can beat the beauty eyes and looks of a Philippines women , but poverty brings us all to be like this

  16. I wish I see your vid before I spent all my money on begging girls that took everything I had for 10 years every one of them took. The lot and when I was poor myself I not have a single friend all left , it’s not just Philippine it’s all poor country but the problem is Philippine is so beautiful like angles so we all fall for it time and time again and worry when they say they have no food to eat tonight or their study they have to stop or hospital their dad so how can u let her dad die , but when u yourself are in that hospital but are broke they lost your number ,,,, all of them , never met a good one ,, listen u cant as u never met in real but ur money makes poor people make u their guy , no money ur not their guy ,

    1. When I got to Manila the police guy outside directed me to a cab and the cab said he will take me to the other terminal for Cebu flight but told me the airport is closed until 2 hours time so took me to a near buy coffee shop , on pulling up 4 guys grabbed my suit cases and took them inside a building with no lights outside , inside it was a go go bar and they pour 2 girls a drink , the point was I had all my id on me and money and everything suit cases after 12 ministers about I decided to go thinking I would get mugged on the way out but was handed a bill for 20 000 peso yes for 2 drinks of cola and my cola I not drink , I decided to pay as I was unsure of the place and where I was , I ask the guys card and said I liked the place but yes it all happen so fast and I was alone and I had 3 suit cases with me and they was all shining torches on my things ,
      La la land Louis manager 25 roses boulevard west tambo parafaque City , outside it just looked like a plain old building . Anyway thank u for ur advise . I went to Cebu to help 2 people into study for other country New Zealand , for witch they are now in nz but if I lost mopey bircertificate and things I’d be in trouble , I wanted to report it but their it seems impossible , take care anyway bye

    2. @john william the best thing you can do at this point is take things slower and make better evaluations of the type of girls you are dealing with. just take it slow. 🙂

  17. Wow Reekay, didn’t even think of it like this. I lived in Antipolo City for a year, and I’m heading back there in about 6 months or so and it is difficult not to check out all those beautiful chicks on those sites lol. But you’re right, best to wait cause 90% of the chicks you talk too outside of country are most likely going to be scammers. But once you’re there, like you said… easier then ordering a pizza lol. Man, I’m so excited to go back there again!

  18. 8 girls a day try 100 a week and the majority of them will not even read your profile you say that you are looking for a woman 29-32 from the Ilocos region and women in the ages in between 18-24 that dont live anywhere near the Ilocos region contact you. And most of them are not even intrested chatting with you that is atleast what I have experienced

    1. +Christopher Reyes Good point! I put in I didn’t want to be a stepfather, and most of the girls who contacted me………had one or more kids. LOL!!

    2. @Christopher Reyes very true. even guys without a profile photo will get lots of hits. but the valid ones, who might at least fit what you’re looking for are about 8 a day in most cases.

  19. Gud day to all of you foreign men genuinely looking for genuinely decent dates…Please take note that there are certainly more than moral decent sincere Filipina women than the bad n scamming ones….take for example of my daughter who is looking for a decent moral American guy for a partner for life, we donot need a cent from him, just somebody who will love her n share life cheer up n don’t lose hope, just know ur date more as in any other relationship. God bless u all…

    1. Well mate .. i got scammed. Loved a young one 22 now. Im 68. She said she loved me. Went to meet her. Her family picked me up at airport. Drove me 3 or 4 hours to their place. In Cotabato. Only stayed 5 days. But she couldn’t be with me. She put me onto her sister 30. Talked to her for 8 months . Everyday on cam. Told me 6, 7 times a day she loved me. She’s in Kuwait. I sent her money to finish her house. I slept in it when i was there. 3 weeks before meeting her.. she called it off. Cannot give me a reason. My attitude she said. I didn’t have one until you pissed me off. All up .. i gave the family about 100.000p. 2.5k au. Her and sister changed their face book names to hide from me. But i found them. But blicked me again. Losing what you thought was love .. is one thing. But getting scammed is something else. Always wanted me to send 50.000p for our wedding. I didnt .. i said i will bring it with me. But being an old fool.. i got scammed by what i thought was a truly wonderful family. But both sisters dont mind showing you their private parts when money is involved.

  20. Lol this requires patience. Hard not to indulge online. I’ll be travelling soon to meet a girl and am afraid of other temptations. Especially as I’m not guaranteed any action as she’s religious. Loads of good advice.

