Figuring Your Budget & Income for the #Philippines

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  1. Cant argue with what your saying. My plan is to live on the Philippines at about $1,250 a month with three possibly four people in the family, but at one point we.she will buy a house. Nice Video.

  2. I knw lots of Filipino family’s there I can stay in there house if I choose pay them some pesos .but I rather do my own thing rent apartment works out good in Philippines!!

  3. Great info Henry…………Your right, a lot of people read these e-books or have big expectations on living on the cheap there and eventually end up running out of money. I work in the law enforcement field and I’m closing in on 50 and that’s the same time I can start collecting my lifetime pension, it’s great to know its there every month instead of looking at options to make a living there. Can’t wait to call the Philippines home for good, be safe my friend and keep them videos going!

  4. Aloha Reekay… I have a permanent income of $5600 … i am a disabled Army veteran… retired… could I find a live In caretaker that can help me with my disability… GSW GunShotWound… I will be down there in about 1 or 2 months… I have two homes in Hawai’i and one in Seattle Washington … I need a change of life… I’m single and looking for a women that will make me happy emotionally and sexually… could we meet… MAHALO
    Prof. BRUCE WAYNE S. Ph.D.
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  5. “I swear to God” HAHAHAHA your freakin’ hilarious man. Thanks for all you do brother. I’m heading there in march for a month. I can’t wait

  6. Hi.. can you answer this? can a foreigner own land/house in the Philippines/ some say not, others say if you are married to a filopino, you can. we already have a house in siquijor but in my wifes name. just considering the future. thanks bruce from Australia

  7. I’d say so – to live in a Philippines city and having a average expat lifestyle will cost you about 1/3 of the costs back in your US or European homecountry. This should include your healthinsurance and travelcosts as well.

  8. Hi , here in the UK it’s Β£500 ($638) to rent anything worth having in the north , double that for south and triple it for London …….quite a few in thier 50s are in the position to rent out due to owning out right , plus if you have a personal pension you can draw on it at 55 …cut to the quick …many could quit the UK with around $1000 per month income which is why the interest in channels like this is high ….

  9. We owe a condo in the Manila and we use it as our vacation home. We normally stay there, 3-4 weeks in a year. Assuming if I was renting it, It would cost around 28-30K with just the rent.

  10. If you’re going to live in Makati and eat out a few times a week at Western Style restaurants…then what “Guido DeMaio” says: have at least $2000.00 month is valid.
    Furthermore, his advice about having a nice bank account is so true. If you’re going to live in the Phils, you need to have access to ca$h in the event you need medical treatment or in case you decide to go back home or move to a different country.

  11. I guess I have the advantage over most men planning to live in the Philippines. My girlfriend owns her home all we need to do is get some remodeling work done and it’s almost as good as new. Once I get some things financially settled here we are planning for me to live there. I have really enjoyed my trips to the Philippines the last two years and living there has always been on my mind. Great video and really enjoy your channel here.

  12. So either you and Lyn are no longer together or this is an old video, since you define yourself as single. No problem with that but when you say you are single and living on under 1k I have to wonder is that your current situation or an old reality? Not trying too hard to be a jerk here, just saying it’s hard to know if this is current or a re-edited older video.

  13. Hi Henry…..question: When did you first do this video ? Just wondering….. prices must have gone up since then. Would you still think that a single guy could do it bare bones for $700 a month ? I’m not too worried because I’m single, I have about $1,800.00 Canadian every month after taxes from my work pension and Canadian pension, which I can continue to collect overseas, , and the position of the Canadian dollar has been improving slowly compared to the Philippine peso.
    Thank you for all your work, and best wishes to you and Lyn.

  14. Ned(Phil dreams) must be on a state pension for his income. Doesn’t seem to care about expenses. As for SeZ Style, I can’t figure him out lol. He is too young to retire and too young to collect a pension. This video was good info about how these expats are living out there, many seeming too young to retire. It answers a lot of my questions. πŸ™‚ I watch a lot of the channels and wonder how they do it.

  15. Great topic! I am retired here in Canada but don’t know where i can stay with a budget of about $1.7 Cdn. I know I must live somewhere in the rural areas….any suggestion where?

  16. I am involved in farming. Rice, mangos and piglets. Lol it is not for the faint of heart. Business in the Philippines is graduate level stress at high school pay.

  17. Took your advice, been earning online for over a year. Income is still marginal to support myself in the Philippines but the capital is liquid so if I have bail I can do so on a couple days notice. I should be arriving in November. πŸ™‚

  18. I’m canadian and I’ve been spending my winters in Thailand.
    As I have to leave the country for visa purpose.
    That I’ll go see and check.
    My budget in Thailand is $2,000.00 US.
    Listenning to this video maded me wanted to go. Then in january, I’ll go.

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