Ferry & Tricycle Ride To Lapu Lapu, Philippines

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  1. I recommend you try a place called AA BBQ, there are several around Cebu, we used to eat at the one in Minglanilia in the south of Cebu, In fact we had our wedding reception in a private room as it had aircon.
    Talking of Lapu Lapu, my Filipino friend Rey and his Mother are here in Calgary at the moment visiting.
    Try the Shangri La hotel, we stayed there 2 nights for our honeymoon in May 09.

  2. I love the AA BBQ!! A special girl and I call it the “Double-Triple AA BBQ” ha! Good food, big selection, great fruit shakes and decent prices. I usually go to the one across the street from Plaza Indepencia (Fort San Pedro) near Pier 1 when I get off the ferry in Cebu.

  3. I love the neppa hut type eating places. Seems like every where you go you will find they have their own version of how to cook thing. Every town or place seems to have a claim to fame or special dish. Well I’m retiring at the end of July so once the grass stops growing we are headed to PI and Thailand. 🙂 going to bring some fishing tackle and reel this time. Once I get home in the states I am going to try roasting a whole pig!!! ( Lechon) I have been watching on utube and think I can pull it

  4. Lapu-Lapu, the national Hero……… I was about 20 times in the Philipines. First time 1983 when I was 18, everyyear. But Lapu-Lapu change a lot. When I was there the first time, there was not even a traficlight in the street, not even a Shoppingcenter and u have to pay when go over the Mactan-Bridge. Today nothing is the same anymore. The Meeting-place 1983 was the “1890 Beerhouse “, the Owner was a very nice old Lady, called Cora. And there was, “Marigondo Beach” with the “Parker’s Beachside Inn and Restaurante” with Kelly Parker and Family. Oh how I miss that time.
    Today I’m 48 Years old and I’m living 8 years here in Brasil, but I feel like, mmm… its enough and I should move again. Traveler like as , we never can stay in a place forever. There  is so much in the world to find out. But u choose a good place. There ‘re many beautyful places in the Philippines. And u have more than 7000 Island to see. Man u ‘re lucky. I think I’ll move to the Philippines again. ;-))))) 
    I wish u good luck and take good care with this Typhoon Yolanda. All the best for u. 

  5. my frnd you have to be very carefull using your camera down in cebu city…mandaue and lapu-lapu… sad to say but theres a lot of snatchers roaming around there..

    1. well good..i am a filipino my wife is from cebu  but ive been away for 4 years already because i am here in japan..watching your videos make me smile and feeling like im already home.and i thank you for that..this march i will go home in the philippines hope to see you in person.i guess your a good person..god bless bro.
      @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines

  6. Thank u sir for choosing our country, ths video shown u r confident to be here proud of ths video

    Sir can I ask? Maybe ths video took 2012? And wats ur nationality?

    Im from basak too near villa magellanes at d back of granmal

    1. @Erwin Coliflores hi erwin, yes.. this particular video is from my arrival in basak/mactan in 2012. i am still here and have traveled to live on bohol, panglao, moalboal and now dumaguete. i love it very much here. originally i am from the united states, california. i am familiar with vialla magellanes, i used to live 3 blocks from the grand mall, going toward maribago. (across from the shellane location.)

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