  21. I have to disagree here 100%. I went to the Phils recently and found myself stuck in Metro Manila for 3 weeks of my stay. My contacts were in province so I was basically dateless. Logically I didn’t want to waste 3 weeks of my stay, so I jumped online everyday for at least 90 minutes to check out the girls in my local area. No luck! I was expecting hundreds of local filipinas online, instead there were only a dozen or so in my local area. The one I liked turned out to be fake. Some of the legit girls do log in every 5 days or so ( sometimes once every 2 weeks ) and when they do, sometimes they miss your message, or just forget to send their contact details, even if you ask them. The best way to really get their contact details is to ask them while they are online chatting to you. If you do that , you will get those contact details 9 out of 10 times. Good luck in timing your limited internet time to the exact time she is online… Anyway, eventually I did get 3 or 4 filipinas lined up for dates locally, the one I liked the most was too busy with work ( had 2 jobs ) , the other two folded because I wouldn’t respond to their text messages ( I didn’t have credit at the time ) .The girl I ended up dating, looked a lot less attractive in person than in the photos, bad attitude too. So this is realistically what you can expect if you “start looking” when you get to the Phils.

    1. QuantumVoid Thanks for sharing. I think to have success you need to use multiple strategies @ the same time. Examples: (1) Online chatting = 1 – 2 hours daily. (2) Spending time @ a mall. (3) DO VOLUNTEER WORK !!!!!! (4) Create your own Meet Up group. (5) Bankroll someone else’s “social event”…….birthday parties, graduations, etc. etc. Never depend on just one method to meet people.

    2. +QuantumVoid what were you looking for? a relationship or just a date for the night? if you were looking for a relationship, 3 weeks is plenty of time to ‘meet’ a person, especially off-line. did you approach any women in person? because without even trying i can get 3 or 4 phone numbers in town just doing a bit of shopping. it’s really not all that hard. in one day i can easily line up enough girls to interview for a relationship for 3 weeks. if you don’t text them, that’s not their fault. now.. if you were only looking for a one-night thing, again.. all you’d need is a few hours online to set that up for the whole 3 weeks. it’s not just me, i’ve spoken and messaged with over a hundred guys who have the same experience. it’s really not all that hard. as a side note; manila is not a prime place to go looking for a wife in less than 3 weeks. your best bet is the smaller islands and villages. forget sifting through city girls unless all you want is some quickie.

    3. +QuantumVoid My advice really is to “take your time” if you’re looking for someone special. Weed out the scammers, the players, the ugly ones, the oldies, etc, and really go after what you want. You will find it if you’re patient. But likely not in 2 weeks.

  22. This is so true, I have had woman in the first or second day say they love me. Once they sense you are real and a good person, they do and say anything to be yours. Generally they are sincere woman and have been abused by the bad men on the dating site. The good men are few and far between. My plans now is to just come to Phil and look there for dating. If you are honest in person and a good communicator, you will have more dates then you know what to do with. Why go to a dating site for a filipina then? BTW, I gave up dating sites and chatrooms. It is a waste of time unless you just want a chat mate, plenty of those.

  23. can i comments sir hahhah before i chatting a american guy and he is scammer not only him but theres another one that i chatting they are american guy that wants a money!!!! wow soo not only a filipina theres some of american guy also :/ im a filipina searching foreign guy but i search for true love 🙂 not about money not about to have a good life:) instead real and true love maybe this time i find it🙏

  24. My stepfather (from Austria/Europe) told me: “Without a mobilephone, this is all worth nothing!” Is it true? Is a nice guy without mobilephone uninteresting just because of that?

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  SO, how did filipinas comunicate until 15 years ago? I mean, there is a phone in the Hotel room anyway, and at least one can use a mobilphone just as a phone, or not?

    2. +Nipaporn P. it’s not that a guy is uninteresting without a phone. it’s that having a phone for texting and meeting up is so crucial. filipinas don’t have their own car to just wander the city and stop by your place to make plans. everything is done either by text or smart-phone messenger apps. you can get by in the PH without wheels. but without a phone you can’t communicate to make plans for a meetup.

