Filipina Dating Sites; Tips & Warnings.. Part 1 of 3

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  1. I well NEVER EVER use ANY kind of dating site on line no matter what country ! In person or nothing has always been my thing . It’s more fun that way because you then know were you stand right at that moment. Plus if the phone number IS real. Then you know she does likes & trusts you !

    1. I agree. I have been married 15 years to a filipina who is my best friend, lover and soul mate. She is an incredible woman, mother and lover.

  2. I met my wife on  they charged about 35.US a month, but you could chat and exchange ym’s, and chat off the site, where some sites restricted you by not allowing you to exchange ym’s, or email address. 

  3. All that you say here is true, when i went to the Philippines it was life changing for me. I only wish I had seen your videos before I went to the Philippines.

  4. 1. Only use a Filipina dating site if you have previous online dating experience or plenty of experience with women.
    2. Do not buy her affection and do not send her money especially if you’ve never met.
    3. She may never ask you for money but her family might. Be aware of this because it could cause problems later on as they can be heavily influenced by their parents.
    4. On dating sites make sure she has multiple photo’s and you can converse via webcam at some point.
    5. It can be difficult to tell a ladyboy from a real Filipina by webcam/photo’s.
    6. Filipina’s can be very immature and are notorious for a thing called a tampo. Look it up.
    7. Patience is the most important thing while looking for a Filipina. Only fools rush in.
    8. Be aware of Filipina’s who look cheap and tarty on their dating profile or are looking for men between 18 and 99. They’re usually scammers.
    9. On your dating profile make sure you don’t make out you have money and put that you’re aware of scammers and you’re interested in genuine women only. Genuine Filipina’s will be more attracted to men who write a good honest article about themselves.
    10. Don’t bring a Filipina back to your own country unless you’re 100% she is right for you and it’s for the correct reasons.

    1. I had a Tagged account for years that I never used.  I barely started using it about 2 weeks ago, and through it I’ve now found someone that I am getting to know very well.

  5. Thanks for the info and your contribution.  The date in asia is interesting.  I was thinking that there must be one that was actually free and they made their money with ads…  I will check it now now.  Thanks again!!

  6. Oh!.. you’re there in my home town. In which place in Bohol you stayed Sir?.

    and just wanna ask Sir about the American scammers?. Do you have a tip for us?.  Because long time ago, i am searching for a good one. but its like i am not lucky. I couldn’t find even until now. 🙂

    1. Sir Henry, i just wanna say… Your wife is very lucky to have you, because you have a very good heart and open minded. God bless your family Sir,. 🙂

    2. @***** a wealthy filipina woman was in the cebu news a few weeks ago.. a man online answered her online dating ad.. built up trust with her and then claimed he was in the hospital in need of money before he could travel to see her.  he convinced her to bit by bit send him all her savings and she even had mortgaged her home to send him money.. all for lies about his hospital condition.  other men scam filipinas, who have no money, by trying to get them to appear nude on webcam in exchange for money they never send.  or they promise love and marriage, saying they want to meet when they arrive in the PH.. but in reality they only wanted sex and then leave town to be with yet another girl they made false promises to.  This is very damaging to young filipinas in love.  It is a cruel practice done by too many men online.

    1. @soldadodezion ‘hispanic’ would be a close label.  some say ‘latino’, others say ‘chicano’.  i am 3rd generation US born citizen so i consider myself American in regards to nationality.

  7. Thanks so much for your information! Without this information, I would have never known this! You explain that all really objective and understandable.God bless you! R. Walter

  8. I see women on these sites describe themselves as a “simple person” and a “jolly person”.  Now I think I know what these descriptions mean in the US. But what the heck do they mean in the Philippines. Is a simple person an uneducated person? And jolly is practically extinct here in the US.

    1. Thanks so much for answering. I enjoy your videos. I think you do the best job of explaining things. Maybe you should get into the act and write a book ala Ned or The Kano.

    2. +Al Brown ‘simple’ seems to be their way of saying, “not high maintenance”. “jolly person” usually equates to them saying they are ‘of a positive attitude’. (your mileage may vary)

  9. Good video. Well I made the first mistake then. LOL. Applied to a dating site (CherryBlossoms) and got TONS of responses. And they saw MY PROFILE first. I never even looked at theirs. LOL. I’m shooting for the summer to go over there but I’m not even sure THEN.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Yessurr!! Well one I’m in contact with was and is still trying to get me to commit but I keep telling her NOT UNTIL WE MEET. But I’m not a heartbreaker so I personally have to keep my distance. 

