Feeding Wild Monkeys in Thailand – 2,200 Pounds of Bananas

#Monkey #Thailand #KhaoSamMuk
We bought 2,200 LBS of bananas to feed the monkeys at Khao Sam Muk in Bangsean Thailand.


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  1. Just another day of adventure and fun let’s not forget the lunch . I would like to know when are you going to attempt the ghost building . I saw it about three times week and it would highlight the month . I also did my homework on skyline cars they are bad ass vehicles better than mustang.

  2. Those monkeys are Ungrateful D!€K$ lol
    I love Thai food and cars. And I’m also a professional diver so I think I’d enjoy a trip there someday.

  3. Those monkeys are vicious man. I always stayed away from them. They always act beligelent. Taking people’s food, watches, wallets what have you.. Ask the street vendors who sell food. There is nothing cute about them.

  4. Chad you “CB” Logo on YT with the white circle and red letters always trips me up because if I look to quick I confuse it with the Ted talk logo in my notifications. I look and I’m like damn Chad putting in work…. Oh wait that’s another Ted Talk.

  5. In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey. Butane in my veins so I’m out to cut the junkie. Lol, at 17:33, his balls are hot. Thanks for the great video! Miss being there so much! It looks like a cool group of car guys, hope it was an awesome day and everyone got home safe. 🙂

  6. Epic vlog, hay Chad, that male monkey with the crown jewels wasn’t mad mugging you, he was just smiling hard so you can put him on a CB media t-shirt..✌

  7. Great vlog dude your interaction is electric never boring I stay issan come visit welcome issan I like you mate done some shares adios my freind I give email if want or phone be lucky blessup

  8. Every guy knows that flinch one gets to protect your balls whenever something puts them in danger.
    I get that flinch whenever I see a angry monkey.

  9. Chad loved the video🤣monkey stuff was good🍌🍌🍌,loved the humor and tks for the info about language barrier issues that was one that I wondered about. Take care

  10. That was very good. Some of those monkeys are real nasty – bit like some of the long term ex pats in Pattaya and I would want my cricket bat with me to feed them – the monkeys, not the ex pats LOL!.

  11. These monkeys love sunflower seeds too. Next time buy a few packets from 7/11, tear it open and toss it over to them. When you see strange things in your home that you cannot explain, just remember, blame the monkey!

  12. Man, Chad. Always a pleasure watching your videos. Whenever I need positive vibes I just watch one of your videos. Beware of these monkeys. The steal for life.

  13. Nice video, i actually was in Bang saen 3 months ago and saw the monkeys on the mountain 🙂 I first realised it was 20min+ when you said it in the video lol 😀

  14. Hi Chad ,I would like to introduce you this YouTuber (Rides 4 Kickz ).He is an America who is living in Bangsan. You might get on very well with each other.

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