  25. asian dating sites are what got me interested in the philippines. i am currently an admin at one of them. NEVER NEVER NEVER pay for a site. most sites have their own chatrooms which are also free. i agree with 99% of the things you have said here. one thing i have noticed is that the girls who are the most forward seem to be the ones you should probably avoid. one of the best things about these sites is that we have set up annual gathering in phils and this provides a way of a “safety in numbers” situation. As Henry says, be causcious always.

    1. Larry Richelli give your life to Christ and you’ll be set:) plus..most conservative christian women have the best values and will be most loyal. especially filipinas

    2. Those who would likely be vegans are those who follows Hare Khrisna. If you can find someone who is welcoming that you are an atheist, that would work.

    3. +Larry Richelli filipinas are fairly accomodating when it comes to foreigners. i suppose it depends how ‘vocal’ an atheist a person is. if they are constantly running down the catholic traditions here, it’s going to be rough sledding finding a filipina (or her family) who will put up with that. but if he has his mind made up and keeps it to himself, his odds are better that things will move along smoothly.

  26. It’s shameful to both parties bcoz most of girls only want money and guys wants only sex n play. I hope all this websites will be blocked by the gov.

    1. +michelle santos i doubt that will happen anytime soon. if the websites are on servers in say, usa, australia or uk.. the PH would have to employ blocking protocols into the servers (similar to china).. and that means taking on a censorship stance on the internet for the PH.

  27. It’s true, that when you chatting a couple of weeks or month, and woman think that he is serious with you, then she want you to be her boyfriend. Some cases, mostly men I meet online, they only want sex and they didn’t want a serious relationship. After a couple of weeks he didn’t reply all my messages. It’s really hard to find a serious man. Only at first two weeks, after that he gone. Why it is so?

    1. +PRESS SILVA thanks girl….we’ve chat its been a year..did you meet foreign guy already in dating site? i have met 3guys but no one was serious and the one is french guy but he was lier he told me that he was a single but when the time that i met him in alabang he wants only sex…after a couple of months i have discover his status that he was married already to a filipina i want to kill him at that time i cant even imagine he made me fool and betrayed…..

    2. +Rhynzie Tronzon ,woow, I’m still searching,there a lot of scammers in online dating sites,but I am very careful now of trusting guy. where he from?how long you been dating.happy for you girl.

    3. you are corret girl!!! it is hard to find a serious man in dating site they want only have sex in come to forced you to be nake ewwwwwwww…i dont want to show my body to someone i didnt know yet and haven’t meet in real…but i am lucky now because i have found my lucky man…there has also a fake guy in dating site i have noticed for that…so soŕry i got annoying of that kind of person………..

  28. @ 4:35 : Yep so true, but that is again a one way street. Don’t think for a second the SHE will not talk to other guys and, of course, SHE will not tell you. Then later, if you find out she is doing that, there are two thing that can happen.
    ONE : she tells you “yeah, but that’s different” and if you have the nerve to confront her and go deeper in the subject, she goes TAMPO.
    TWO : She goes straight away in tampo mode, without telling you “that’s different”.

    They have there own views and,….. filipinas are ALWAYS RIGHT, end of story, no discussion. They are so unbeleaveable possesive and take a lot “for granted”, even BEFORE it becomes an issue.

    1. yes,i don’t have problem with ,her & me ,yet when she has other #’s after lost tab/phone .It  does make you wonder ,you ask reasonable explanations are forthcoming,(yet you know if you had 3 ph #’s she would shit herself),or when she has conversations ,you  read it ,an explanation 01b?) oh him no he means nothing )loses phone or tab(magically replaced 24 hrs ,has newer one even though bank always hassling ,probably  true ,yet as I am not paying ?whom is , I have met here mum & sisters ,brothers ,and  kids,hers and my relationship is honest yet she knows I’m poor ,lost many ,many ,dollars 08, Meet the parents ,kids , not as rich white guy ,as poor white guy , Always Truth ,

  29. Very very true everything you said is right on point. Most guys have no clue. If you are serious and have been talking to a one particular girl stick with that plan if you think you can leave her for a minute or two so you can go to another island and date other women uh uh uh she ain’t gonna let you and if you don’t take her with you kiss that relationship goodbye !!..

  30. As someone that went to a dating site and ultimately married a Filipina from that dating site everything he says is 100 percent accurate. You don’t even need a dating site. Just show up and meet someone at the mall or anywhere. They look at every white male like they are Brad Pitt.