    2. +cjjaxxon ha!.. you still got time for damage control. tighten down the visits to maybe 2 or 3 girls and tell them you just want to meetup as friends. let them know you aren’t making any commitments yet. (that will filter out a lot of the jealous ones) then when you arrive, just explore and you will be amazed the women you will meet doing stuff like shopping for groceries, walking the mall, buying souvenirs, etc. don’t limit yourself. 🙂

  10. thanks for this video!! u explain here that western guys dating a filipina for a coupleof weeks or mnths is they not consider as a relationship??? bcz in my experience , one guy frm western country reguested me online then we chat and talk in skype everyday for the first 2 weeks to nkw each other,he start saying that he loves me to make a story short i fall inlove with him too….. now we already 3 mnths , so how do called this it is dating or relationship??? i need ur help pls……

    1. +Angelita Palsario … one thing that may help, in any situation, is to compare how much of what a person says they will do.. with what they actually do. lots of men would ‘like’ to fly to the PH, but haven’t either the money or situation to do it. in the meanwhile, they enjoy having a nice filipina ‘friend’ to talk to. if time goes by and some other opportunity comes by that is more promising, don’t feel bad about moving on to someone who is able to take some action to their words.

    2. Thanks for ur responce , im very honest to him i told everythng about my life i never hide any secret, thats why i a bit worried bcz i dont nkw if he really telling me the truth and he telling me about his plan for the future he keep telling me to be positive to make it happen, i dont want to fell heart broken ,but i give him time to prove it whats he told me…..

    3. +Angelita Palsario i’d say, first.. ask yourself this question; “how much time have you spent with him in-person, not online?” what you have so far is, “a nice introduction”. but you really don’t know if anything he told you is real. he might be married. he might have just been released from prison. you really don’t know anything for sure except for what he’s told you. anyone can be a ‘nice person’ for 3-4 hours online. but what is he like when he’s bored, angry, worried, etc.? until you spend real time with him in person, i’d say about 80% of his real life is still a mystery to you.

  11. Thanks for your thoughts. I think a person should be careful in becoming a keyboard Romeo, Some guys will get caught up in writing emails and never travel to the Philippines.

  12. Beware Men after spending $5,000 writing letters to XiangPing Wang who agreed to fly to my location. She gave me her flight # and time however after going to the gate she was a no show.

    1. Hi sir my name is esterwenamalinao I AM looking American guy ages of 54or 60years old can you plss help me sir I’m from philippines THANAK YOU SO MUCH 🤝🇨🇿

  13. hahaha he’s got everything on point. My exact experience in the online dating scene. US websites. maybe 10% response. Phils dating sites, a good 50-70% response.

  14. Thanks for the vids I watched all 3 you seem like a good guy with your honesty and info.  I’m interested in a Filipina woman they seem like amazing women especially if you are looking for someone to marry… and everyone with experience such as yourself says many of them are very sweet.  Much different than American women.   I’m curious why you moved to there do you think you will eventually marry one or are you just enjoying the single life there?

    1. +Shinethelight i wrote a few articles on what led me to move to the PH, i’ll put the link to it here. as for marriage, i’m very much torn right now over the great relationship lyn and i have, and the creative writing projects i want to accomplish, as well as travel. but life is good, we’re both happy and taking things one day at a time. 🙂

  15. Lets face it foreigners take advantage of the financial situation in the Philippines and in return the chicks take advantage. So I guess it even’s it evens itself out in the long run but don’t forget if your sending money to your gf in Manila, Cebu chances are I will be there procreating with her because I am there. Think about it boys’. Yes there is the odd good one but they are like white gold. Think of it this way there are probably about 7 good ones in the world today out of 7 Billion people and you and me ain’t going to meet them.

    1. do dating sites have reliable women? NO. i’d say maybe less than 10% are truly sincere about finding an honest relationship. the rest are scammers and pros. free of STD/Aids? i have no way of knowing. but typically pros are part of the high-risk group for either of those. best place to meet a quality filipina is to come to the PH and meet one in person that you did NOT meet online. just walk up and say, “Hello” and build a relationship. that is how you improve your odds of finding a good woman.

  16. Some men are lucky and find a good woman on line but you must be aware there are a lot of scammers out there and you have got to be careful. There is some good advise from cashpanache (below). The difficulty is finding a girl who has true feeling for you and is not just after your money or a green card (or the equivalent).
    There are ways of reducing the risk by checking they are not in contact with other guys as well as you.
    Remember, when you marry or get seriously involved you marry the whole family, never send money to begin with but be warned at some stage in the future you might have to support the family to some extent or another.

    1. their lists of what a man must have and do to ‘qualify’ for dating her. i have a standard answer for those type of dating profiles, “Blocked. Next.” 🙂

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