  31. I’m at that stage now, had plans to meet online girlfriend in Manila, and her family, too, but recently had to cancel flight for reasons beyond my control. Now in the doghouse, but not because flight canceled, it’s because she quit her job just to be with me all 4 weeks and now unemployed. I agree I owe her for that, so what exactly do I do now? Pay her lost wage? Or try once again getting over there to make amends? Just can’t afford doing both now, but willing to do the right thing here, if there really is a right thing to do.

    1. it would make a difference if you asked her to quit her job.. or she did that all on her own without letting you know. if she let you know, that was the time to advise her it’s a bad idea. if she did it without telling you, that’s on her. it’s the cost of making rash decisions without advice.

  32. thanks indeed for all your lovely and important advises here. so yoou are living iin Bohol., god the security for foreners is a big issue,in your place Abusayyaf people have oprated newly last week maybe 4 or more were killed, i pray god for a nice change in your lovely country,been there 4 times in many different area,but this time i love and i must meet you fir a serious isse to find a true love soulmate, i hope. best wish for all of you.not have FB, and dont like there to be. through mail or some othere free sites like whatsApp that i have I,m more comfortable. t am a plan later,good luck

  33. Some good girls but also a lot of scammers the knack is to separate the two before you get too involved. Always check the girl you have met.

    1. over the years her family build up a trust systerm with me file a police report to the australia police they did nothing also try the philipiness police as well just as useless john

    2. so… i have to ask. “why?” would you give so much money to someone you hardly know?? that’s roughly $3,000 usd. and you did it 5 times? dating 5 women, i could understand spending maybe $100 each in dinners, movies, outings. but $600 each?? well, at least now you know that throwing money at a woman is not a good way to find a good one.

  34. Why the fuck isn’t it both ways online on facebook? I always get lies from them like any other lady. I think you’ve glorified them too much at least by age of 17-29

    1. one has nothing to do with the other. online sites attract scammers the way bars and casinos attract alcoholics and gamblers. the good women rarely spend time on a dating site, a few, but not many. most are tired at the end of the day from working a job. the people (men and women) in an online dating site do NOT represent the same people out in the real world any more than a casino could be considered ‘normal, daily life’ in the outside community.

    2. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines if they’re oh so good quality and there are wifi spots bountifully. Then why aren’t the odds the same?

    3. do not.. repeat, do NOT expect to find a good woman online. i’d say maybe less than 5% are sincere. online is mostly scams and hookups. there are some great women in the PH, but you gotta meet them in person, in the malls, on the street, etc. find true love online is much like expecting to make gainful income by playing the casino. the long odds are against you. you gotta go offline to find quality women.

  35. I WOULD LOVE A BEAUTIFUL GIRL and JUST STAY WITH HER. But fuck they aren’t able to do shit for me for loyalty, delete ex’s posts, not lie, and not cheat. God bless it. Whether you’re religious Catholic or not they will lead you on as a friend, keep you asa friend, cheat, etc.

  36. Agree and disagree. I waited until I knew I would be there in six months to go on the website. So that would give me 1 to 3 months to find the right girl. When you’re picking someone that you’re going to marry and spend the rest of your life with you need to be picky and not just expect to find the person in the first week. So I spent about two months chatting with girls until I discovered the right one. Then it gave me over three months of chatting with her to make sure that she was the right one before I got there. The last thing I would recommend someone do is get to know someone for two or three weeks and then travel over there and see them and find out they are completely different than what you expected. Relationships are tough for the first six months to say the least. You’re going to fight and argue have disagreements and misunderstandings. You need to learn and understand each other. You cannot do that in the matter of a couple weeks. I highly suggest anyone looking for a Filipina wife spend a minimum of 1 to 3 months looking for the right girl. And then spending at least 1 to 3 months getting to know her. This is coming from someone that has been there more times than I can count over the last 15 years and I’m currently married to a Filipina.

  37. I met a beautiful Filipina on and we got to know each other for 3 months before I flew from the US to Cebu City to meet her. I spent the next 2 1/2 wonderful years with her. Some of these women don’t want to go to bars or hang out in the mall to meet a good man. If they are working an office job or whatever, most do not have time to go out and socialize. They can find someone they could not otherwise find the more usual ways so they go online. You can find beautiful women with a golden heart on a dating site that you would NEVER see in the bars or malls. It’s worth signing up on a dating site. You can also make a date with many wonderful ladies on the spot from a dating site!

  38. Or lady boy with sexy pics…People in the Philippines knew almost everybody till the next town so 20 minutes is a bit close hehehe just saying.

  39. Just joined a site. Do all conversations with Filipinas so bland? I know they’re more reserved but damn. Can’t tell if they’re real or just going off a script eventually gonna ask for money down the road.

    1. many have not had much practice speaking english, so they’re afraid of using bad gramma. i did the same when i first began speaking spanish.

    1. it’s because the online dating sites are like a magnet for those “in the business”. i’d say a very small fraction are sincere men and women wanting a relationship. they meet sometimes by pure luck and some blocking of the scammers/pros. but for the most part online datings sites and apps are for easy hookups. that’s just the reality.

  40. Reekey Very good video as usual mate look i was married for 42 years to a girl from Cebu filapina s are very strong in the HEAD temper good wife and very good mother but dont talk to any girl or any friend they want full report who is that girl where do you know her from so over the TOP

  41. Excellent advice tips and warnings. I’m pinoy and been living in Uk for 36 or so years but now I’m thinking to go back to Pinas and see what happens. Hope we can have a beer 🍺 when I will be there. Salamat po


  43. Great video! Philippine Online dating sometimes unfairly gets a bad wrap, but most people don’t realize that over 40% of new relationships world-wide are started ONLINE! There are a lot of good paid sites, and a few great free ones if you know where to look. For those who are more interested in Asian singles, the best truly free site we’ve found is There are also some good paid sites like Match or eHarmony if you are willing to pay monthly fees.

  44. Ive got to be honest here,I think ill just go to Vietnam and avoid the Philippines entirely.
    How can you enjoy your stay if you have to be constantly on your guard?

  45. Yes, true spoken about dating online. We must careful , because some are true to their aim and some are not, they were scammers. I experienced meeting a scammers and they have good words to decieve you believing that they are true with their purpose.

  46. Filipinas are quite possessive, once she accepted you and consider you as her boyfriend, she wants your attention all by herself , you should not entertain other girls or don’t ever try to flirt with other girls. Filipinas are mostly loyal and faithful and they want you or expect you to do the same to her. If you flirt with other girls, it’s the end of you. Goodbye Kano 😂 😂 😂

  47. Hello, I watch a lot of your videos and they are very helpful and informative. This video is one that I wished I had watched before I went to the Philippines to meet a woman I met online. The Filipinocupid dating site experience was just as you described. Within 20 minutes after joining the site I had nearly 10 messages or interests from Filipinas. I began to chat with a lot of them and eventually narrowed my choices down but didn’t visit the Philippines for nearly 5 months later. During the time I was chatting online I had quite a few of them ask for money and a lot used the same type story as to why they needed money. I eventually focused on one lady and my intentions were to visit the Philippines not just to see her but to experience the culture. But when I arrived she met me at the airport and literally didn’t let me out of her site the entire time I was there. Fortunately she looked as beautiful as her photos and as she did when we video chatted but she turned out to be married, she smoke cigarettes very heavily, and she didn’t want to do anything but sit around her home all day in one of the Provinces. The first couple of days were kind of exciting but things got boring after that. One thing to validate your point about Filipinas wanting to meet foreigners is that 2 of friends she introduced me to and even some female family members made advances towards me behind her back and some even contacted me online after I returned to the USA and try to establish a relationship with me as if she didn’t exist.

    1. Thank you so much for loving and having interes in filipina. Filipina is very sweet and give valued feeling than money specially when they feel that the guys treat them nice with a respect. I wish that I find someone like you. (have a good look in filipina)

  48. I agree with this mostly. In my vidos, I always advise not to have more than 2-3 girls at a time. At least for me it’s more trouble than its worth to talk to that many girls.


  50. Dude you are living the life in a tropicale country with beautiful women every where and people to talk to 😄. Here in the states us guys we get no love at all. So true what you telling us to make the right move when a man gets no love at all for year’s and the first beautiful Filipina girl comes checkmate . I bet there lots of wonderful beautiful talented women to meet and talk too over there in the Philippines. That’s one of my soon to go to the Philippines if I can’t this year next year definitely.

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